Tuesday, April 17, 2012

peeling off...

What should be peel off? It is usually assoicated with onions. But what about life in its stout and starky form? Not that easy, right? But what can kill the mind is the very thing what  mind is supposed to do. Thinking. And in this context of Tuesday morning, peeling. Peeling what? Peeling off the normalcies in everything. Or peel off what has become a habit - both mental and physical. In marketing it has been described as habitual and normal. The very basis of marketing success is the habitual nature of what is found in the people. Within a certain distance, they exhibit a habitual form of doing things and thinking processes that are almost similar. Talk about Allah, they exhibit the same stories in the same breadth and in the same meaning. Habitually, they fear death, but not in action. And that is normal. And almost everybody leads a normal life. Well structured. What I am seeking is the divine structure in the relationship of individuals and individuals, people to people, heart to heart. How everything is being powered and how it should be understood in the way of Allah - in thinking and in practiced. Sesungguh nya Allah Menguasai Segala-galanya dan Segala Rahsia di muka bumi dan di bukan muka bumi. Allah is Great. Bermohon, bersyukur. Allahuakbar.

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