Saturday, February 27, 2010

a process..

I am not going to be hasty in my conclusion about them. But majority does not want to go into the whole process of true learning. They take things easy. They skip activities (even classes) which are integral in the uplifting of knowledge and mankind. They even don't bother to buy book as part of the big preparation for later life.
Question is: what then should I do?

Friday, February 26, 2010

the origin is the world...

The origin is the world. And so is the target. It should be the world too. Such a powerful statement. And such a powerful ending. All decisions and actions should have that world element of happiness. And that makes life worth living. It makes us see and hear everything from A to Z. From top to bottom. From north to south. And from east to west. And thus our decision and action should be well based on this concept of existence. Do we? Do we gather here today for the sake of many or just for the sake of being what you are or what I am personally? We fail to see life beyond what we generally feel comfortable with. This is because we don't work hard enough for that next specific level of understanding. Understanding in what? Understand the oneness in origin and oneness in target and happiness. Allah Yang Maha Besar.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Voice of concern..suara yang satu

Throughout a person's life story, many are being cheated by the voices of concern from wrong sources. Me for one can be a victim of voices that seem to thrive on short term selfish reason. After a while, it has become so quiet till the night I have been `rudely' awakened by a a voice in my sleep. Life indeed is a journey. And the journey is bordered by voices of different shades, sound, and size. If ever there is voice of concern it is from one source, Allah Yang Maha Besar, Maha Mengetahui, Maha Mendengar. Itulah Suara Yang Satu.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Being logical..Kesihatan Se dunia..

Not that many understand the reason why they are here in this world. The origin and the target of birth should be none other than living harmoniously together on this planet earth. But the versions of life varies from nothing to another thing and those who sees life from nothing to something. And another category who sees life from something to another thing much higher than our eyes can see, our ears can hear, and our mind brain can comprehend. We are always subjected to a big margin of error in the judgement and actions made on anything. Being logical is seen as being illogical in certain areas of our endeavour. Nevertheless, the truth prevails in one thing. Science is the truth. But not in its management. That is logical. Science and technology never lie in its making and invention. But people lie in its use and management. We tend to be illogically creative in its use to the point of mass destruction. Are we being logical..?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I am okay now..

Don't have to be philosophic anymore in order to feel the grill and the drill of life. I don't have to feel guilty on anything. All thanks and gratefulness. Yes I do feel angry sometimes, but things get okay when sensing the slope to nowhere but somewhere. I am what I am just walking through life without crutches of any kind. I fall and I rise. They just look, no pride and no surprise. It is alright. No big deal. I am just myself. I am okay now...

Monday, February 22, 2010

next destination..

What is my next destination? I have been asking that for some time now. It seems that I have been in the right place and at the right time and for the right reason. All those years I think I am out of place with everything? But it turns out to be a path well laid out for me and the reasons whatever it might be at that time..Allah Is Great.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Body and voice...and a journey

The physical and voice presence of mine has been like that for so long. Does it determine everything that happens? I mean has my journey being made easier because of that? I feel horrible and why in the first place I have been asking that question. Have I gone to some where so steep a place called a brain journey? Some said our mind can play wonders on us. So wonderful a thought that keeps me wonder of a place I would be visiting this year. Again it is back to my body and my voice and that leads the way...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

still hoping..

You should abandon your old plan now. Certain things are found in the war zone of others and is off-limit. Follow another foot path. Take the path that are the opposite of the image you have be holding on for so long. And today you have been witnessing events that took a 360 degrees turn. Nobody recognizes anybody anymore. In some instances, life has become a flip of the coin. Head or tail? My head or my tail? They are holding onto you just because you are in their foot-path to their success. Remember it is their image of success and not yours. Still hoping?

Friday, February 19, 2010


One has to entertain one's own thought and thinking. Not many can do it. It is a gift to few. And if you happen to be one, then life can never be boring. From my observation, many tend to see others in many ways. Some are without a blink of the eye; some are with their neck forward; and not few with their neck backwards. Some just with dismissing attitude towards what are said and see. And there are individuals who possess the entertaining look. And this lady when she looks she really look. Entertaining?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A promise and a fragile premise...

Without doubt the premise held in doing anything (politics, social, cultural, and economy) is seen as fragile as ever. Man does not have a solid reference as to what should be held to when making a decision or when making an opinion. They have only their traditions, culture, and dark mind to go by. In some instances I am no exception. But I am still seeking and searching. Thus one's promise is often seen as a fragile premise. I have seen friends are no longer friends when `something' has been `bothering' them despite an earlier promise to commit. I have individuals who owe me money but till today has not made any move to say why they haven't pay me a cent of what they owed. And among those whose premise is easily shaken and shaky are students whose linkage to the world are somewhat wild, shaky, and `irresponsible.' As a Muslim, the solid premise held to is the Al-Quran. Unfortunately, by and large they still stand on their own self-created fragile premise...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

neutrality and sincerity...

There are categories of change in human beings we can discuss. One, the all world type with the all status and the role that rule the day and the economy. Two, the half world and the half world of Allah. Can be an extreme of a kind. And third, the world in the true sense of the word combined with the true believer in Allah and they are the peaceful one.The first and the second can never be sincere and far from being neutral. Only the third in its pure form are sincere, neutral, and consistently in touch with the far more than the three categories mentioned.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Petunjuk kepada siapa atau peminat satu satu blog.....?

Terilhamnya tulisan ini kerana saya ingin mencari petunjuk terhadap siapa diri saya sebenarnya. Oleh kerana saya diasak dengan ilmu pemasaran sekian lama maka tidak boleh tidak ilmu itu juga diguna pakai kepada aspek kehidupan saya yang lain. Misalnya sewaktu bujang dulu, sentiasa tertanya siapakah yang akan menjadi isteri kepada saya. Adakah watak isteri ada persamaan (atau pertentangan) dengan watak yang ada pada diri saya? Atau ada dimensi tertentu di dalam isteri saya yang memberi petunjuk kepada siapa diri saya yang sebenarnya..

Ilmu pemasaran sentiasa menjodohkan (juga penjodohan bertentangan) profil pengguna dengan aspek dan dimensi yang ada pada barang atau perkhidmatan yang diusahakan. Petunjuk kepada siapa pengguna adalah ciri-ciri pengguna itu sendiri.

Begitu juga dengan profil pembaca yang membaca blog saya. Adakah siapa saya memberi petunjuk kepada siapa pembaca blog saya, atau siapa pembaca memberi pertunjuk siapa diri saya yang sebenarnya?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Thought repositioning...

Never again to leave it wide open. Don't be an open book. Has to limit my mental presence. Unconsciously others are doing that. They thrived the onslaught of time thinking the world is made for them. You shall be missing the old behaviour but thought repositioning shall be best for you and the days ahead. Even the world is with its ozone layer due to the fact of so much openness to everything. And the world and the inhabitant has never been kind to their provider. The abuse is getting worse by the day. The question is can the belated good thoughts and openness be a saviour to what is happening?

Sunday, February 14, 2010


once positioned and after a while it creates its own story. And if the story aligns so well with the perceptual need of the customers, then the product can make money. But money can't last forever. The customers tend to get bored with the story. Then we have to think of repositioning the products that aligns well with the present whims and fancies of the present generation. We must come up with another story. And that is the idea of positioning strategy. We have to change with time..and time can be very cruel to those who don't understand it...So start doing the positioning or repositioning..!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

All alone..a page turned one after the other..

Nothing can really make me feel that I am with them. It is a small realisation and consciousness but it has a greater and vast impact more than the atomic bomb. The only difference is that the particle wave of the atomic bomb destroys everything along its way. My small realisation of something creates ideas one after the other. It produces. Nobody likes the idea of being alone. But 90 percent of one's existence is turning the pages that reflect loneliness and only 10 percent of our life time are being spend with `others.' Just walk into something and somebody and the feel is still of something. It is a feel of something but not of somebody. I am all alone now and a page is written one after the other...

It has to be right...

Nothing doing. Not the first time but after many attempts then we are assure of its perfection. Even that they must be a minor mistake here and there. But sometimes we refuse to admit the mistakes we have been doing. There are students who just don't bother to know what mistakes they have been making. They don't ask what was wrong with their answers. And for some, they just don't bother to come and see me and get their test paper back. How often they do that? I have lost counts. If I were to conclude on my experiences, I don't know whether I am right or wrong. Statistically, it has to be right..

Friday, February 12, 2010


I don't really hear anything of substance from them except my own voice in all its knowledge dimensions. I am doing all the talking. And they don't give a damn as to what has been said. In another words they don't learn. They love the process of learning but they don't really put their heart and thoughts into it. They love classes in their own personal way without books and without argument and without quality production of assignment. And they love cancellation of classes. I did ask them to buy a text book for the course. Till today I keep asking. And I shall be asking for the last time when they are back from their break. And after that I shall stop asking. And at the end of the semester I shall be doing the assessment and the grading. And with this writing as a reminder, I shall be really looking for a commitment in terms of thoughts and positive contribution to process learning. Till then I shall still be asking, `till when it shall be all silence..?'

Thursday, February 11, 2010

merentasi masa...

Sebentar tadi aku mengalami peristiwa yang belum pernah aku rasai sebelum ini. Apa dia ye? Aku telah merentasi masa ke suatu tempat dan dirasai aku di situ tanpa keizinan. Soalnya perlukah aku meminta izin? Rasanya tak perlu. Tapi aku begitu sangsi akan anjakan yang sedemikian rupa? Lantas membuat aku tersentak dari lamunan yang dirasakan agak keterlaluan. Apakah aku telah mengalami peristiwa merentasi masa..? Tapi mengapa masih aku memerlukan keizinan?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

old thoughts being polished as new...

What is new? Walking from yesterday into another new day and that is today. Despite the ferocious speech full of vigour and spirit, there is nothing new about that. What is actually new is today. Back to back with what we are actually facing daily. Back with our own skin, bones, and the road plan ahead. A lot of thoughts, so called new thoughts are a recycle thoughts (some are from suspended thoughts) being presented differently or being presented differently by another person at another new place to a new audience. And yesterday UiTM Jengka welcomes the Chairman of KFC Malaysia Tan Sri Ali Hashim who spoke for almost 2 hours on being the person we really are. Nothing new but just old thoughts being polished and repositioned as new..
Nota: 135,000 ayam disembelih sehari untuk jualan KFC Malaysia dan jualan setahun sejumlah RM2 bilion..! That's news to me...But it is not something new..

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Being supportive of others...

Not too often we discuss on things that has to do with supporting others. Instead we are busy in looking at the `greatness' in ourselves. In our own way, we are created great and there is no doubt about that equality. But one has to represent the community in realising the greatness in each and everyone of us. In politics, social events, cultural events, and in the competitive world of education and economy, one person or one group are sure to be capable than the rest. And by principles of community survival, majority should be supportive of the deserved ones that are more capable and intelligent than the rest. In other words, we must be supportive. I dare to say, in my own small understanding of others, our society lacks that ability in supporting others where it is due. We break things unnecessarily and to the point of making other nation and community an undeserved winner. Are we?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday's freedom..

See life differently. See things in two dimensions. One, see world without the people but only in its raw form, only in the trees, mountains, rivers, and the animals. The night and the day, the sunshine and the moonlights, the fresh air and the wind. And another, see life in its modified form after it is inhibited by human being without being truly the kind of people we are. We create borders in anything , everything, and in nothing. Let us shift our perception for a while. A Sunday's the people and the planet earth, somewhere in the galaxy of milky way..

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Eh.!...............................................No hard feeling...

It has never been anybody's intention to have all the buildings brought down. It has been a curse of time all along, so to say. Acheh experienced it. Bukit Antarabangsa has a small feel of it. And now Haiti with 220,00 death. Mankind has never experienced a continuity of a loving kind for a long time. They say it but they have never meant it. They might say it categorically, emphatically with the backing of the United Nations, we will come and help. But they are the cause of it. All words and very little actions. No money, no love, and no tears. Hatred breeds hatred. Days have become hotter and hotter. Can we still live to see the catastrophic of destruction in everything? By the way, no hard feeling..!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Kampus tempat jiwa dihalusi, perasaan dimengerti, dan pengetahuan dikecapi..

Dingin. Aku mengharapkan sesuatu yang baru dihujah dan dikecapi dari kuliah yang dikendali dan assignment yang diberi. Malang dan kecewa. Malang untuk negara dan kecewa untuk aku. Tidak nampak pemikiran yang berpotensi berdiri; tidak terasa hati yang bergelora, nafas yang pendek semacam mengejar dan mencari, apa lagi hujah dan tulisan yang tidak nampak mencabar dan dicabar. Kelu, kaku, tidak bermaya. Adakah anda ingin hidup 1000 tahun lagi? Tetapi jangan rasa kaki terpijak sesuatu yang tidak bergerak lagi...

Would they respond..?

Nobody does and nobody cares. They are just lost for words, actions and decisions. Nothing seems to please them except the dollars and the sense. All in the name of short-term good and bad. Disciplined of a destructive kind. They come for food. And if they do not get it, they will be leaving the place for good. Who are you? Well, I know who I am. But the problem is not who I am but rather who are you talking to? Enough of words being uttered to them. Have they be responsive? Mere physical presence, but lost in time ...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Identity unknown..

If the world is to last 2 more million years or more, then who are we? If that is the case and if it is going to be true, naturally we are a very much an unknown being with an unknown identity of all sorts and kinds. Are we only good for the garbage in the world history of mankind? Are we a good listener? Are we a loving kind whose sorrow ought to be shared and distributed? We write with our pen and not with our mind. We say things with words of notorious kind. We split opportunity that can split the world into pieces. Who are we? For now identity unknown....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Could there be another you...?

No! So believe in yourself and exercise the confidence that is meant for you. Earlier in your life bad experience still haunts you till today so much so the decisions are from a man of yesterday. Life is a process of transformation from nothing to something, from no thought to a bigger and purposeful thought. You owe life a purposeful life. So buckle up and play your given role..

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Antara jiwa dengan jiwa...

Sempena Hari Wilayah Perseketuan, 1 Feb 2010, rancangan TV di isi dengan perbincangan hal hal bersabit dengan bandar bandar yang ada jiwa dan yang tidak. Sudah pasti Kuala Lumpur telah dibandingkan dengan bandar bandar lain di dunia. Oleh kerana saya sendiri telah banyak menjelajah ke bandar bandar Amerika Syarikat, maka apa yang dibincangkan telah mendapat perhatian saya untuk menyertai perbincangan ini di blog saya dan dari sudut pandang saya yang bukan pakar dalam hal proses perbandaran ini.

Ada ahli panel yang telah lmembandingkan Singapura dan Kuala LUmpur dan merumuskan bahawa Singapura lebih memiliki jiwa bandar berbanding dengan Kuala Lumpur. Betul ke? Kuala Lumpur baru merangakak walhal Singapura sudah memiliki jiwa global kian lamanya.

Semasa saya menulis ini, terbau bandar Whitewater di Wisconsin dimana saya telah memperolehi ijazah sarjana saya. Whitewater merupakan bandar yang begitu kecil tetapi ia memiliki segala gala yang menyebabkan sedar tidak sedar saya dapat bertahan dan sangat menyukai bandar tersebut. Apa sebabnya?

Bandar kecil tetapi segala galanya berjiwa dari sekecil-kecil benda kepada sebesar besar perkara. Small town but it represents a world that moves towards perfection in terms of arts, sciences , and material possession. Bayangkan bandar sekecil itu boleh dikatakan setiap minggu dihidangkan dengan persembahan theater yang bermutu dan menjadi tarikan kepada penduduk disekitarnya untuk menontonnya. Appreciasi saya terhadap persembahan theater berputik di bandar tersebut. Mengapa tidak di bandar Malaysia?

Adakah antara faktor penjiwaan bandar disebabkan penduduknya yang sentiasa peka dan perihatin terhadap sejarah bangsanya atau disebabkan benda benda lain? Atau kita mempunyai jiwa tetapi jiwa yang kita memiliki adalah jiwa yang tidak diresap dengan penjiwaan sebenarnya satu satu peristiwa itu? Atau boleh disimpulkan antara jiwa dengan jiwa sememangnya ada keunikannya tak kiralah negatif atau positif...