Sunday, November 30, 2008

Isu yang mudah diselesaikan.. kita adalah sebahagian dari kehidupan..

Banyak masalah di dunia ini berpunca dari rasa`ketepencilan' yang dianggap melampau atau keterlampauan., sengaja atau tidak disengajakan. Adakah ini merupakan lumrah kehidupan atau hanya satu persepsi diri yang selalunya susah nak dipraktik dan diluahkan?

Sebenarnya ada banyak peristiwa yang boleh dikupaskan dan mengambil semangat penampakan yang saya sebutkan tadi. Tapi blog saya bukan merupakan blog yang serius yang boleh dijadikan `bahan rujukan aktiviti ilmiah' tetapi sekadar lontaran `ilham yang terasa' sewaktu hendak bangun dari tidur. Jadi agak memadai dengan kupasan dari dua peristiwa ini.

Former Universiti Malaya vice-chancellor Datuk Rafiah Salim describes the way the Higher Education Ministry treated her as "sedikit kurang ajar" (somewhat disrespectful).

Isu yang dibawa oleh bekas VC Univeristy Malaya sebenarnya ada persamaan dengan peristiwa `Mumbai siege.' Isu Rafiah adalah isu `keterpencilan' dari sudut diri atau hal peribadi. Apa selama ini setelah sekian lama duduk di Malaysia masih lagi tidak memahami dengan budaya kerja orang Malaysia kita? Unsur `manusia' tidak ada dalam kamus etika perkhidmatan di Malaysia, baik di peringkat bawah mahupun di peringkat atas. Tetapi dalam pada itu `unsur kemanusiaan' merupakan yang sangat di titik beratkan.`Apa peduli' atau `peduli apa' merupakan ungkapan kata yang selalu diperkatakan dalam diam diam. Kita hanya akan mengambil peduli apabila sesuatu perkara itu dihebohkan. Ini hal kemanusiaan. Tapi dalam banyak perkara, kalau tidak dihebohkan, ianya adalah sangat bertepatan dengan hal seseorang itu sebagai manusia. Lantas diucapkan, `hanya Allah sahaja yang Mengetahui.' Tapi tanpa usaha berubahkah kita?

Jadi dalam diam atau dengan berdiam diri, ramai kita menjadi mangsa kepada `isu keterpencilan' ini. Sebagi menggambarkan `bersatu kita maju, dan bercerai kita lesu' tidak hairanlah berlakunya peristiwa `Mumbai seige' yang mana selepas ini usaha ke arah pembaikan dasar akan dilakukan. Begitu juga dengan hebohan Datuk Rafiah ini, usaha ke arah pembaikan pentadbiran perlantikan akan dilakukan. Isu Rafiah adalah isu pentadbiran yang mana amalan nya memang sudah begitu sekian lama. Datuk Rafiah membawa soal kerjanya dan persepsi cucu terhadapnya dikemudian hari..hahah..Saya merasakan ini soal remeh, dan sudah tentu ramai yang akan mentertawakannya. Jika dibandingkan dengan pengalaman Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, `what she experienced is nothing compared to what other successful leaders has suffered.' Nelson Mandella is another good example of `humanity' and `human' atau `manusia' dan `kemanusiaan.'

Dalam diam dan berdiam diri kita akan dimusnahkan. Bersatulah dalam bentuk yang bersesuaian dan diterima supaya isu `manusia' akan mendapat pembelaan yang sepatutnya.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mumbai seige...A complex world, a simple answer..

For once, being heartless and ruthless is a virtue. It is a teaching from the Indian soil, city of Mumbai. It is an event void of anything that can be regarded as whether I am for or against the taking over of the Taj Hotel in Mumbai by the terrorist. To me, the event is a manifestation of mental tyranny of manipulation of the terrorist and the soldiers. Both sides just don't value human lives. They just killed each other and enjoy the blood shed. No rooms given for talking and negotiating. They are just ruthless and heartless. Solution is none other than shoot or being shot, to kill or being killed. A complex world with a simple answer. In that sense, are they not being tyrannical? It is an irony, such a majestic hotel with 400 rooms, and not even a single room being spared for negotiation. No wonder they have come out with the phrase, `the rich, the famous, and the evil.'

Friday, November 28, 2008

Goodbye to yesterday..Welcome to Tomorrow..

Boleh dikatakan hidup saya sentiasa di kelilingi oleh pelajar pelajar umur antara 19-22 tahun dan dari seluruh negeri di Malaysia ini. Senyuman mereka, suka dan duka mereka, merupakan lumrah kepada saya dan tidak boleh tidak perlu memahami apa yang berlegar di sebalik emosi tersebut.
Yang datang dan yang pergi, sudah tidak terkira ramainya. Saya hanya mampu berdoa semoga mereka berjaya dalam apa jua lapangan mereka ceburi. Dan juga di doakan mereka berjaya dan bahagia dalam menghadapi liku-liku kehidupan..

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Who am I...still the old me..?

Still has that inferiority complex in me? Hope it is only a left over. Before, I am somewhat shy when found in the company of others. This feeling is usually felt after reading other person's blog especially from those who are perceived as successful. What they say, the pictures shown, are sensed as better than I am. That is the initial reaction I got. Poor me. Luckily my developed six sense quick to realise the thought irregularities and quickly come to the rescue. The blog contents of others might appear humble and down to earth, but the hidden message picked by my six sense is not meant to be like that. It is a show off in the subtlest form that reader can't realise it and thus many tend to fall for what has been literally said and shown. I think that causes the inferiority complex in me. For a moment, I have been taken for a ride. But when I have my senses back, I am no longer that old me, instead I can feel the resurgence of a flow of new strength in me and ready to take the world again.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Seeing things with the big eyes..

It is a very small world indeed. It is a world very much to our own. I started it and I close it. Nobody helps to start it and nobody helps to close it. That is our world, a world of little and small appreciation. Generally, people don't see things with their `small eyes.' Life does not work that way. It always begin with the `big eyes' meaning we can't see the smaller aspect of someone appreciation for something until something happened. Is that weird?

I once has an obsession of appreciating pictures that depict life in its `loner' aspect rather than the `together' aspect. In the magazine of `Life,' their editorial philosophy is to portray life where there is no sharing. And to drive home the point, pictures of President Kennedy, President of Lyndon B Johnson and others are shown in a such a manner that depicts life they are experiencing is not being shared by others. `Lonely at the Top' that is the title given to the picture of President Kennedy looking outside from his oval office window. And there are sequence of pictures shown title `moment of death' depicting a rebel being shot by a firing squad and to this minute I can still remember the pictures vividly.

Thus the word `appreciation' has a connotation of the `small eye.' There are eyes that roam the world but it does not stop at anything or anywhere until the small eye catches or see something. And when it stops, it is no more seeing things with the big eyes, but you have found love in what the small eyes see. That is appreciation and could be an obsession. It is also the beginning of a life centered to oneself. You might experience happiness or sadness. That is what life is all about. Take it and you can't leave it!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Today and where is tomorrow..?

When I was a small boy, my focus is on things I love to play with. Is it love, is it sheer curiosity of a boy at that age that makes me do what as a boy naturally bent to do. I could not really recall `those feelings' that I possess when I was a small boy. I just leave it to the wind where to fly me, so to speak. But what I can remember best about me is that I never complain on things I should have done either being asked or just doing it for the sake of doing it.If I were to borrow today's phrase and fit it with my behaviour then, I am very much my own man or `boy' in anything and on everything. All in all, being a boy, I am obedient, and don't have the slightest idea of the years ahead in terms of higher education and happy life. I just live by the day and tomorrow, not next week, or next month.

Being what I am now, I just don't know what has gone wrong with my upbringing and my previous life. Looking back all those years, and looking at where and what I am now, I never thought it is going to be like this. In short, I am quite successful compared to my other brothers and sisters. And I am really a shock to my father and my mother.

As I have said just now, being one's own self and not easily influenced by the environment and friends, despite lacking in ambition and effort, one can still make it provided one has a good heart and kindness. With the characteristics of kindness and good heart, it is going to be an open sesame to the knowledge at large and infinite. Knowledge knows not what is tomorrow, because it is here now and today. As for tomorrow, it would take care by itself.

Monday, November 24, 2008

No time to wait..Keep moving..

Everyday I shall be telling myself to keep on moving. It is your move not their move. It is your steps not their steps. It is your destiny not their destiny. So don't look at anything that can keep you from missing the track but keep on moving. Don't stop at any body's smile that seem to distract your attention as to where you want to go. They smile but the smiles are envious of the big move you have already been making. Some indulge in conversation that is not participative or interactive. They are very much on the other side of the fence. They do not see you. So why wait and pretend to share, just keep on moving and the reward is just around the corner.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Peace of Mind..

When come to riches, we don't stop at anything. But remember among those `anything,' our precious moment of peace of mind can be in jeopardy. How could we differentiate an event that can be construed as a factor to disturbing our peace and thus brings us to mental chaos? An interesting question right? But are the answers easy too?

At whatever age a man is, as long there is life in us, the risk of being in a situation where peace is at stake, any event can be a probable cause to it. So how should we handle that situation? None.

Live and let live, Allah is Great and `bertakwa' (remembering Allah all the time) is the answer. What matters are quality of the inner strength that can result from it and thus when hell broke loose, the inner strength will combat the situation and InsyaAllah, with time, we shall be proclaimed the winner! Allah is Great.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Democracy and its beauty..

Whatever Rafidah says, and whatever Sharizat says..the bottom line and the saviour is the practice of democracy. If it is not because of democracy, personality like Rafidah would become a dictator. She dictates things to others despite of the fact umno constitution is very clear with regard to the choice of leaders. Democratic allows the grassroots has its say through election. What Rafidah has been doing is making the exco members bow to her wishes and agreed upon the succession plan. The main function of exco members is operational (managing affairs of wanita) and not constitutional or basic policy matters. Succession plan should be drawn out in the context of searching for good leaders and grooming that person. Succession plan must not be rigid as a month to month time table. Sharizat has already the cut to be a leader. Anytime.
So what's your problem Rafidah..? The problem is in yourself...not UMNO, not LEADERSHIP, nothing, but the problem is the fear in yourself in facing tomorrow without what you have used to be.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Frozen Time, Frozen Thoughts...

There are events in this country which calls for depth analysis. Abdul Razak Baginda, after an affair with Altantuya and causes havoc and troubles to others , still thinks he is more civilized than others and deserve to be treated as such. He is no doubt analytical in discussing about what has happened, but his analysis is not worth pondered because it comes from a frozen thought of a frozen man. He displayed foolishness by saying he receives less Hari raya Card compared before he goes on trial. Who is he to say that? Much of the things he say is not worth looking the second time. As for Najib, his priority when becoming the prime minister is to avoid Razak Baginda. He is a bad influence. Despite the court has found him not guilty, he is still a disgrace to the country, our beloved country, Malaysia.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Split personality or split-self..?

I prefer split-self to split personality. Psychologist describes a person with split personality as a person who is not stable mentally. But everybody changes over time and in many ways when change is the theme for his survival and protection. In other words everybody has a split self in himself as a form of security. Meaning we can adapt or we can split our self to all types of self when comes to a change in the environmental factors either physical, nature, culture, or mental. An that explain why a person can write on all topics when he seeks something to be written. The reason then is in the natural ability of one self to automatically split the self to whoever persons and personality he wants to be and thus the production of a written work or the display of the character. Sounds logic or sounds crazy..? Neither logic nor crazy but splitting through one's self in order to survive..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Self incomplete...

Just a short note on what I mean by `self-incomplete.' It is just another understanding of we being created imperfect. The moment one is alone, one can feel one's imperfection and thus the seeking. But why can't we try to be humble for once and act appropriately when we are among other people? Despite that `incompleteness' of oneself, when being given the chance to air an opinion, it seems he or she is all perfect from head to toe. Not what is said, but the hidden message is full of double standard, double meaning, and a show off of one kind. Well, everybody is created equal in that sense of `self-incomplete' and that is normalcy at its best and that is what we are opened up to everyday despite the life nonsensical in the small sense of the word. Ha ha. Good morning...!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Money is not part of our body..So is position in social hierarchy..

Money has never been part of our body. And so is our status. People and public call us by a name, and we see ourselves differently. Why? Money helps, there is no doubt about that. But the blood and flesh that matters. The Pharaohs tried to appease themselves with building pyramids, but still it did not work. Obama, the president-elect, is on the threshold of world power, making him the most powerful man on earth, but still shaky and pondering on how he is going to face a legacy, if there is any. How he pushes himself everyday, and at the mercy of world scrutiny, I think can make him more human than ever. Would he?

Hope today we are showered with Allah' blessing that can put us in the right path, mentally and physically. It is the flesh and blood that we feel first before anything. Others take a back seat. Does that understanding opens up life you have never seen and felt before..?

Ekonomi (3)..seronoknya bersekolah di bandar..

Sekolah rendah mungkin ada di kampong, tapi tidak sekolah menengah. Pada zaman selepas merdeka, sangat digalakkan bersekolah di aliran sekolah orang putih. Sekolah beraliran orang putih hanya terdapat di bandar sahaja dan menjadi buruan pelajar pelajar dari kampong untuk merasa hidup di bandar. Tetapi oleh kerana pelajar dari kampong ini bersekolah aliran bahasa melayu, maka sesiapa yang hendak mengikuti sekolah menengah aliran bahasa Inggeris, maka dikehendaki memasukki `remove class' yang merupakan kelas peralihan ke bahasa Inggeris selama setahun. Sekolah menengah ini pulak di sediakan asrama khusus bagi pelajar yang datang dari kampong kampong yang mengelilingi bandar ini.

Dengan datangnya pelajar pelajar ini, dan pengaruh yang dibawa ke kampong, maka suasana kampong telah di suntik dengan cerita cerita bandar yang mengasyikan lagi membransangkan menyebabkan sedikit sebanyak pemikiran kampong telah dapat mengiringi perkembangan di bandar. Pelajar ini telah mengenal dimensi kehidupan di bandar yang tidak terdapat di kampong dan bermulalah cerita orang Melayu tidaklah sebodoh mana malah ada yang dapat menyaingi pelajar Cina dalam matapelajaran tertentu..seperti matapelajaran matematik dan sains.

Agak malang, sistem pemerintahan pada ketika itu tidak juga mencelekkan orang melayu kepada soal ekonomi..mengape ye?


Monday, November 17, 2008

Ekonomi (2)..kampong yang indah dan terdapat segala-galanya

Dulu boleh dikatakan kampong tu Melayu dan Melayu tu kampong. Orang Melayu kalau keluar dari kampong kerana sebab sesuatu diibaratkan seperti dah lari dari kampong. Dan kalau ada yang balik setahun sekali tu seperti telah melanggar `perlembagaan' kampong dan dianggap telah melupai kampong halaman mereka. Mungkin ada terdengar `tempat jatuh lagi dikenang, ini kan pulak tempat bermain.' Ungkapan itu ditujukan kepada orang Melayu yang merindui kampong dan berusaha hendak balik ke kampong asalnya.Bab keluar dari kampong dan merantau jauh ke negeri orang tidak merupakan tabiat kepada orang Melayu pada satu ketika dulu. Kalau yang ada itu, mungkin kerana berjauh hati, merajuk, atau kekasih dikahwinkan kepada orang lain yang lebih berada.

Ada sebab dan alasan yang boleh diketengahkan kenapa tabiat itu telah bertunjang begitu rupa. Kehidupan di kampong adalah kehidupan yang selesa dari segi asas kehidupan. Buat apa pergi jauh kalau di kampong kedapatan segala galanya. Aneka buah buahan tanpa beli terdapat di kampong. Ayam, itik, dan daging senang diperoplehi. Aneka lauk pauk dan sayur sayuran sangat senang diperolehi kerana setiap rumah ada menanamnya. Maafkan saya kalau saya mengatakan kalau nak dapat kekasih pun tidak juga merupakan masalah. Juga kalau hendak merasa nikmat hiburan dan perkara bersabit pakai memakai, ada yang ke bandar berdekatan pergi pagi dan pulang petang. Ada yang pulang malam atau pagi. mengapa ye..?

Nilai nilai ekonomi moden tidak tertanam kepada orang kampong. Istilah bandar adalah merupakan istilah yang misteri bagi mereka. Mungkin bagi yang ada tanah dan mengusahakan kebun getah sikit, mereka ini dianggap `elit kampong' dan akan dihormati kerana `kekayaan' mereka dan selalunya jadi bahan gosip orang kampong yang lain kerana taraf sosial mereka yang sikit lebih tinggi.

Begitulah kampong oh kampong. Nilai hidup mereka bukan berteraskan nilai ekonomi yang boleh membuat seseorang tu kaya raya. Seronok juga hidup yang begitu, bebas dari stress yang berpunca dari aktiviti ekonomi.

Tetapi apakah faktor yang akhirnya mengubah nilai hidup mereka sehinggakan kampong hanya dijengok pada cuti hari raya sahaja?


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ekonomi...dari sudut yang mudah..(1)

Saya dapati ramai orang tidak pandai `articulate' atau cakap cakap pasal soal ekonomi atau soal cari duit atau soal cari rezeki. Ramai yang ambil kursus ekonomi menyimpulkan kursus ini susah nak faham dan di label sebagai `killer subject.' Mengapa begitu ye..?

Sebenarnya soal ekonomi soal kerancakkan penerimaan sesuatu aktiviti itu. Lagi rancak dan diterima maka `nilai ekonomi' semakin tinggi. Satu ketika dulu, orang Melayu dianggap sebagai bangsa yang tidak faham ekonomi kerana dibandingkan dengan towkay cina yang suka berniga barangan runcit. Mungkin komen ini ada asasnya.

Pernah satu ketika dulu bangsa Melayu mengangap pergi ke bandar sebagai satu perbuatan yang salah. Kerajaan pun pernah berusaha dengan dasar dasar tertentu supaya orang kampong tidak ke bandar kerana bandar akan menjadi sesak. Dan yang peliknya, kerajaan pada satu ketika dulu pernah mengubal dasar `Family Planning' iaitu satu keluarga kena hadkan berapa anak. Tetapi dalam begitu orang kampong tetap ke bandar kerana hendak mencari dan menambah rezeki. Mungkin kerancakkan aktiviti orang bandar menyebabkan kita beranggapan dibandarlah akan berlaku `midas touch' iaitu apa yang kita buat akan menjadi duit. Kita akan bincang ini kemudian nanti. Mari kita cakap pasal kerancakkan duduk di kampong dulu.

Sebenarnya, kampong akan mengalami `natural process of growth' dan akan menjadi bandar akhirnya. Kerancakkan kehidupan ekonomi di kampong sangat terhad dan dan dikawal rapi oleh adat dan resam yang memandang sepi soal ekonomi. Malah dibezakan istilah ekonomi bagi bandar dan kampong.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

The mental terrain of the young and the old...

There is a link between physical and mental prowess of consumers. As one gets older, the mental prowess is getting slower. The five faculties of senses tend to find its own level. In terms of adoption a new product, for example, he would be buying the same product of the same brand name because it takes effort to remember a new one. Literally speaking, he has already lost his heart (or sight) on something new. Being aware of the mental characteristics of customers, especially the young , the marketer should spend lots of money on promotion in order to dispel unnecessary fears which contribute to hesitancy. As regard to tackling the old, one can find oneself in a much more worst scenario. As for the young, it is fear of losing money (worth it?) that prevents them from experimenting or buying a new product. As for the old, it is not the fear but the hearing and the seeing which can render an advertisement a waste.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Marketing Manages ABC's...

Marketing manages...

1. Awareness (ATTENTION), benefits, and change (ABC)
2. Awareness before change (ABC)
3. Awareness by chance (ABC)
4. Attitude, buying, control (ABC)

5. 's stands for social factors

We have to make a search for the elements that configures understanding and leads to change.People or organisation with lots of money or with budget is an easy customer to almost all new products. They are easily opened up and always ready to discuss change. But there are also other dimensions that can speed up awareness. The macro aspect of life contribute to the buying motivation and consciousness. Politics and government is one of them. But the most broad, influential and pervasive are the cultural and social aspect of one's life. An individual with money and needs are ready for change but is sanctioned by the sheer strength and force of his culture which says no to the change. It means, the culture is in control of the buying decision. So considering that, marketing also manages...AWARENESS BY COMMUNITY, or AWARENESS, BENEFITS, and CULTURE.

Marketing also manages ABCD....D stands for what? DESIRE...A strong desire can override anything or can `tsunamised' everything. OK till next time!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sipi, sepi, dan mimpi...

Tatkala manusia lain sedang sibuk ke sana kemari, maka masa itulah perasaan sepi, menyipi, dan menyepi datang menyanggah. Tatkala kita nak menegur dan menyapa, disitulah dirasakan kesibukan yang pura pura menyambut kedatangan kita dalam konteks perbezaan yang sangat ketara. Wacana hidup yang sepatutnya berseri seri bertukar rupa menjadi mimpi yang ngeri. Tatkala hati ini meraung meronta minta pandang dan reti, tetapi apabila terjadinya begini, baru dirasakan kebesaran Allah yang tidak pernah lari dari titian yang abadi. Tiba datang rasa kekuatan yang amat sangat, dunia jadi kecil, manusia sememangnya sudah salah jalan dan perlu bantuan. Tiba datang sepi dan sipi lagi, tetapi kali ini dilakar perasaan dan pengertian yang indah, baru disedari kita sudah berada di puncak dengan sejuta kekuatan untuk membela. Tetapi untuk siapa, apa, dan mengapa?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pure Differences...!

Here and there, we are still repeating the same mistakes. Are we? But mistakes ought to be looked from a very broad perspective. An event that was so tensely displayed somewhere might have a destructive implication somewhere else. Yet the continuation of the mistake still takes place. Or is it truly a mistake per se?

The differences are found all over the globe. Being adaptable to the physical and mental terrain of a place would naturally produce something different from another terrain both physical and mental. And all these adds up to the terms, cultural differences, social differences, economic differences, and political differences. Despite all those differences and its polluted nature, one differences still remain mystery but pure is personal differences. Could that be the cause of mistakes committed? Or could that be the cause of change, for better or for worse..!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mesyuarat Perwakilan UMNO..Hilang gah dan hilang keagongannya...mengapa..?

Saya tidak lagi melihat mesyurat perwakilan UMNO sebagai satu majlis yang gah dan agong. Dalam ingatan saya, inilah kali ketiga saya menghadiri mesyuarat UMNO seperti ini. Dan kehadiran saya kali ini mengukir sejarah yang tersendiri kerana pemilihan kali ini ada kaitan dengan perginya seorang perdana menteri dan akan digantikan dengan seorang perdana menteri yang baru.
Tak tahu mengapa, aura pemilihan dirasakan tidak mantap dan substantif dalam konteks masa depan negara dan orang melayu. Mungkinkah disebabkan mesyuarat ini berlatarbelakangkan banyak kekalaham dalam piliharaya yang ke-12 Mach lalu, dan disusuli pula dengan peristiwa demi peristiwa yang menampakkan perpecahan semata-mata?
Aura kemegahan dan keagongan yang pernah dirasai dahulu telah hilang dan apa yang menyelubungi perasaan saya pada masa mesyuarat berlangsung adalah UMNO telah hilang sengat dan bisanya.
Mesyuarat kali ini mememperlihatkan pemindahan kuasa secara sukarela jawatan ketua bahagian kepada ketua bahagian yang baru. Saat saat begini sepatutnya akan membuat ahli menangis dan bersedih. Maklumlah ketua bahagian yang pergi itu sudah menjadi ketua sejak berbelas tahun yang lepas. Mengapa tidak dirasai pemergian ketua bahagian tersebut? Sebagai bekas ahli parlimen Temerloh selama tiga penggal, sudah tentu banyak yang disumbangnya kepada pembangunan bandar Temerloh. Tetapi upacara puncak mesyuarat tersebut bukan pemergian ketua lama, tetapi penantian pengumuman keptusan AJK bahgian, Naib ketua yang baru, dan 7 ahli yang akan mewakili bahagian ke Persidangan Perwakilan UMNO di PWTC , Kuala Lumpur.
Politik adalah hal pemimpin yang boleh memimpin rakyat yang memerlukan pelindungan dalam semua aspek kehidupan. Falsafah itu tidak lagi dipakai hari ini. Ia adalah soal perebutan jawatan semata-mata dan menjadikan tanda gah seseorang dalam konteks kepentingan diri sendiri.
Lantas apa yang patut saya katakan kepada UMNO? UMNO perlu berubah dari hujung kaki hingga ke hujung rambut. Itu yang berlaku kepada Amerika Syarikat dengan Obamanya. Di Malaysia siapa pula?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Being rhetoric...?

Unconsciously, rhetoric phrase or words tend to rule the day. I am neither the president nor a prime minister of a country. But there must be something in me or you that can make you and me `the president' or `the prime minister' of something.

Don't strain our thoughts unnecessarily. But for the comfort of saying it, we say something that can create unnecessary tensions to our body and mind. And you know, I am good in bending things that others fail to do it. What do I mean? (I should not have used the word `bending').

Obama, in his first press conference says... "Immediately after I become president, I will confront this economic challenge head-on by taking all necessary steps to ease the credit crisis, help hardworking families, and restore growth and prosperity." "Some of the choices that we're going to make are going to be difficult," he said. "It is not going to be quick. It's not going to be easy for us to dig ourselves out of the hole that we are in." But he said he was confident the country could do it.

As a man grows older, he should not use the word that has to do with strength. It zaps the energy away. But Obama is a young man and he lavishly throw words to that effect. He uses the word `confront' , the phrase `dig ourselves out of the hole' , all represent unnecessary waste of physical energy. Being rhetoric in one's speech is an easy way out from confronting the real world. There is no such thing as a perfect world. But there is such word as `perfect thinking.' How ever slow the process of thinking, if giving it a focus, a new configuration would eventually configured and thus solving the problems at hand.

Friday, November 7, 2008

A lost world..oneness to the extreme..

It has been a lost world indeed. Only connect to the sound of silence. And that sound of silence is the sound from me and not from you or others. It is oneness to the extreme. Don't expect somebody would read this. Just a piece of writing not to be shared. If you happen to read it, the connectedness is not there. A frightening world indeed. A lonely world. Despite oneness to the extreme, there is always that sound, the sound that separates the good and the evil. It does not mix. One that stands on its own and blast ifself when the opportunity comes. Keep me wondering, can the world survive the day if everybody is being switched off from the realities of the existence of others? We have been subdued. Oneness to the extreme, the world is moving towards that scenario. Would there be a turning back..?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change has come to America...

Barack Obama elected 44th president
‘Change has come to America,’ first African-American leader tells Americans in his victory speech..

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dunia menunggu keputusan bakal Presiden Amerika Syarikat yang baru..mengapa..?

Ramai mengharapkan supaya Obama memenangi pemilihan presiden Amerika Syarikat kali ini. kenapa? Dengan kemenangan Obama, ia membawa erti yang sungguh manis bagi semua penduduk dunia amnya dan penduduk Amerika Syarikat khasnya.

Kemenangan Obama akan mengubah haluan sosial Amerika Syarikat.
Kemenangan Obama akan mengubah haluan politik Amerika Syarikat.
Kemenangan Obama merupakan kemenangan amalan demokrasi itu sendiri.

Dunia selama ini memandang Amerika Syarikat sebagai sebuah negara yang tidak mungkin dikuasai oleh bangsa berkulit hitam. Tetapi sekarang pentadbiran Amerika telah berada diambang perubahan yang akan memecahkan segala mitos dan kepercayaan kolot. Ia merupakan satu kemenangan kepada perjuangan bangsa berkulit hitam di Amerika Syarikat.

Bagi saya, cerita pembesaran Obama itu sendiri memiliki unsur suspense yang tersendiri.
Ayahnya, Barrack Hussein, seorang pelajar Kenya datang ke Amerika Syarikat untuk menuntut ilmu di University of Hawaii. Di sana pelajar yang berkulit hitam dari Kenya ini telah mengawini ibu Obama yang berkulit putih yang juga pelajar di Universiti tersebut. Kepada pelajar Afrika yang menuntut di Amerika Syarikat, kiranya dapat mengawini gadis Amerika,yang berkulit putih, maka ia dianggap sebagai satu kebanggan dan kemegahan.Tetapi kepada keluarga si gadis berkenaan, ianya adalah satu kegilaan dan ketaksuban dan perlu dihalang.

Perkahwinan antara orang hitam dan orang putih tidaklah semudah itu perjalanannya di Amerika Syarikat. Ada yang masih kuat berpegang kepada tradisi. Begitu juga dengan emak ayah kepada ibu Obama, yang berasal dari Kansas, telah menentang keras pilihan anaknya itu. Ibu Obama tidak mengendahkan bantahan ibu bapanya dan telah berkahwin dengan pemuda Kenya itu.

Malangnya, dengan lahirnya Obama, penentangan tidak hanya disebelah keluarga ibunya sahaja,tetapi juga disebelah keluarga bapanya juga. Penceraian berlaku dan ayah Obama telah pulang ke negara asalnya Kenya dimana selepas beberapa ketika pada tahun 1982, ayah Obama meninggal kerana kemalangan jalan raya. Ada yang mengaitkannya dengan kekecewaan dan kegagalan kehidupanya di Kenya.

Ibu Obama pula tidak serik serik dan telah mengawini penuntut Indonesia, Lolo Soetoro, yang juga belajar di Universiti tersebut. Obama telah dibawa ke Indonesia pada tahun 1967 sehingga umur Obama 10 tahun. Kerana rungsing dengan pembesaran dan pelajaran Obama di Indonesia, ibu Obama, Ann Dunham, telah menghantar Obama ke Hawaii dan telah dijaga oleh atuk dan neneknya yang sangat menyayangi Obama.

Walaupun ibu dan bapa Obama telah tiada, begitu juga dengan neneknya, tetapi nasib orang muda yang berkulit hitam ini rupanya begitu menyerlah sekali. Dan hari ini sudah dirasai satu sejarah akan tercipta buat Amerika Syarikat dan juga buat dunia...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Is it going to be OBAMA, The 44th President of The United States of America...?

What Blogger `Color Conscious' has to say on OBAMA:

I choose Obama. Without delving into platforms, I largely base my support upon his character and his identity--or the identity I perceive him to have, I should say.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Perginya Ramadhan..

Ramadhan sudah berlalu. Agaknya kita sudah lupa rasanya berpuasa. Kita sudah lupa rasanya berterawikh. Kita sudah lupa betapa seronoknya menunggu saat saat berbuka puasa. kita sudah lupa betapa eratnya hubungan kekeluargaan apabila ramai ramai bangun sahur dan berjaga hingga ke pagi. Dan perasaan hendak beraya berjumpa ahli ahli keluarga yang merupakan puncak segala perasaan dan sangat dinantikan! Sekelip mata semua sudah berlalu.

Hari berganti hari, bulan berganti bulan, semangat bulan Ramadhan beransur luput dari tahan diri dan timbul pula perkara yang boleh memakan hati. Sekali lagi kehidupan mula dilanda badai pemikiran kesonsangan di sana sini. Kita takut menggunakan istilah sesat kerana ia berkait rapat dengan maruah diri. Melayu ada mengatakan `malu bertanya sesat jalan.' Rupa rupanya ramai yang sesat dan malu pulak bertanya.

Sangat jelas, hidup bahagia dan rezeki dari dunia terbentang luas sangat berkait rapat dalam ertikata memerlukan perpaduan dan sentiasa bersatu. Kalau berpolitik, jangan pulak gelagat kita akan membawa kepada kehancuran bangsa, negara, dan agama. Begitu juga dalam perkerjaan, sosial, adakala gelagat rakan sekerja dan ahli masyarakat tidak mempamirkan watak `one for all and all for one.' Dalam Melayunya `bersatu kita maju, becerai kita lesu.' Dalam perniagaan apa diungkapkan sebagai CSR atau `corporate social responsibility.' Dan dalam pemasaran apa dikatakan sebagai CRM atau `customer relationship management.' Berpijak dan rasalah ketulan hati,tanah, batu, dan cuaca yang tak menentu dan berhati hatilah dalam membuat sebarang keputusan kehidupan.Jauhilah diri dari berlagak sombong seolah olah kamu akan hidup seribu tahun lagi.Jauhilah dari pujian yang melampau dan ada pulak yang syok sendiri dengan meletakkan diri dengan harga yang mempamirkan kesombongan dalam kebodohan.

Allah yang Maha Besar lagi Penyayang, tidak membiarkan hambaNya sentiasa dalam kesesatan. Bulan berganti bulan dan bulan Ramadahan datang lagi. Buang yang keroh ambil yang jernih. Yang jauh didekatkan. Dan yang dah dekat tu dimesrakan lagi. Dan diharapkan dengan perginya Ramadhan kali ini, maka pergilah juga segala amalan buruk dan keji yang melekat pada hati dan tubuh diri selama ini. InsyaAllah.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Re-educate and resell...Balik ke `pangkal' jalan..

Adakala kita kena pegi jauh ke belakang untuk mengenal dunia hari ini. Kata orang putih kena `go back to the basics,' atau menurut teori pemasaran, kita kena `resell dan re-educate.' Dalam istilah yang lain kita kena bermuhasabah diri bagi mengenal barang yang dibeli sama ada ianya betul betul merupakan rezeki atau riak bagi satu-satu sasaran pengguna.

Orang putih nampaknya lebih creatif dalam hal mengenal diri ini. Mereka tak pergi kebelakang atau muhasabah diri, tetapi mereka ke `back to the future' dan dari situ membuat jejakan sama ada betul atau tidak apa yang kita lakukan pada hari ini. Tetapi Allah tidak memberi kita kebolehan yang sedemikian kerana ia boleh memporakperandakan dunia keseluruhannya dan kehidupan tidak ada makna lagi.