Saturday, March 31, 2012

thoughts overhaul..the environment..

A cultured technology, a materialistic social, money politics, and well informed and knowledgeable selfish self, all these elements make up the new set of macro environment. Kotler in his text book on marketing seems not to pick up this new perspective of today's world. Gone are the old worlds and in replacement we experienced  a new blend of the actors and pose a new force in shaping up a new universal culture..Dirasakan manusia semakin jauh dengan bumi yang dipijak..Allahuakbar.

Friday, March 30, 2012

we are in outer space...!

From far away we are just an unnoticeable a very tiny dot. Does it glow like stars in the night? But man has been very unkind to themselves. They are just a mere tiny dot in the infinite universe. But it seems and appear to be, with blatant disregard of Allah the All Great and Merciful, they behave as if they are bigger than the universe itselves. They want to crack the universe into yet a smaller pieces. Can they? Don't dare. Trying to crack the earth so that the sea water would drown us all. Eventually we find ourself floating in space with no compass and GPS to guide us all to a place we called a home. Have we a home? Allahuakbar.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fikirkan usaha...beramai-ramai..

Mari kita tepok ramai ramai. Jangan fikirkan hasilnya. Ianya dengan tersendirinya terhasil bunyi dengan sifat ciptaan yang sangat unik dan tersendiri, Ciptaan Allah. Allahuakbar.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

a dot in space....

I am just a dot in space. They talk so much about the struggles and little did they realise all are mere dot in space. We are are all mere dots. Thus I can be anywhere, any place, and anytime, and can also  be anybody or anyone. Thus anything and everything cannot be in two's. All are in one's. Allah is One. Allah is Great. Tidak ada dua hari bagi Allah.  Tidak ada dua cipataan bagi Allah. Ya Allah berikanlah hamba mu ini petunjuk dan hidayah. Hamba sentiasa memohon keampunan dari MU ya Allah. Allahuakbar.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

tidak ada dua...

Tidak ada dua masa dan keadaan. Tidak ada dua hari. Tidak ada dua KEKUATAN. Tidak ada dua KEBESARAN. Tidak ada dua PENYAYANG dan PENGASIH. Tidak ada dua CIPTAAN bagi diri ini. Allah Yang Maha Besar lagi Menguasai Segala-Gala nya. Hamba memohon keampunan. ALLAHUAKBAR. 

Monday, March 26, 2012


The game is simple. Bringing it to the level of true need of the dying and sickly individual self. We want everything but we cannot have everything. One age at a time. But unfortunately gone are the simplicity of everything. Prime Minister Najib is trying to bring his life as a minister in a simple person to the people. Has he succeeded? Instead it has been wronly perceived by the ordinary people. And at times (with slanted newspaper and TV reporting) Najib still being portrayed as the Al-Mighty Prime Minister. Fault of his or the cultured technology? Thus the distance remains. Why? I too fail in bringing the subject of marketing to the ordinary dream of a student. Instead it has been perceived as something so different, so `blocky' as a building and a flashy car can be. They cannot see and feel beyond, before and after.Islam juga cuba membawa perkara perkara harian kepada tahap syorga dan neraka. Jelas timbul kekeliruan terhadap apa yang di ajar dan dimengertikan. Sesungguhnya Allah Yang Maha Besar, Maha Agong dan tidak ada dua bagi Allah. Allahuakbar.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just out of the forest..

Everybody starts from the forest. That is why they behave as though they have been there once. But they don't realise it. But unconscious of the fact they can be heavily influenced by the forest.They speak a double tongue just like the biawak. They can swim fast just like a snake. And they crawl just like a pig in the ditches. And  they are in some way behave like a mouse and a monkey. Can be brave like a lion and the tiger.Yes. We were once live in the forest. We know no laws of safety and security except our own. And no rules would dare to stop us from doing anything. But slowly things change. The forest are cleared for the so-called development. Take some leave some. Despite everything, at times, the law of the forest governs our action and decisions. We still retain the crown that make us a king of some territory of a kind or another that has the smell of the forest. Sting like a bee and fly like a butterfly. We are in some way what the forest are. Tetapi segala-galanya ciptaan Allah. Bersebab dan menyebab. Allah Yang Maha Besar. Allah Yang Maha Penyayang. Allahuakbar.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

from the man himself...

That is what my lecturing is about..all are in actions., from the man himslef. All can be highlighted. It supplements and it complements the quiet,  good, and exclusive  nature of a book. A book is what you are. It's exclusivity is taken on the person who reads it. But my lecture highlights with actions and a book can't. Even a planned so-called TV shows and programmes can't substitute my lecture. A lecture can be a strictly knowledge based. It gives but seldom felt by the listener fot the gap inherently found in a lecturing situation is so great both in the sender and the receiver. What more the mysterious elements surrounding the communication situation. It unfolds slowly and steadily. No time limit. My lecture unfolds the whole facets in the dimensional existential even in the one word that means nothing initially. A book unfolds a quick whole dream of satisfaction. My lecture does not. It delivers in small bits and pieces. Thus it can be boring. A lecture unfolds the Greatness of Allah. A book is the principles. A lecture is the practice. Allahuakbar.

Friday, March 23, 2012

aggressive, brutal, and dangerous..

Aggressive, brutal, and dangerous. Sounds fearful? It might not. It can be seen in the context of stupidity, naive, and selfishness. Thus a person can be what he is despite the all time high knowledge presented to him and her at their house door steps. In fact I can be as brutual and aggressive I appear to be to you and to him and to her. Why I can be so? I am a stranger to those who do not know me. To them I inherit the characteristics in being a brutal person, aggressive, and dangerous.  Despite the contrary, you too can be as brutal as you can be, aggressive, and dangerous. Be it in the beautiful and handsome face and in the physique, in sickness and in good health. Life can be a thick forest. Life can be a  desert. Life can be a deep sea. Or a rocky mountain. Sesungguhnya Allah Yang Maha Besar, Maha Agong, telah menurunkan ilmu kepada ciptaanNYA agar kehidupan akan dirahmati dengan perasaan kasih antara satu dengan yang lain walaupun dimana pun kita berada, dengan siapa, dan kelompok apa. Allahuakbar.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Terhimpun dan tersusun....

Is that what I want? Yes? No? Or don't know. Seldom said but the impact is multi-directions. It focuses on all things in a very systematic and strange ways. A matter of split second.Terhimpun dan tersusun. Tetapi multi-directional. What a bless. What a bliss. Allahuakbar.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cycle and recycle..

Worldly speaking, it is not subjected to anything. It moves in order to complete a cycle. You can sense it and you can feel it. It is a question of inner working of one's creation. It is well hidden and nobody should know about it. In fact nobody cares. They only have a glimpse of supposedly a completion of a cycle if they are in front of a pyramid or in a muzium. Nobody is to be blamed, even when I am a facing a crowd, I am amazed of my failure in relating myself to the person who is in front of me despite what I am in the cycle. Words are of no use in the quest of cycle attachment. Only heart to heart speaks. If I can do it you can do it. Is it in that cliche remarks as the reason as to why the past attachment cannot be attached to the life in fron of us? Is that new? Or just a recycle of events, mentally and physically? A clearly difficult wish. Hanya kepad Allah kita memohon supaya dipercepatkan proses pengertian terhadap perkara yang belum difahami. Allahuakbar.

Monday, March 19, 2012

on top...

On top of what? We only can see those on top of something. `On top' is not a matter of seeing but it is very much a matter of feeling. Meaning, it is not actually a matter of money, position, and material, but it is a question of mind, heart, and soul. Allahuakbar.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

in the lighter spirit...

It traumatized, some kind of a fear, and their life is upside down. Messy. In contrast to those whose life is very much light and in lighter spirit. Two category of people here. One, whose life and whose thought seems heavy and  unspirited. The other are the spirited, in lighter vein and in all the movements, physical and mental, seems lighter. Also in the lightest of mood not to say no and not to say yes. Kepada Allah saya memohon perlindungan dan kekuatan dalam mengharungi KetententuanMu Ya Allah. Allahuakbar.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Timbul, tenggelam, atau tertimbus...

Agak kurang ajar saya dengan perkataan tertimbus. Sudah pasti ianya ada kaitan dengan kubur seseorang. Dan itulah mesej saya dengan menengahkan istilah timbul dan tenggelam. Apa maksud saya? Banyak benda boleh bincangkan. Banyak benda boleh dipertikaikan. Banyak benda yang sudah boleh diberi rumusan atau kata penutup. Dalam pada itu kita mesti positif kerana banyak benda yang juga mula menjengok dan mengintai dunia. Mereka tidak tahu sama ada mereka akan tenggelam atau mereka akan timbul, atau tertimbus dalam usia yang muda. Yang pastinya mereka mesti positif. Yang pastinya juga mereka akan bermusahabah diri apabila tiba masa nya. Tidak lari seseorang itu dari ujian kehidupan. Itulah kehidupan sebelum tertimbus. Kepada Allah kita menyerah, kepada Allah kita bersyukur, berdoa agar selamat di dunia dan diakhirat. Allahuakabr.

Friday, March 16, 2012

It is just me...

Nobody dares..I like that. Nobody cares...also beginning to like that. Don't give an inch of my territory. But so much of my territory is presumably up for sale. And they did just that. They come from all corners, the bad, the evil, and the fool, bidding their luck trying to play you down and play themselves up. A cheap shot, so subtle that I don't realise it as such. They come up with a crazy suggestion and an unthinkable low price tag, hoping it is going to be taken with the first call giving me no chance to think. Only theirs are the truth nothing but the truth. But yesterday the game rule has changed. I must be truthful to my soul.  Sesungguhnya kepada Allah hamba memohon kekuatan dan perlindungan.  Allahuakbar.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The five-point system...

Looks great. Feel awed. But it all depends on the 5-point system of analyzing things. The culture and the technology, the social sentiments,  the egoistic-self, the religion, and the money. It should be a well-balanced understanding of the 5. Allah is Great. Allah creates ALL. Reducing the five-point system to only ONE. Allahuakbar.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

on all sides...

Thinking is easy. But you do not know how. Why? Because you do not see the all sides of your existence. You only think of one side, that is your side. Anjakan lah diri mu dengan ilmu ke semua `sides of everything' till you see the whole existence as one. Allah Yang Esa. Allah is Great.  Allahuakbar.

Monday, March 12, 2012

di saat bersendirian...

It has been a while since I have a clear definition on social and culture. Istilah sosial membawa soal kehidupan yang berteman, terdekat dan yang mudah terasa. Culture pula membawa erti soal sosial yang jauh dan tidak sangat terlekat rasa dan perasaan kerana kebiasaan. Bukan soal berteman, tetapi culture adalah soal memiliki taman bersama, kehidupan yang indah dan diterima nilainya. Ringkasnya, sosial adalah persoalan hidup harian ada penamat dan menuju ke kubur. Culture pula adalah soal hidup yang berpanjangan, tidak ada akhirnya tetapi menuju ke hari kiamat. Jadi jika diberi contoh kereta, ianya mungkin soal sosial, dan boleh juga di lihat dari segi culture. Walauapapun, soal culture dan sosial akan dengan sendirinya tenggelam jika kita berada dalam situsasi bersendirian.Ianya akan mengetepikan soal sosial dan akan juga mengetepikan soal culture. Di saat saat itulah kita perlu muhasabah diri. Di saat saat itulah kita terfikir soal agama. Siapa kita? Adakah soal sosial itu benar? Dan adakah soal culture itu benar? Allah Yang Maha Besar. Mohonlah petunjuk. Mohonlah keampunan. Bersyukurlah. Allahuakbar.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

sering menerpa..

`Sebahagian dari hidup'. Itulah ungkapan kata yang sering menerpa apabila sesuatu perkara itu berlaku. Mengapa tidak dipalingkan ungkapan itu dengan berkata bahawa semuanya adalah `sebahagian dari  kematian'. Half full or tidak penuh? Orang putih sebut half full. Orang Melayu cakap tidak penuh. Banyak bezanya kan? Adakah itu menggambarkan bahawa kita orang Melayu tidak memiliki pemikiran saintifik berbanding dengan orang putih? Saya tidak hendak berceloteh panjang. Sekadar menulis apa yang terlintas. Sesungguhnya mati itu benar. Allah Yang Maha Besar. Allahuakbar.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

terpupuk dan terjumud...

A picture that stuns everyone!! What is the actual message?
  Tanpa disedari hidup kita adakalanya tersasar arah. Nampak ada fokus tapi terpupuk kepada benda yang membuat kita lihat kebiasaan dalam ertikata jumud. Everything stands by itself. But that is not the way we look at it. Just look around or think around. In actual fact we don't really look around what more think around. What majority does is only going around and around.What actually do you see? Then why the bored format of almost anything? Anything new? Familiarity breeds contempt. Itu orang putih cakap. Apa pula Islam kata? Islam membawa seseorang kepada pembaharuan dalam konteks sekecil benda dan sebesar benda. Di dunia dan di akhirat. Allahuakbar.

Friday, March 9, 2012

tidak takut lagi....?

Memang susah menerima hakikat. Jelas sekarang. Takut yang meresapi diri adalah takut menghadapi saat saat akhir satu satu dimensi kehidupan. Banyak tafisranya. Bagi seorang pelajar, mereka takut menerima dan menghadapi saat kegagalan peperiksaan. Ada yang melakukan sesuatu yang sangat bertentangan dengan hukum hakam dan menyebabkan apa yang dilakukan itu menampakkkan kebodohan pula. Minda mereka tertutup kerana takutnya mereka menghadapi saat saat kegagalan menyebabkan apa yang dianggap penyelesaian merupakan satu ancaman kepada kedudukan kejayaa mereka pula. Bagi yang sudah tua, sudah pasti saat saat kematian adalah merupakan punca kepada emosi yang keterlaluan. Tetapi dalam  pada itu, ada yang menghadapi keadaan dan saat itu dengan ketenangan dan meletakkan mereka di makam yang tinggi.  Lantas baik pelajar atau pun sesiapa termasuk saya, tidak terkecuali dengan perasaan perasaan dalam menuju ke saat itu. Sesungguhnya Allah telah menjadikan sesuatu dengan ketelitian yang tidak ada tandingan nya. Allah Yang Berkuasa. Ada saat kita hanya sekadar tunduk dan sujud memohon keampunan dan pertolongan. Takut sebenarnya adalah takut kepadaNYA dalam konteks ketenangan. Adakah kita memahaminya? Allahuakbar. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hati yang tertutup dan hati yang terbuka..

Ada perkara yang sudah terbuka. Dan ada perkara yang sememang fitrahnya akan terus tertutup hingga ke akhir hayat. Kita sebagai manusia, satu daripada keupayaan fizikal ialah menutup dan membuka. Bergerak dan berjalan. Bercakap dan mendiamkan diri. Keupayaan fizikal tidak semestinya menggambarkan kebolehan mental atau minda mengupas dan mengulas. Keupayaan fizikal tidak seiring dengan kebolehan minda. Adakah fitrah fizikal itu mendahului fitrah mental? Adakah itu merupakan satu kefahaman yang tidak jelas?  Walaubagaimanapun Islam mengajar kita supaya berilmu kerana hanya dengan kekuatan berilmu akhirnya akan melewati sempadan keupayaan fizikal yang menurun tenaganya. Tidak pada mental. Fitrah pembesaran mental tidak ada sempadannya. Peningkatan Ilmu adalah sinonim dengan peningkatan kekuatan. Adakah pernah kita berfikir dan terfikir? Allahuakbar.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What's on the horizon...

It depends on what is at the back. It also depends on what is on my right and what is on my left. There must be something at the back, left, and right that makes you see what is on the horizon. What is it? It is none other ONE. Allah Yang Esa yang mencipta segala-galanya. Despite that in so many ways and in so many things, life is not being seen as such. Why? This is because majority do not see anything on the horizon. What they see is their one self and not ONE ALLAH. Allahuakbar.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Hati mereka tidak pernah tenteram. Dalam diam mereka mencari suasana kestabilan dalam apa yang mereka sedang buat. Bila berselisih hanya sekadar mengangguk. Tersenyum hanya dirasakan buat buat. Nampak hendak ke satu tempat. Akhirnya tempat itu tidaklah tempat dalam erti kata yang sebenarnya. Itulah hati dan persoalannya tidak pernah reda. Tertanya saya, adakah apa yang saya luahkan ini ada kaitan dengan persoalan hati? Adakah saya juga tidak tenteram? Adakah saya sedang mencari cari sesuatu? Adakah senyum saya juga merupakan senyum buat buat? Hanya kepada Allah saya memohon keampunan. Kepada Allah saya memohon taufik dan hidayat dalam menuju jalan yang benar, jalan yang diberkati, dan jalan yang direda. Alahuakbar.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Unfinished business..

Everybody and anybody is with an unfinished business. So is the government and  organizations, business and non-business that span the economy, cultural, and social spectrum of all individuals, households, communities and nations. Few might see it complete but majority would be struggling to see ends meet. But mankind has to live with the irregularities and the imperfections, be it in the unfathomable wants and needs of human's nature and the unpredictability in the physical environment and the mental environment. We might be just off and gone with just a stroke of a pen,  the pressing of a button, and the natural calamities of the weather, climate, and diseases. Allah is Great. Allah is fair in the punishment and the reward. Allahuakbar.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

masa dan kesibukan...

Atas nama sibuk maka masa untuk melakukan sesuatu telah menjadi korban. I am busy. It is a statement that is least said by me. It is either you want to do it or you don't. Whatever reasons you want to do,  it has nothing to do with the word busy. Some said, as busy as a bee. Bees themselves has never see themselves as busy. It is either they do it or they die. Their life has been very functional. And it is very unfortunate mankind has led a life that sees time as a commmodity that is very precious in terms of destruction and unfriendly gesture that divides. I have been a lecturer and I never cite busy as a reason not to see a student. But as a student who has all the time in this world to do anything, would unashamedly cite the reason as `very busy' not to see me or to submit assignment on time. Statistically, in terms of a standard and quality of a university, I am somewhat sympathy with students who spare no time with lecturers discussing about almost anything in this life and the after life. Busy? Hope their results reflect just that. Sesungguhnya ramai yang hidup dalam kerugian. Allahuakbar.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Insincerity and the words to that effect are abundantly felt that makes me feel,felt, and found history. History of mankind is essentially a story loaded with acts and thoughts of insincerity. Even now and at this minute I can feel life is full of it. They smile but actually they don't. It is always a story of murdering someone and being murdered. They hate and they don't love. They borrowed but not a cent being paid back. They are all takers and not givers. I am a lecturer and I am surrounded by acts and thoughts of insincerity. On-line quiz given and all marks are about the same. They are not sincere with their effort. Insincerity, and the relationship is off and I am back to square one. A smile then is only a smile. Some don't even look up and have an eye contact. Heart kept closed and only a key of trust and sincerity would open it. I am trying to give it to them. But the resistance is so strong and I am to where I am only at their doorstep and I am not allowed in. But not Islam. It teaches goodness and fairness despite the resistance of all sorts. Insincerity is everywhere and with almost everybody. Life then is definite in the negative sense. Kepada Allah saya memohon akan laluan ilmu yang membuka fikiran dan pemikiran yang membina umah. Allah Yang Maha Besar. Allahuakbar.

Friday, March 2, 2012

I sense history...

Hidup dimamah usia. Sekejap ada  dan sekejap lagi ianya akan pergi buat selama lamanya. Teringat peristiwa lampau dengan hanya menatap gamabar dan wajah. Perginya dia maka perginya peristiwa buat selama lamanya. Ada yang berada di kemuncak dan ada yang tersadai di persada entah apa namanya. Ingatan tidak pernah kotor dan meloyakan. Ianya indah, suci, walaupun sakit menerpa bila terlihat dan teringat dia diekori peristiwa yang hanya dilipatan ingatan. Segala-galanya merupakan kunci rahsia yang hanya menghala ke satu hari iaitu hari ini. Allah Yang Maha Mengetahui setiap langkah. Ianya membuat aku hanya mampu tersenyum. Allahuakbar.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

angin bertiup...

Angin tidak pernah berhenti bertiup. Ada angin yang bertiup lebih kencang dari angin yang biasa. Angin ini yang diberi nama yang berbagai  bagi menggambarkan kekencangannya, tidak mempedulikan sesiapa dan apa apa. Ianya memusnahkan. Whoever tries to get in the way shall be destroyed. Itulah nada suara dan kata kata dari angin yang bertiup kencang ini. Tetapi angin yang sebegitu tidak bertahan lama. Ianya kembali reda setelah ianya tidak bertenaga lagi. Lantas angin yang sepoi sepoi bahasa mengambil tempatnya. Angin yang begini memanfaatkan semua. Dalam keadaan yang begini hidup kembali tenang.Yang mana satu lumrah dan yang mana satu fitrah? Menyoal senang. Tetapi jawapan kena di cari. Mohonlah keampunan dari Allah. Allahuakbar.