Saturday, January 31, 2009


Yes, I have been rejuvenated. Yesterday I felt it. And so is today the rejuvenation process continues. Obama is rejuvenated with his new found life as the first black President of USA. His is full of confidence with his recovery plan for the US economy. What about our Najib, our Deputy Prime Minister? Has he been rejuvenated lately? He lost the Kuala Terengganu seat, Kugan cost him his sleep, and has his stimulus economy package works wonder for the Malaysian economy? But when comes March 2009, he would soon be frog leap to a new feeling of rejuvenation of a kind...and in silence he would say I am now the Prime Minister of Malaysia and what awaits Malaysia are changes that would be instituted. So be happy, don't worry.

At a more personal level, the feeling of rejuvenation are very much with the children and the youth. Despite Gaza has been bombarded heavily by Israel for 22 days, the children still displaying the behaviour of kids playing around with other kids as though nothing terrible has happened. More so to those who are still in schools and universities are somewhat free from the external influence and to them hopes for prosperity and peace are just around the corner. So what? Good for them and they are hopes for tomorrow.

What about you? Getting married today? Or heading back to university? You have all the reasons to be happy and wish you all the best with the newly found feeling of rejuvenation that has never been felt before.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Percikan api yang panas...

Three sides of perception, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Structurally, not many are good, quite a sizable number are bad, and majority are with the ugly, frightful and fearful perception on life. Being good does not mean free from bad deeds, it is just a perception with less hindrance and life to them is a positive path to the so-called success or `stardom.' I write this to touch on the ugly and frightful side of life perception that appears a natural phenomenon to any society. They are individuals with smaller perception on life but because they are in the majority, their existence sparks fire to an extent that can pull down the good and the bad. Beware of this category because any small move from them can be construed as `percikan api yang panas dan boleh membakar' (little sparks of fire that can burnt down a house).

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A strange feeling...Does not fall in place..

Nothing strange at all. It is normal to feel the way you feel about things in life. The ups and down in feeling about something is considered norms of thought behaviour. It is a sign of active thinking, active seeking, active living. But what bothers me if anything that I am obsessive about has found no place in sensible self of anybody and nobody. It is just not there. I have been listening to everything but what appears to be godlike topic and supposedly should belong to all, sad to say the topic is only an obsession to the speaker himself and not others. The divine link only begins and abruptly stops with him. It does not naturally flow to the sea, so to speak. Everybody is religiously obsessive at his own or her own level on something. It does not spread to other individuals. It is very different when comes to doing business especially business that has to do with fulfilling the dire needs of oneself and others. The community link of needs and wants can be felt by everybody through out the nation from coast to coast. All of a sudden we are one. We act as one. A strange feeling? Nothing strange at all. Allah yang Maha Besar lagi Mengetahui akan segala Rahsia Kejadian yang nampak dan yang tidak.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ghostly and nightmarish...Divinity in disguise?

Being alone in a foreign land is ghostly, nightmarish, and experiencing existence of no-life existence. Life has its own divisions of anything and everything. Daylight is soon overpowered by long night creating a story that has its ending in a nightmarish dream. It drags on from one thing to another. Bitterly cold and has to step outside and witnesses life and existence has one thing in common, laughing, talking and drinking. As for man, night is being created for them. As for women, they are there begging and seeking a refuge from a deadly snowstorm but soon found in the arms of man who wants a refuge more than the women. What a long night! It is ghastly and ghostly. Everything now is a shadow. Walk slowly home..hi says a lady, hi says me..passing each other..separated by darkness that would soon swallow everything in its path...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bila semua orang mula bercakap...

Pernahkah anda berada di dalam hutan dan sedang berjalan dalam kumpulan dan sedang mencari jalan keluar? Tatkala itu tidak ramai yang cuba bercakap. Ramai hanya mendengar dan memasang telinga cuba mendengar apa apa isyarat yang membolehkan kita keluar dari sesat di hutan itu. Dalam keadaan sesat itulah kita akan patuh kepada ketua yang lebih mengetahui hal ehwal hutan tersebut.

Kita mesti menganggap, perjalanan hidup kita disesebuah negara adalah sama dengan perjalanan di dalam sesebuah hutan. Bukan ini bermakna kita tidak demokratik dan tidak boleh bermesyuarah tetapi ianya patut diadakan apabila kesemua ahli berhenti daripada berjalan dan berbincang kerana hendak mencari pedoman baru.

Pilihanraya telah berlalu, dan sepatutnya kesemua kita sedang berjalan dalam satu barisan supaya tercapai destinasi yang hendak di tuju. Ini tidak? Semua orang hendak bercakap dan bercakap dan bercakap. Dan apa akan terjadi kalau sekiranya kita sesat di hutan dan semua orang mula bercakap? Keadaan akan menjadi lebih kusut dan `kesesatan' kita akan menjadi jadi.

Kita di Malaysia ini seakan akan kita telah hilang arah. Lihat sahaja apa yang terjadi..beranika rupa gaya pandangan diberi dan nampaknya kita tak tahu mana satu yang hendak didengar dan diguna pakai. Tan Sri Mahyuddin ada berkata bahawa tidak ada apa yang baru dalam ucapan ucapan pemimpin di pilihanraya di Kuala Terengganu dan ini juga penyumbang kepada kekalahan BN di sana.

Sekarang timbul soal Kugan. Entahlah saya pun tidak hendak lagi berbicara. Semua orang mula bercakap. Bahaya tu, silap silap negara akan bertambah kusut dan ini akan melambatkan lagi jumpanya jalan keluar.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Writing a blog..

It has been a surprise when students have no idea in writing a blog. If you think so much on who will be reading your blog then you are asking for trouble. A blog is not for sale like a product or service. It is not like a newspaper trying to appear appealing to everybody. A blog is written with no philosophy in mind. It is either you are conscious of it or you don't. What matters you want to write something and that something is YOU. So be it. If you love cooking then write on cooking. If it happens somebody comes along and like your blog, then what you write is well shared by him. So it does not matter how many would stop by and read your blog because in writing a blog you are practicing writer's orientation and self-interest. In marketing they say so much on customer's orientation and customer's satisfaction. Marketing is for both profit and customer's dissatisfaction based on a certain level of effective demand. Writing a blog is different. I write not for commercial reason but for sheer love of my imagination and creative expression. Happy reading.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I still have heart on they really care..?

I still love what I am doing. Wonder when I would say no to what I am doing right now. The past is still strongly link with what I am thinking right now...seems so hard to break, or is it meant not to be broken? Immortality..What about the reality? So hard to understand what is going on around me. Do they really care? The smiles and the look..very deceiving. Feel nowhere near them, psychologically, socially, and physically. Can never be. Everything is just blank. Have to push myself through though, say something funny..they still laugh, but do not know where finally I would be. Being happier by the day? Then it is something. Very OK then. But sometimes I would rather stay home then doing something where the sense of push is bringing me nowhere. But could I? Still doing the exploring..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Inauguration of Obama and remembering Washington D.C.

As with others worldwide, I am also very much interested in the inauguration of Obama as the 44th President of USA. His inaguration keeps me awake till 2am Malaysian time. But I am also interested in the place called Washington D.C. (District of Columbia) because I have been there in the year 1984. So I am somewhat nostalgic when seeing Obama and throngs of crowds walking along the Pennsylvania avenue and near the monument and Lincoln memorial where I have taken pictures with my family in remembrance of me visiting that place. Here are the pictures.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Election..mind far can they go?

Pilihanraya kecil di Kuala Terengganu telah berlalu. BN kalah dan PAS menang. Tak kiralah menang dengan berapa undi, tapi pokoknya PAS menang. Tersangat hairan saya, dengan jentera pilihanraya yang begitu besar dan hebat, tetapi masih ditimpa kekalahan. Mengapa? Saya orang akademik maka analisis saya berkisar dalam perkara perkara yang ada kaitan dengan sebab musabab akademik. Cuba tengok tajuk saya di atas, Election..mind extension.. how far they can go..? Apa kaitannya dengan pilihanraya di Kuala Terengganu ini?
Tengok sahaja Obama..dia merupakan calon yang muda apabila bertanding dengan McCain..apa yang Obama buat sehingga dia memenangi pilihanraya tersebut? Strategi. Ia, jawapannya adalah memikirkan strategi yang membolehkan dia memenangi pilihanraya tersebut. Apakah strateginya? Mind extension. Apa maksud saudara yang menulis? Dalam kempen presiden tersebut McCain memainkan isu `ketidak pengalamannya Obama' dalam usahanya hendak menjadi presiden. MacCain mendabik dada dengan pengalaman yang mana dirinya pernah menjadi POW atau tahanan perang semasa perang Vietnam. Hanya dia yang memahami pasal perang berbanding Obama.
Memang betul. Apa strategi Obama? Dia memilih Biden sebagai `running mate' nya dalam pemilihan Vice Presiden pula. Umur Biden tidak jauh bezanya dengan McCain. Malah Biden mempunyai pengalaman bertahun tahun dalam Jawatankuasa Foreign Relations Committee. Nah apa kata pengundi? Sudah tentu pengalaman tidak merupakan isu yang besar kepada mereka.

Dan lagi satu perkara yang mana Obama dikagumi adalah buku buku yang telah ditulisnya sebelum beliau mengisytiharkan dirinya sebagai calon presiden lagi. Ini lagi merupakan satu strategi yang mana dengan adanya buku itu, rakyat umum telah sedia mengenali Obama.
Buku-bukunya adalah:

Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance
The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dr
Barack Obama in His Own Words
Mesej yang hendak saya sampaikan kepada kepemimpinan adalah lebih kurang begini. Persediaan yang panjang adalah penting dalam pertandingan yang ada kaitan dengan perkhidmatan dengan rakyat. Pemimpin yang ditangkap muat selalunya tidak boleh dimuatkan dalam serba hal.

Belajarlah dari kesilapan ini. Masih belum terlambat.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Theme of My Life...

Do I have to change the gear of my life?..No need to. Now it is an automatic gear. When life is going downhill, automatically it slows down as it has to be. And if it is a straight road, it is you who decide the theme of speed that befits your success. Well, if that is the advice, then I don't have to rush into things just like the HBO series of Jesse Stone investigating murder case at his own stride and at his own pace. Life has its moments for everything, but take it slowly and steadily. Sooner or later you will be there. You don't have to compete with those whose life is still blur in most areas and in the making. Or it is just you, your way, your style. Unconsciously, everybody has his or her own theme of doing things what more a life in fulfilling a dream. I have mine. A slow one, a steady one, don't have to do everything, allow others to work out the solution, give them time, anytime, every time, and you? Just lay back and enjoy the sound of the waterfalls.

leadership and organization - in disarray

Everybody is trying to say something without really thinking of the consequences to all and the organization in the long run. They are just carrying their words at the meeting but stop short of doing it outside the meeting room. The same man who seems to have a potential for leading the organization happens to be just a man craving for self appreciation and self glory. I am a man of optimism and enthusiasm, still hoping for a person with the appropriate leadership qualities to come around and lead, but what I found are persons with no imagination, leadership creativity, and no heroic sensitivities. An organisation in disarray, can be around them but not with them. Can't be with them any longer, meantime just be around them if I happen to be..

The unflappable pilot (Chesley B Sullenberger ) who landed his US Airways jet safely on the Hudson River in New York was described by a friend last night as one of the last American gentlemen.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Memandang aku semacam..

Tak tahulah apa yang dipandang. Apabila `gila' menguasai diri, orang lain dipandang sepi macam tidak berkaki. Mereka berkata, dunia aku tidak sehebat dunia mu, hidup aku penuh dengan limpahan rezeki berbagai macam dan rupa. Engkau siapa? Hahha. Mengapa begitu angkoh dan sombong manusia. Tidakkah mereka tahu kita semua sedang dalam perjalanan mengikut ketentuan Allah yang Maha Besar? Jangan mendabik dada bahawa diri telah berjaya. Dia yang layak dan dia yang tidak. Sudah berhak menentukan siapa yang bakal menjadi khalifah di muka bumi ini. Adohai kawan, lihat diri, kesemua kita sedang menggembara. Entahkan sampai entah tidak. Kuasa bukan ditangan kita. Dari Allah kita datang kepada Allah kita akan kembali.

Hanya talian mimpi..

Ya, di sana sini hanya talian mimpi sambungan cerita semalam. Mimpi itu indah. Berada disitu buat seketika. Semua terjadi semua terlaksana. Raksaksa dilawan, yang cantik ditawan. Cakap sana cakap sini. Aku tak suka ini aku suka yang itu. Boleh aje..haha. Gelak ketawa memecah kesunyian bilik indah yang dirasa entah di syorga. Adakah hari ini membawa cerita mimpi yang lama? Hidup penuh dengan impian hingga terbawa ke alam kehidupan yang sebenar. Talian mimpi bersambung lagi. Kali ini terdengar ledakan bunyi dentuman yang kuat dan amat dasyat mengahala ke infiniti. Sunyi sepi menyelubungi bumi. Nah terima engkau. Lagi talian mimpi...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Of cat and human...

In global, un global, homeless, wordless, windy, breezy, locked-in, locked-out, for nobody and for no one, however narrow and risky, walk the path of only today and not tomorrow, found not everything, but an enterpreneur in spirit, nobody's knowledge, unorthodox, watching orthodoxies, rampage, unstoppable, a curse, a crusade, a death row, a punishment? Fighting for a cause. The day has been conquered!! Satisfied. And it is time to go to a place where there will be no tomorrow, forever.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The orthodoxy and the demons...

So many demons roaming, and the day is torn to pieces. Some seems so remote but extremely significance in many ways. Mysteriously display the orthodox delight of welcoming tomorrow and forgetting the orthodoxy of today. Caught in between yonder and wonder, fire and water, of angel and the devil, of Shakespeare and Spielberg. Whatever. It casts aside unorthodoxy of garbage in the bin, sleepishly hollow and shallow.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

They did it without a buffer of any kind..Stood naked..

Plain stupid. No buffer of all kinds and sorts. That makes a person a different person. The smiles and the look, all are not in good hands. Bluffing. Bull shit. Cheating. Now you have to face the heat fully naked. Pain. Sorrow. Tears. Have to swallow all the dirts in the air unleashed without discretion of time and place. Indiscipline. It is all pain and pain killer prescribed is the short-term solution. Buffering process is misunderstood. Lay by the roadside, moaning, alone, lonely. Tomorrow it is a rotten meat.

Jangan Leka dan lena.. InsyaAllah kita dapat mengatasinya...

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KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 11 - The government is working to revise downwards its earlier economic forecast of 3.5 per cent growth this year.

Several economists and government officials told The Malaysian Insider that the buffet of worse-than-expected trade numbers from Malaysia’s main trading partners as well the slumping industrial production and export figures indicate that the Abdullah administration will have little choice but to hope for growth to be between 1 per cent and 2 per cent.
The more pessimistic private sector economists do not discount the possibility of Malaysia entering into a technical recession. A country is deemed to be in technical recession when it suffers two consecutive quarters of negative growth.
The Malaysian Insider understands that the government’s high-level Economic Council during a meeting last Tuesday was told that risks to the Malaysian had increased substantially in the past month as a result of sharp dive of the US economy and other major economies.
World Bank reports estimate that the US growth will be -0.5 per cent; the European Community will be -0.3 per cent and Japan will hover around –0.1 per cent. And this may not be the end of the bad news.
The scale of the US downturn continues to surprise with the nation losing 1.5 million jobs in the last three months of 2008 and economic output during October, November and December shrinking by 6 per cent compared with the same period in 2007.
Also, government officials also concede that the economies of China and India – despite their growth forecast this year – will not be able to provide the markets needed for Malaysia exports as both have recorded worse than expected industrial output figures.
Not surprisingly, Malaysian exports contracted in October, as indicated by a sharp 12.6 per cent decline in the shipments of electrical and electronic products. Two consecutive monthly declines in industrial production index further underscored the country's vulnerable macroeconomic fundamentals in the final quarter of 2008.
A government official said: “Malaysia will still be better off than most countries but we will not be able to export our way out like in 1998. This time, both developed and developing countries are in trouble.’’
During the Asian Financial Crisis, Malaysia was able to ramp up its manufacturing sector and push its exports to the US, Europe, China.
Compounding matters is the low commodity and oil prices, both big contributors to the government’s revenue.
Still, government officials believe that Malaysia will not be in recession. They note that a quick rollout of the RM7 billion stimulus package will boost economic growth by 1 per cent and are already planning to unveil another package of economic measures aimed at reducing the cost of doing business.

Privately, they concede that they are in unfamiliar territory. They are not alone.
The New York Times reported that there is skepticism whether the stimulus package being pushed by President-elect Barack Obama will be big enough to end or, at least, limit the recession.
Last night, Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop said the economy will not plunge into a recession though it too feels the ripple effects of the global economic turmoil.
He said the Malaysian economic stability was also supported by the high banking liquidity and private sector confidence but if private sector confidence trended downward, the government would inject more funds into the market.
Two crucial elements to be attended to in tackling the effects of the economic turmoil were the credit level and job opportunities, he said.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Kelolaan budi..waging a lonely battle..

Dari dulu sampai sekarang,begitulah ceritanya. Walau hebat berkata, mengajak ke titian jaya, laongan demi laongan, gegak gempita hingga ke senja, apa yang terangkat hanya mertabat diri sendiri. Usah ditunggu,usah ditangisi, tiada siapa nan datang dan mengenang kerana sibuk tak tentuan masa dan hala. Tidak mengapa kalau pahala dicari.Tekun menanti dan mengharap, terjauh juga dari pengertian yang asli. Tsunami kasih ditulis, harapan gunung meninggi. Allah yang Maha Besar lagi Mengetahui,Tsunami besar tiba membasuh bumi. Ku bangun dari tidur, maka baru ternampak kehidupan dan kelolaan budi. Tapi hanya seketika..mungkin satu kejutan baru akan menimpa..bila ye..?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tapping my own secrets...

It has always been like this before. It has always been like this since you were a small boy. Remember, life is just like a dream. You have to face an event and hope it is only a dream. As in a dream, any outcome of anything, however bad and cruel it seems to be, the best part of it is that you woke up and find it is only a dream.
Real life too is very much like a mirror of the dream. Never ever try to swim against the tide. It would wash you away to a place where fighting back and swimming back to the shore is almost next to impossible. But real life too seems to be like a dream. The greatness of Allah is there to the rescue. Thanks to Allah, I am still alive! Not only I am still alive but has to move on and take on more dreams, surging forward in the next step and breath...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Maslow's theory - Bits, behaviour, and satisfaction..

That was before. Now everything has changed. I don't realised that there should be a change. But change is everywhere. He changes. She changes. He does not have the slightest idea of the comfort of living in a big house until his small house was burnt down to ashes. Now everything keeps me thinking. Despite his previous humble life, he now lives in style in the big city among friends that he once despised because of the lavishness in their spending. Life is no more the same. It only starts in bits, then to a bigger piece, and now no more turning back moving on to more bigger things...then comes the `Big Crash.' Silence.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Simple Wisdom of salesmanship..

Dynamic personal selling is an activity of narrowing down the choices of products to buy. Too many products out there and customers have very little time and little money to shop around. Everybody wants the best in everything. So here comes the professional salesman who would guide you to the right choice of product. He, the salesperson understands that the central to decision of buying is the internal and intangible aspect of one's need and want and the money he has. By being more humane knowing buying is a dramatic story of flesh, blood, mind, and soul,  salesperson must make sure anything that is being presented is true to the internal needs and physcal requirement of the buyer. By being efficient in the management of external matters, things like prospecting, promotion and pricing,  would definitely result in eternal satisfaction and a good buy. As simple as that and what I called the simple wisdom of fulfilling one's need.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Rise oneself from partisan thinking...

I just love to use the word partisan in my description on the direction we are heading in life. My idea of partisan's thinking transcends on everything from loyalty in social and society, politics and culture, habits and behaviour, community and service, products, brand and loyalty. The extreme fanaticism in something is also regarded as partisanship of a cruel kind to one's liberty and independence.
If we aspire to become a truly global person, partisanship should be exercised at the action and doing level of the locality, but not in thoughts and thinking. When comes to thoughts and thinking it should at all times global thus avoiding the stigma of fanaticism that can destroy the world in just a second.

The cause to all these dimensions of partisanship is none other the immediate reward one can get by being an associated member of the `group.' And the reward can be either tangible or intangible (seeking for a false sanctuary of one's dream and thought).

So try to make oneself rise above and over the thought of partisanship and taste the true reward of being independence not here and now but somewhere in the years of tomorrow and tomorrow.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The secret in repetition...

Repetition? It could be days and it could be nights, it does not matter what, the basis could be good, could be bad, and worst of all basis is that it is due to an evil intention. I have said this to a person before, I don't really care if the cycle of repetition is out of ignorance. But it could be disastrous and destructive to a relationship if the repetition is the result of a scheme of things that obeys the heart of a satan.

As a small boy or girl, you know not what is good, what is bad, and what is evil. The growing up process saw the master of `languages' that inculcate the unintentional reward system that lead to habits that are uncalled for. It does not make oneself rise above the partisan thinking of local culture. When I was a small boy, my `languages' are somewhat natural and free in the sense I have never been immediately rewarded for good things I have done. But I do saw the `reward' when looking at it from the stand point of many many years of being alive. Thus the extreme and common partisanship of thinking fail to capture my imagination. My imagination is somewhat unique and pure and it is rooted down deep of a tree named simplicity.

And this morning, I saw `cruelties' in actions of others. My benchmark of judging others is my tree of `simplicity' that bears fruit of simple wisdom. Well, the cruelties are the result of complex worldly reward system that sees reward in the form immediacy and quickie. What they see are `repetitions' of everything. They don't see that the`repetition' as a powerful strategy of freeing oneself from it and thus you can become a very strong person. But what happens, it is very common to see the majority live only by the day and night and roll together with it without the slightest idea whether it is for the better or for worse. Find out the secrets in the repetition of everything and this include day and night. It is nothing more than happier after discovering the secrets of one's ability and thus living a fruitful life!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Mistakes of today, sins of the past...

We make mistakes today. It would soon be forgotten. But the sins never forget the sinner. One day you will find yourself in trouble. You are being fired or fall sick because of the mistake you make. The parameter of reasons of why, why, why are limited to things happen in a day, week, and month only. But mistakes of the past that has been categorise as sins are long being forgotten. But as I have said, the sins never forget the sinner. Mistakes are mistakes. It can be forgiven then, but it is not forgotten in terms of its contribution to troubles faced by the individual in the present time. The parameter of why, why, and why are far beyond the shore of today but well extended to years before that. It might be 10 years 20 years or more in the pasts, it still has a stake in what is happening today. Remember regardless how small a mistake committed today, in terms of long long years back then it is not a mistake but it could be a sin.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

First of January 2009..Thursday 04 Muharram 1430h

and today is first of January 2009. Looking back all those years, life has been kind to me despite the uncertainties of path to be taken in the beginning. Syukur saya kepada Allah Yang Maha Besar lagi Mengetahui akan segala Rahsia kejadianNya.