Monday, June 30, 2008

Life Has Just Begun...

Imagine, millions of earthlings see today as a day that life to them is just started. How? Why? Literally, the birth of newborn babies is truly a life just begun. Not to say about the joy of the first time being a mother and the father. As for those who has come of school age going to school for the first time is seen as a new life and new light to be remembered for life.

I am writing about this just to make us recall the event that everyone has experienced and deep down inside them feel that their life has just begun. New situations to an individual like facing an entirely new life scenarios in different countries would definitely called for a new set of norms and values making them feel like just being born to this world. A prisoner who has just been freed need to adjust to the real world and new demand of competition. Newly married couple would see the first day as a chance to turn on new lease of life completely different from before. It is a beginning of a new life together. Millions of students today for the first time registering for courses that would determine their future. This day to them life has just begun and looking forward to a lot more new experiences in order to complete an educational journey of logical, conceptual, psychological and emotional. It is a diverse existence and situations indeed. So we have to understand those whose `life' is just about to begin.

What can I say? What about your life and situations? First time? First taste of what you are experiencing now? Just experiencing your first job? Just get married? Just retired? First taste of being a boss?The answer is in you. If it happens Robert Mugabe reading this, then to him the question is, at the age of 84, has life to him just begun? Or it is a signal to a brutal end? As for George Bush, it is clear life is about to end as the President of United States. Whoever out there, remember life or new situation for that matter, yes a straight line it is, where there is a beginning and definitely there is an end.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lost in Time...

Don't have to worry over anything. Don't have to worry on what is happening around you. Politics? I could not digest it anymore. Most have lose their head over something trivial. They don't learn their lessons. They don't do their homework. They just say what they like to say. They are the one who should have lost in time. Not me. If ever we found a group of individuals floating on the seven seas, hope it is them.

The problem of economy and price hike can leave many families traumatized. For some they have lost track of day and night. And some have lost track of where about their family members. They count their money no more lest they found themselves living in the medieval time. Last time I don't care so much about blogging, but what the hack, at least with the blog I know I am out of this world looking into some body's world at another time. If I am in my world, I don't know what time it is. And to all the blogger, let us be friends and not enemies. Friends mean living on the same plane of time. Enemies would distraught your time period.

So if it is true you are lost in time, don't make an effort to find your way back. Hope life after time is indeed beautiful. Returning home means returning to a disciplined time in movement and thinking. There is no tomorrow, or rather tomorrow is today. Future is now.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Passage of time..

Diamond Is Forever

So many things has become irrelevant these days. World has change. So are the world's priorities. The super heroes can do nothing to save this world. So no more interested in Batman, Superman and the TV series Heroes for that matter. Last time, at every opportunity, going to McDonald and KFC is a must, but now considering of the price hike, having meals at any hawking stall along the road side would be okay.

What has become of this world or rather what has gone into me? Do you know? In marketing, there is a topic which can guide management in their decision-making and what is called `Product-life cycle'. Or am I now very much at the mercy of what is being said of the maturity stage of the life cycle? Being thrilled at something has somewhat fade with time and some other thrill has taken over its place. How could I in my last posting describe politics as `an art of perfecting nonsense with another nonsense'. Or the world of politics has really gone hay wire and the thrill of `fighting for the people's welfare' is no more upheld by political parties. Even in Nepal, the king has lost its relevancy to the people of Nepal. Things come and things go. What has been highly looked upon today would lose its glitter when the time comes.

So question is how to remain significant regardless of the cycle the world is experiencing? I am trying to look into the answer as I move along into the passage of time.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Shift in focus, attention, and care...

With the increase in the price of oil, all things seem to be shifting, bit by bit. At one time we care so much about the world, but the question is does the world care about us? Do we really care about what has been reported by CNN, BBC News, and Aljazeera. They talk about the US election 2008, about Israel and their peace iniatives with Hamas, Robert Mugabe and Zimbabwe's inflation rate of 66000 percent. Question is do we care? But do they think we care. Do we? Not anymore. We are shifting our attention to something that is very near to us - our own very survival. But some still do not feel the pinch as yet. They are the one with their old dreams. Soon they would woke up to a very nasty fact of life, today is not yesterday. But there are others who are beginning to shift their focus and attention. Shifting could be in the form of: big house to smaller ones; high rental to low rental; holiday in Paris to holiday in the kitchen; big cars to smaller ones; buying books to reading blogs; and much much more. And on top of that, anything that gives stress and tension are put side for a while or for good. One topic that can cause stress is politic. This is because politic is an art of perfecting nonsense with another nonsense. And when you are at home, just relax and watch movies that can makes you laugh and laugh. Avoid watching news that touch on the sensitivity of price increase. It helps you to think clearly and live longer.

As a responsible husband, make a habitual joke to wife as a form of releasing tension. For a start, try out this joke and see what happen. Wife to her husband, "Why are you always talking about the past?" What the husband says? "Because everything in the past is cheaper and fresh."

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Battling Onself...

felt ripped apart

Battling oneself and with wrong strategy and tactics would make one's life more miserable. This is a battle where peace is only for a short while and then war broke out again with whatever (reality or fantasy). Thus the battle must be tactically planned and implemented lest we would be the loser. And in most instances the winner takes all. Everybody at one point of his or her life, would find themselves fighting some major battles and countless of minor ones. For discussion sake, examples of major conflict one has to face is like getting married, furthering studies masters or PhD's, pursuing a career, quitting a highly-paid job for entrepreneurship, and to another culture could be decision of having children, migrate to another country, and much much more. Those are some of the examples and of course it varies with different culture and time period, and thus different decision areas. But still when comes to battling oneself even a minor decision could be regarded as a major one depending on the profile of that person in question. For example a small boy, unconsciously, would regard waking up and go to school as a major decision.

So, are you at this particular point in time battling with yourself for something? Many fear the battling situation because of the possible outcome can be anything: negative or positive, good or bad, rich or poor, happiness or sorrow.

I have seen some of my friends, having to battle a lot of battles in terms of self conflict with life's direction, in the end is the happy and success story of all of them. Most says, Syukur Alhamdullilah, being a strong believer in the eventual success, with good heart, good words, and good deeds, InsyaAllah, the outcome shall be very rewarding.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Walk into the future...

This is not the future. I have been here before. I do not remember when, but I know I have been here before. So says a man who has a positive anticipation of the future. You are the future, you are from the future. Everybody is from the future. What they have created today would have a far reaching implication of what is to come. So they are supposed to be ready for the future more than today or yesterday. Today is gone but what about tomorrow? But unfortunately we are so wrapped up with yesterday and today and walking into the future seems not to happen. The roads, the rivers, the trees, the birds, the animals, the seas, the people - they are supposed to own the future. They are supposed to be in tandem with social, political and environmental fabrication of tomorrow. But what has happened to the roads, the rivers, the trees, the birds, the animals, the seas, and the people? Venturing further is frightening. Till my next posting..

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Whirlpool of Knowledge...

Knowledge is a body of what you know, how and why? Be careful of the nature of knowledge lest it becomes a whirlpool that can torn a person apart. Knowledge once acquired is fast, quick and helpful. But to some life is whirlpool of events and not knowing the source and where the events is bringing them in terms of truthfulness, then it can torment a person for days, weeks, months and even years. He then woke up and discovered knowledge. His life is then just begun....

Moving on...

It is a life well laid for someone who are in the path to the truthfulness of his existence. Is it a genuine thought of true understanding, is still to be seen. I come to this world and venture into the unknown, and I sense the lighter side of me and it becomes lighter by the day. Being conscious of oneself is good but it can be regarded as a stunted growth on your part if you are not conscious of the growth of others as well. A comparison in the `light and heavy' of oneself and others is a good start in the understanding other than yourself. Am I on the side of `light weight' or `heavy weight'? Well, each and everyone of us are not blessed with `light-weight' all over and on everything. I have seen a person, a `light-weight' in one thing but a very `heavy-weight' in the personal interaction with others, smile not, greet not even if he happens to sit beside you. I do not really give a damn about the `heavy-weight' aspect of others before. But after several not so sweet experiences I have encounter lately, I have to review my actions and decisions accordingly. Everybody wants a peace of mind in his daily interactions with others. But that interactions should be embodied by a set of principles. In conclusion it boils down to the depth understanding of true freedom and truly educational and truly moving on towards the achievement of a `light-weight' world of oneself and others, mentally and physically.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Man's World...

Happen to be there today and have the chance to talk on topic of man and who are they? Being a man myself, as far as I can remember, man never put a boundary as to what they want to do. They will say, let me see...They will say, maybe around noon or around evening. They might say, might today or tomorrow. It seems that man's time table is always open-ended. There is no definite `yes' and `no' answer; no definite 'true' and no definite 'false'. The underlying reasons for the `indecisiveness' is indeed in the mighty hand of man who are out there for food, bread, and butter. They are the breadwinner to the members of the family. And since life out there is very competitive indeed, it would hurt their man's ego if they were to come home with little food. They will only be headed home if the food is enough to feed the entire members of the family. When will be that? Might be tomorrow...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Thoughts References...

When we are caught up in a strange and difficult situation, what we do is to recall any thoughts and experiences that we can refer to in order to face the situation. For those who are with vast knowledge and experiences, thought references would be just at his or her command and adapt accordingly. What about for those whose knowledge and experience are limited to his or her culture and never has the chance to expand it beyond his culture and social horizons? Has he the power to go beyond what he sees not, hear not and read not? We need not answer that because there are a lot more things to ponder before we can arrive at a satisfactory answer.

Dream Comes True...


An American Dream is a contrast to dreams of other nations. A good example of an American dream is George Bush, the President of the United States of America. In USA, any dream that can be made possible is the achievement of individual and family members. It is no more a rag and riches story as in the Chinese in Malaysia. In USA it is the wealth of a family that determine the success of their sons and daughters. The Kennedy's family is an example of fortune made by their great grandfather and carried down to the success of JF Kennedy and the rest. But a family's success does not guarantee a smooth sailing for those who were successful. John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy were assassinate while trying to materialise their dream to the fullest. The so-called curse led to the decision of Ted Kennedy not to run for the presidency.

As in Malaysia, the dream comes true is not so much of the riches and wealth of family members but so much of a past`feudal-like association' stems from family's position and status in the community either now or before.

Well that is it for now . I will continue later.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Being alone and far away from home...

I once had this feeling and very frightening. I felt that I am living in a new and another world. The cars, the roads, the weather, the people, the smell ,the smiles, everything seems to be so strange and at times funny. Am I here for real? Yes, I am still breathing and therefore very much alive. Just to make sure, I book a phone call to my parent. Questions that runs to my head, would there be a response. And the worst of feeling, would they be there? I wait and wait and wait. What a relieve when finally I got the connection and on the other side is my father asking me how am I doing....

To all the fathers, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Guessing game...

Some say it as research and analysis. Others say it as forecasting. To the lay man they see it as just a guessing game. And I am sure Malaysians still remember the guessing game in the film of `Nujum Pa Belalang' role played by the late Tan Sri P.Ramlee. When I was a small boy I never knew that there is such thing as a guessing game. To me events happen and are just meant to happen whether I like it or I don't. I don't guess.

Looking back, and what I am now, I don't remember of playing any guessing game of who I would become. It is just a matter of being truthful to yourself, sincere in anything you do or don't and a strong believer of what is going to come is always for the better, sooner or later.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Products are neutral...but..

After got up from bed, first thing I have to entertain is this thought of mine which keeps on saying `products are neutral' but whatever the products are, it must have the semblance of the maker. And for those who buy the products, they see the product as part of himself or his DNA for that matter. So we are left with what? Simple...we are left with no money? How come? Why not ? The `love' of BMW car makes us spend like the money comes from the sky. All sort of defensive answers being given as to the reason `why BMW?' But down deep in the buyer's blood is his DNA makeup that only craves for something like BMW or Mercedez. Question is `can we alter our genetic DNA?'

Till next time...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bits and Pieces....

How to scramble the bits and pieces in order to make it readable (if you read) or meaningful (if you want to find some meaning to it). Everything about me is living, working and thinking the day I know how. But today that `how' seems to play hide and seek with me. I think I know, but after hearing someone says something or write something, then I doubted what I know. Surf few blogs on politics, economy and non-politics (the personal one). Just feel good on what they have commented. Sounds truthful and sincere. But not all blogs emit the same odour and colour. Some are just hard to crack what more digesting it. On events that happen to me last one month, well so soon to conclude the direction it is taking me to. What appears good at that time might turn out to be a nightmare later. So just wait and see. So stay awake and try to look out for the signal. Anyway, life is always full of surprises. But the bottom line to a richer and positive life is be good and whenever there is an opportunity contribute to the world's happiness and peace...After that sentence, the bits and pieces of my life is beginning to take the shape of a.....(so soon to say and make a conclusion, till next time..)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sets out to conquer....

Today's life is full of excuses. The technology has come to a level and situation where meeting someone is no longer an urge that should be fulfilled urgently. There is always the hand phone and the sms's that can reach the other side within seconds and tell the reason why we cannot come. The urge to read a newspaper in the morning is no longer there...with the Internet and e-browse we can always do it the moment we are back at home. The habits of postponing has become an acceptable norm these days because everything is within reach. There is always tomorrow or next year. It is uncommon to hear a remark from ladies that man cannot be trusted anymore. This is in contrast with societies (especially with less technology) that don't give a damn of not wanting to get married or postponing. We no longer concern with whereabouts our friends are or sons (and daughters) for that matter and we don't send them to airport anymore knowing he or she is within reach wherever they are on this earth. Coming late to class has become a norm to students knowing the choice in life is abundant and plenty. The spirit of `sets out to conquer' is no longer there. The substitute of everything in life ranging from human and non-human matter has distance man from possessing the true spirit of existence. Those days when there were no or less technology, cherished and charitable are noble values that spell a success and togetherness of a community. We cherished our friends getting someone to be his life partner and help him or her all out to a point where the whole kampong folk display the spirit of charitibility just to see his or her wedding a success and this event is not easily forgotten. But alas, with easy access (roads, airports and IT) to everything and everywhere, even our closest neighbour would give excuses of not attending our daughter's wedding or `menyambut menantu.' As for the conqueror of yesteryears, each day is a day he fights for his and group's survival. Everybody is part of the plan in order to make good the winning of a competition whatever the competition might be. The competition could be finding someone to be married to or just mere going fishing. And the biggest of all competition is conquering another country which pose an endless threat to them. It is alright for the the glut in technology we are experiencing today, but the spirit of a conqueror of yesteryear's must always be maintained and upheld. Lest our world and life would be broken to pieces. When that happen, then only the dawn of a true spirit of living the day successfully for tomorrow might never come. We thus cherished the winning and at the same time be charitable in thoughts and kinds thus preparing ourselves for the life hereafter.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Worldly Dimensions....

The heart of the whirlpool galaxy

Sometimes we have to be worldly in order to really understand and able to relate to others. We often talk about the world and its other dimensions and most of the time we do things based on the dimension we are in. Today I want to relieve myself of all the dimensions and walk on the planet earth in its raw form. I see people everywhere. I see their physical self not the inner self. I see the trees and the birds. I see the rivers but I do not see the fish. Two individuals are talking to each other, shake hands and parted. They look friendly but are they? And tomorrow news broke out that one of them has been admitted to hospital. In its raw form, looking at yesterday, the man who has been admitted appears happy and healthy. But why the sudden twist of fate? So viewing the world in its raw form, we are just nothing as to the knowledge we possess. To majority, they are in its polished form. They prided themselves (the lucky ones) in almost anything and everything that modern life has given them. Even our style of writing, despite the ability of the expression, looking into the substance and what has been written, there exist a large gap between the real and the worldly.

Hello, are you for real writing all this? I don't know

Friday, June 6, 2008

I declare thee...

Birds don't cry..goats don't complain..elephant does not blow their trumpet..all these animals don't wait but just move on and live the day (and night) and let live regardles of being good , being bad or being the worse of animals. They are essentially governed by the laws of the jungle. What about human beings? They cry, they complain and they blow their trumpet. And they are a creation that are beset with endless problems. If the situation is to their favour, they laugh and celebrate. And if it is not, they cry and pray and pray without making any attempt to change their present bad situation and condition. They are just hoping for a miracle from the sky that make this pronouncement, `I declare thee......

Understand your mind, body and posture

Take a deep you feel good or do you feel bad? Feel good but there is a feeling that disturbs me a little. What now I am trying to do is trying to locate the source of that uneasy feeling. Does that feeling caused by someone, somewhere or caused by some event that you unintentionally stumbled onto. I know I am a very forgiving person and also very willing to help and at the end of the day I am the one who is being trapped. I think that trapped feeling caused that uneasiness. So the solution is not today and now but it takes a while before it goes away. So I have to wait. But remember you must act wisely after this. A good gesture from others should be weighed carefully before any actions and decisions being made. Majority out there are a selfish lot. They come for help, but the moment you are no use to them they just dump you like a garbage. So now take a deep breadth....and again try to sense the feel in you. Does that cure you....?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

To put a stop to a recent pain..

In the first instance of its happening it promises a happy journey. But life has never been so smooth in its undertaking. Generally life, to be one, fulfil no beautiful promises to no one in the shortest of time forseeable. Well, it makes good the promise after a whole set of drama with suspense and intrigue start to take its role. When it would turn for the better it has now become anyone's or your emotional guess. Anybody or me for that matter would then walk a path of life that seems to be darker and narrower every minute. And for some they describe it as experiencing a brutal knock along the path. Walking a path "not of his choice" would render a person helpless and listless. But standing up to the challenge is the best dose of medicine that has been send down to mankind. The challenge is very much part of your life. You are put to test. Would you win? It all depends on how you cope with all the elements in the drama. With the right level of knowledge, experience and temperament and religion, soon you have a full grasp of the elements among which its true characteristics, its color and its vigor. All of a suden you are opened up to solutions. In another words the process of disengegement begins to take place.

A pain of recent memory or event takes a while to heal. This is because of the conflicting concerns that it inherents. Conflicting of interest or rather conflicting of concerns holds a larger proportion of the contributing factors. It encompasses the so-called the dark side of one's past experiences. These past experiences trigger a memory that seem to quickly align itself with the present one. In another words it has been actively engaged.

I shall continue in later time...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

RM2.70....price of petrol..where shall we go after this?

Our Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has just make an announcement on the price rise of petrol to RM2.70 per litre from RM1.98 per litre. Is it too much or too little? As for the rich and the famous (and the evil) the increase is nothing. But as for the poor the increase means shelving plan of things he wants to do. As for me it means I have to go here and there with only my MYV Perodua as it consumes less petrol. But my point here is not me but the population at large of whom majority of them are low earning workers either working for the government or companies big and small. Everyday they have to work to make ends meet. 60% of the population constitutes younger generation and a large proportion is still in schools or universities. And a large and significant proportion of the population has just begun a family life with children to be fed and clothe. With the rise in the price of petrol, the natural economic sequence is that the price of other produts and services would be up too. Whatever, it boils down to a scenerio where life is no longer the same. It is okay if it is for the better. But would it for the worse? Undoubtedly to me everything seems to be then on edge when comes to spending. Economically, politically, social and cultural - where would it leads to. It would be a whole new multi-scenario of landscapes we have to deal and manage. Can we?

I am at it again...

At this age, I should guard myself against event and anything that could put you back in time. Should not feel things remain the same, just listen to the songs of yesteryears and you know what I mean. But certain things tend not to take heed of things to come. And everytime things tend to move counter to where you want and should go. But remember time itself is a direction. Just held strong to the slightest and smallest indication of where one supposedly should be and thus put everything in place.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Not all rots with time..

As in fruits, it rots with time. I am trying to look into my memories and pin down the one that easily fade with time and that do not. In another words there are memories that could easily be erased and some would be actively engaged even in the smallest and slightest moment of time if given the chance.

I have met some incidence where in the first initial phase of its encounter the memory seems to be hyperactive. But given the lapse of one or two days it faded easily like a fire being doused by just plain water. And on the contrary, there are memories (sometimes wild memories) that seem to be alive and growing. It gets bigger everyday. But fortunately with the right type of knowledge, those memories would be a useful partner in time of need.

So what say you friend, don't you have anything to share...?Who knows with your ideas we are heading towards a memory of infinite happiness, a happy one.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Pretty woman

Haha..what am I writing about? Pretty woman? Are you out of your mind? Surely not. Pretty woman has always been an interesting topic to men. Pretty women inspire them to reach the highest level of so called their achievement in life. And mind you what is life without a woman. What about pretty? The word pretty could mean a lot of things. It could be physical beauty, mental beauty or just the love of being together with her despite of who she actually is.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Rain drops keep falling on my head...

Rain drops keep faling on my head. It falls everyday telling me to write something or whatever I can write about. Well, I have decided to see the world in a more old-fashioned way and touch on sensitivities that is more appropriate for us to share this world. Politics? Yes I love to comment on politics but this topic seems to make people forget that we are sharing this world. Politics divide this world into so much viewpoints so much so if we were to realise those viewpoints we eventually find ourself without a place to stay. So if ever I want to give my viewpoints on politics I would choose those events that is agreeable to my sense of good life. What about economy? Well don't reallly know what to say about economy. Free market? What has happen to our oil and the price that has been fixed by the free market - soon we would find our cars not on the road but in the garage 24 hours a day.