Thursday, April 30, 2009

Missed the bus but still on time...

No matter where you find yourself, the moment you are out from it, you are with extra strength and energy to face this world. If you enter a college then you are lucky to see life from perceptive of the wise one. If you happen to be somewhere and no one has ever tell you what is right and what is wrong then life can be miserable at times. I am interested in topics like government and politics, but hate the idea of being active in both the sectors. Wonder where I have been all those years and make me what I am. Just love to stay on the other side of the fence, I guess. Or just love to be on the other side of everything. I was once a loner and love walking in the dark and cherished the day when I found myself walking all alone for 2 miles from town to my house at 3 o'clock in the morning. Why not my parents pick me up at that very early morning hours and leave me alone in the cold? After all I was dropped from a bus after a trip to Kuala Lumpur and be back by that time. It was all dark and a very still night with no breeze and no life at all, just my heavy breathing. I guess I was born just to be with myself and no one has come to my rescue when I needed it. Once I found myself sleeping with dogs on the sofa of a dining hall and all because there was no bus service at that time of the night. I just could not imagine during my University years at USA I have also miss the last bus from Janesville to Whitewater, Wisconsin which is only 10 miles away. Till today I shudder at the thought of having rented a small and unlit room for the night at the back of pub restaurant for only $10! I did just that! And it was in USA. What a frightening night!

Despite missing the bus, on all occasions, I was always on time!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No big deal...

I am alive and have to do what I have to do. If you see me walking that is because I have the energy to do so. Nothing great in seeing me where I am. And so are others when seeing them driving along the highway. They are not showing anything. They are just driving because they need to drive. They are alive and are going somewhere. No big deal. So what? No big deal about what I am writing. Wake up this morning and find this and that is okay so this is what I write. I am blessed with what they called it the ability to write and so are you. No big deal. In contrast there are others who seems to be alive but does not seem to be so. I don't think they knew what life is all about. Being thankful is one thing and so is being grateful. But that is not the case with some individuals I have encountered in my life time. Even neighbours do not notice the other neighbour. Wonder are they alive. Thinking so much into the future is not living a life. Being philosophical? Well no big deal. Do they?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It has been awhile...

It has been awhile when I am at it again. It has been awhile when the world has to face the repetition of what is now called `the swine flu.' We can never close shut our door from problems that seems to be part and parcel of existence wherever you are. And today we must feel as one with all sorts of problems targeted at us. But that is the essence of the problem when I say it or you say we are one. Are we? Easy said then done, I am all alone writing this and nobody give a damn to what is good bad and evil anymore. When given the opportunity, everybody would be at it again. It has been awhile we see a true sacrifice made by individuals and nations. They speak different languages but the movement of the tongue are the same. We can never be the same. And it has been awhile when you and me would speak the same language on everything..Would be there such a moment?

Monday, April 27, 2009


It is okay if one sees life as all winning. But to win is not at the cost of others being failed or being axed just because you want to win. Tiger Wood sees winning as something deserving for those who works hard for it, nothing more and nothing less. But everything is not free from being manipulated and this includes to win and winning. In everything there are always elements of good, bad, and evil. The choice is yours. And history has its own way of looking at winning and losing. But memory is short. History has always a way of repeating itself. And so is winning! And so is Tiger Wood...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Behavioural element...

Society has its own behavioural pattern on anything from birth to death. For one I have behavioural element that makes me what I am. Statistically, behavioural is seldom put into focus when working or mapping out a strategy. It is the least understood in the field of studies and research. Behavioural as in any other thing is consistent and seldom change for change sake. Think global but local behaviour would remain the same for ages, so to speak. A strategist and a planner would only speak on the figures that are broad in its understanding. Have you ever thought that a success in a newspaper is well contributed by the element of reader's behaviour? So what constitute a patriotic and informed citizen should not be the basis of a newspaper's circulation. It is just rhetoric. Everything boils down to the behavioural pattern of a society at large. If it is good but they see it as bad, can we do anything? So knowledge has its down side when we do things based on the uncalled for behavioural of the masses. But that is the essence of planning and strategy - doing the right thing for the wrong reason..

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Aras Perdana...

Benchmarking, penanda aras, dan banyak lagi istilah yang digunakan bagi menandakan kejayaan atau kegemilangan satu satu bangsa. Piramid merupakan aras perdana kepada zaman firaun di Mesir. Bagi Dr Mahathir, Putrajaya dan Menara Kuala Lumpur merupakan aras perdana pemerintahan Dr Mahathir. Bagi saya ada persoalan yang perlu diselesaikan di sini. Aras perdana itu adakah merupakan hak individu atau merupakan hak seseorang individu? Firaun menjadikan piramid itu sebagai aras perdana setiap firaun yang memerintah, bukan rakyat. Malah rakyat dikerah bagi memastikan aras perdana individu ini tersergam hingga ke hari ini. Adakah ini hasilan riak dan takabur sesorang itu?

Dilihat dari satu sudut pula, aras perdana juga membawa makna 'the ultimate ability of a person or a nation.' It was a positive thing to see a creativity of a person is being transferred to a collective energy that results in the building of a pyramid. In this case the leader holds the bold mission, that is the aras perdana, and it is the people who would be channelling the energy and knowledge to construct what later on becomes the pride of the nation. If it is for the good of the nation then the bold mission is very much welcome. But what can be said in the building of Taj Mahal and the like? No doubt it is a collective work, but the person who holds the aras perdana for the construction of Taj Mahal can be be both bold and very cruel. Is that what life is all about? Life is a journey of two types of leadership that ultimately emerged into one. It begins with mission or dreams of a person that eventually finds himeslef or herself in a powerful power position and that leads to the aras perdana I have been talking about. It does not really matter whether the dream is bad or evil. If it remains at that invidual level, it can be construed as an ability that is just local in nature and surrounded by small number of followers and friends in terms of family, workers, products, and company.Question is, can that local energy accumulate itself into a strength like waves of tsunami? Then what shall we called it? Aras perdana or aras bencana?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Arus perdana..

Saya mengajar ilmu pemasaran atau dalam Inggerisnya Marketing. Dua benda yang boleh memudahkan memahami ilmu ini. Pertama memahami konsep `ulang dan wang' dan kedua konsep `arus perdana.' Ada pelajar menyindir `apa bendanya kedua-dua benda tu?' Konsep `ulang dan wang' merupakan tonggak asas terwujudnya pasaran sesuatu produk dan kejanamaannya. A bad experience in buying a product would result in no second chance for the product. Kata orang Melayu kita, taubat tak nak beli dah barang tu. Kita mengulangi membeli sesuatu barang kerana elemen kesronokan yang terdapat pada barang tersebut. Dan Maha Besar Allah yang menjadikan keseronokan yang tidak boleh disimpan. Untuk merasai keseronokan satu satu rasa itu kembali, kita kena pergi balik ke tempat tersebut dan kena beli barang yang akan dapat memberi rasa keseronokan itu. Dalam istilah Inggerisnya dan pemasarannya ianya adalah `repeat purchase.' Dengan adanya `repeat purchase' maka terpautlah hati pengguna dengan perkhidmatan atau barang tersebut buat beberapa lama sehinggaa...

Apa pula konsep `arus perdana'? Sesuatu jenama kerana usaha demi usaha akhirnya akan terukir auranya yang tersendiri dalam kelasnya. Dan oleh kerana aura tersebut maka bermainlah di bibir pembeli bahwa jenama tersebut adalah baik ini dan baik itu. Apabila semua orang mengatakan baik atas sebab tertentu, maka `arus perdana' persepsi itu atau imej barang tersebut akan memudahkan ingatan dan memberi keyakinan yang tidak berbelah kepada pengguna untuk merasai keseronokan untuk pertama kali tanpa takut akan tidak terjadinya apa yang diharap. Maklumlah harga barang itu tidaklah murah. Persoalannya adakah konsep ini membawa keburukan atau kebaikan?


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mengalirnya air mata...

Tidak semudah itu air mata mengalir hingga membasahi pipi. Tidak juga dapat diperjelaskan dari sudut sains dengan tepat mengapa air mata yang cair itu merupakan terjemahan kepada yang kuat, tersergam dan yang mengkagumkan. Kita mengkagumi akan keupayaan manusia menembusi rahsia ilmu dalam segala bidang. Tetapi dalam mengecapi keindahan kersergaman sesebuah bangunan, sesorang itu mungkin mengalirkan air matanya sebagai terjemahan kepada pujian yang patut diberikan kepada keindahan yang hanya dapat dirasai oleh batin hati seseorang. Adakala air mata juga tidak mengendahkan prinsip logik fikir malah ia juga bertentangan dengan prinsip logik sains yang berperanan membina tamaddun manusia sejagat. Lantas persoalan ini kian menganggu, apakah peranan air mata yang sebenarnya?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The secretive nano seconds...

When eyes are closed and thoughts are actively engaged on something, anything can happen during that nano seconds. He might be contemplating an attack on another nation and the next day headline has been flashed on every newspaper that war has broke out. At local scene, a political friend can become an enemy and lompat parti telah berlaku. And at a very personal level, wife is bought and an expensive product has been sought. These days, it is no longer by the months and the weeks, it is by the nano second. Everything is accessible and measurable in terms of money, needs, and greed. The damage has been done but it is also being easily repaired. It is all in the name of nano, and in nano seconds this page shall be blown into nano pieces but can be pieced together in nano thoughts..

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Elevated to a full self-turn consciousness...

Up there down below, alone up here, and full of tricksters down there. It is all in the name of elevated consciousness. It is a consciousness of an hollow type but can't see through. We are all a well self blend of everything that only tune to our consciousness and not others. In actual fact or fantasy there is no true togetherness or conscious of others. The birds fly. The bees sting. He or she is talking something to you. The reality is only in the birds and in the bees. The talking and what has been said is not elevated to the consciousness of yours but theirs. So where are they? And what are they? I do not hear them talking. Even the smiles are as hollow as it has always been. It means nothing till it is being elevated to a self-turn consciousness and are truly moving towards you. Till then life is very much a fantasy. And reality is only in one's consciousness, elevated or not.
Atas ziarah oleh YB Dato Mohd Sharkar Shamsudin, Exco Pahang, saya sekeluarga mengucapkan berbanyak terima kasih.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The strength in anything. and everything..

I am somewhat amazed by what I see and think today. It is all strength being displayed everywhere. The link that bypass everything could be felt while driving myself to work. Tapping the potentials in what I see and hear has become a close encounter at every turn of my journey. Life is not all bad if just given the right day, time, and place. It is well synchronized with the music listened to and the thoughts engaged on. A marvellous day and a marvellous moment especially when John Lennon is singing the song I loved to hear `Imagine.'

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mengajak dan Memujuk... Sunday persuasion

Memujuk dalam bahasa Inggeris adalah memberi pengertian `persuasion.' Mengajak memberi pengertian `asking' atau sekadar memohon dan meminta. Banyak terdengar ucapan dari pemimpin kita yang mengajak kita ke arah jalan yang benar dan melakukan sesuatu dan memenuhi kehendak aspirasi rakyat. Hanya sekadar mengajak tidak lebih dari itu. Adakah kita dengan rela hati mengikut sahaja ajakan tersebut? Proses komunikasi menekankan kaedah cara saluran ajakan itu dibuat dan bergantung kepada mesej yang hendak di sampai. Mungkin kalau mengajak ayam makan dengan hanya sekadar menabur beras maka ayam pun datanglah tanpa berfikir pun. Tapi manusia lain sikit. Mereka mempunyai berbagai latar belakang dan cara fikir dan dalam kebanyakan hal berpusat kepada kepentingan diri atau kelompok mereka selesa bergaul. Di sini terbitnya perkataan memujuk. Memujuk bererti menyerap masuk ke alam pemikiran sasaran dan menggunakan kaedah cara yang bersesuaian dengan kelompok atau indvidu tersebut. Di sini lemahnya orang Melayu kita dan pemimpin politik khususnya. Mereka tidak memujuk tetapi hanya sekadar mengajak. Adakah anda terdiri dari seorang yang hanya mengajak? Maka jengok jengok lah ilmu yang ada kaitan dengan kaedah cara memujuk. Pasti anda merasa keseronokannya apabila terbukti berjaya.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Can they deliver, but what are they selling..?

If it ain't moving then I would not be buying what they sell. If it ain't true then how could it be right? Politicians should adopt the principle of selling in trying to deliver something. To the masses, seeing is believing. And it would be strengthened if it is a face-to-face situation where quality of interactions and long term relationships are more assured. BN has another 4 years to see everybody on the ground. If the leader happened to be in town, then have a public rally like Ghafar Baba and Tun Razak did with their `perhimpunan raksaksa' at padang Temerloh, Pahang. I was there and the crowds were truly thrilled with them and their speech. Despite that, the opposition was also being given the same opportunity to have a public rally. I have seen Ahmad Boestamam and Kassim Ahmad at a public rally in Temerloh and Kuantan. But Tun Razak and Ghafar Baba has proven their worth at every public rally across the nation. Being closed to the heart of the rakyat, BN won the election. So what is holding BN and UMNO leaders to do the same thing? Oratory skills? One day when the population of Malaysia reaches 50 million, no dewan can accommodate the million of voters at one place and at one time. The speech and the campaign has to be made public. John F Kennedy and Obama has that oratory skill that can electrified million of audiences. And it goes without saying our leaders must have that skill too. But have they?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

All the ministers..can they deliver?

In Malaysia, politics should be prime most in considering a minister's post. Well, the line-up does not seem to shake Malaysians to their bones. It is just another day of a day in Malaysia. Despite the gloom that surrounds everything, the one person that has being held as a lucky man is Najib himself. What about Muhyiddin his deputy? He is basically an administrator and being seen as patriotic just because Johorian should be seen as such. Najib is from Pahang and Pahang people are not that easy to please and it does not matter to them who is the Prime Minister. There is no celebration whatsoever here in Pahang despite Najib is from Pahang. Najib should not be flown from KL to Pekan but instead must take a car ride entering Bentong, Temerloh, Jengka, Maran, Kuantan and then Pekan. Rakyat Pahang should be given a chance to see Najib in person and a motorcade celebration is just appropriate. But that pomp pomp is not important anymore despite its inherent strategic political value to reach the masses. In person and so close I have seen Tunku Abdul Rahman (campaigning 1969 at old town PJ), Tun Razak (he is everywhere), Dr Mahathir (Malaysian consulate at New York City and seeing him delivering a speeech at PBB), Abdullah Badawi (his butler's wedding at Lancang Pahang), and Muhyiddin (lunch at West Haven USA), but not Tun Husein Onn and Najib. I guess gone are the days of motorcade celebration like the one at Bandar Hilir Malacca when we got our independence. To them what matters, can they deliver? Question is since when delivery has become an issue in Malaysian politics?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mereka di situ tetapi di mana mereka..?

Mereka masih lagi berkhayal, mereka masih lagi berpura-pura, mereka masih lagi berprotokol, hanya mereka di muka depan di akhbar nasional, merekalah yang dekat dengan kaca dan kamera TV tapi masih jauh dengan masalah rakyat yang sebenarnya. Sebelum dan selepas mereka masih lagi beretorika dan menyanyikan lagu patriotik yang sudah ketinggalan zaman. Justeru mereka bertanya di mana silapnya mereka? Silapnya mereka adalah tidak mengenal jalan yang lurus yang hendak dituju tetapi hanya memahami jenis kereta yang mereka pandu.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Marginal and narrow..

Of narrow mind and marginal feeling, of narrow path and marginal space, that is what life is all about, marginal and narrow and moving towards an uncharted zone of a finishing line. One moment I would be there and another minute I am in solitude and alone. It is a fast and quick work and in the process I have no feel for anything. Nothing is permanent and nothing would be there forever. But despite the momentary nature of a place and time, I can easily angered by an action of others that takes me for granted. How could a request is made and it turns out to be a torture from the sky? Life is marginal and narrow and I must be decisive on things I don't want and like. But how could one's narrow path and marginal life can be understood by others? They don't. So be decisive.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sucked into the wilderness of self..the black hole

Easily suck into the weaknesses in self. Why? It is quite often I have been sucked into my own weaknesses and it is so difficult to prevent it. And today I am writing about it hoping it would make me more careful and daring in dealing with something and someone that would suck me again into my own weaknesses and wilderness. This story of being sucked into my own black hole in my own galaxy is not a new discovery. It has been like that since I was a small boy but only thinking and exploring it at this age when things are quite out of control. Last two months I have been put into a coma by a nasty approach from others. I am angered to the bones and I have no one to blame but myself. Now I realised the existence of that black hole in the self galaxy of mine that would sucked and make me unconscious of what I am giving and doing. So don't get near it and stay firm to the steering and avoid it with self-consciousness and determination. You can do it.

Friday, April 3, 2009

A New Era..Najib the Prime Minister..

Najib has been sworn in as the 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia. He took over the leadership from Tun Abdullah Badawi in a ceremony at Istana negara today. What legacy would he be bringing during his tenure as Prime Minister? Judging from his height and everything from physical to non physical matter, he already has the cut of a Prime Minister. So what is there to by fussy about if he is the one who would lead this nation to economic prosperity and political stability. Mari kita mendoakan semoga Allah akan memberi taufik dan hidayat kepada beliau dalam usaha membawa negara Malaysia ke mercu kejayaan dan kemakmuran.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nothing to next..

Next to nothing. I have to be honest with myself. Do I have something after next? The answer is yes and no. If you are talking about others, or students for that matter, there are a lot of things after next. That could be the reason for their enthusiastic spirit in doing something. But there is an obvious difference between next in you and next to them. You are all spiritual as compared to their material quest. Your next could be life after death. But as for them the next is none other the future in terms of material happiness and that includes opportunities to move up in the hierarchy of society they are with. In short, the essence in the fundamentals are different. So it can never be next to nothing but there must be something, positive or negative, good or bad, nothing or not.