Saturday, November 30, 2013

time is getting shorter and thinner...

As one grows older, time tends to get shorter. Measurement is no longer by the day but by the month. Even a month is not that long to wait. Soon a year would be just like yesterday. Time does fly. A day in a day out. Soon you would lose track of month and year. A politician would soon face another general election. Sad to say if they find themselves `not ready yet'. A student would soon see himself or herself as a wife or husband. Some just couldn't belief it -  their younger and youthful days are over. They themselves have babies to carry. A career man and woman would soon find himself not in the job market anymore. Some would walk with a cane and without a pain. But others might be all-pain and no walk. When would be the most awaited moment for me? When and what would I be in 10 years time? Would there still be `why' and `how'? Would I still be breathing? I am holding my breath to answer that. Allahuakbar.

Friday, November 29, 2013

a small world indeed...

A small space and a small consciousness and a small use just good enough for a small time smaller than anything you can think of. But in there lies the minutes of science and sciences that transform the smallness of the small step of mankind moving towards an evolution only Allah can spell and determine the greatness in all the creations, existence, and the eventual destruction. Wallahualam. Allahuakbar.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

I am my own permission...

So what prevents me from doing what I am going to do? Nobody. Allah is Great, the Knows-All. That is what happened when an Hindustani film is trying to suppressed my own strength of my own permission. And so are the authoritative trying to suppress the logic and the obvious. I have and I am my own permission. And I am going to see that I am supreme and sovereign in all those matters. Allah is great. Allahuakbar.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

tersentuh kunci Allah...?

Aku tersentuh sesuatu hari ini. Aku ternampak kunci. Didekati. Di pegang. Ya Allah, terasa nikmat dengan ungkapan ungkapan apabila kunci itu digunakan. Meresap masuk ketenangan dan kesyukuran. Adakah itu permulaan kepada satu kekayaan dan perjalanan hidup yang diberkati ? Wallahualam. Allahuakbar.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Never occur to me before, in discussing marketing environment, only two types of environment  are often being mentioned and discussed. - internal and external. That is because I am very much a man after something. But not anymore. There is one type of environment I have never said succinctly, clearly, and directly, that is eternal environment. Allahuakbar.

Monday, November 25, 2013

a territory in itself...

The difference is in the communication direction that can explain a dimension of contact. If that is the farthest it can go, it explains a unique situation of mind and mental of that particular person. Inclusive the obsession and the fear that can upheld a wrong understanding and belief. As such, a divine knowledge, stems from the consciousness of Allah is needed. Allahuakbar.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

shall there be a repetition...?

I am a man of `only after' and not so much of `while'.  Wonder why I fail miserably in fighting with myself when I am in the territory of `while'? As such many think I am an easy prey for what they wished of me. Time and again, I fall prey to something that can be  an obvious con situation. Hope with me being more internal now, I shall be sober enough not to be obsessed with something I don't belong, the messy externals.Ya Allah kepada Mu Ya Allah saya memohon kekuatan dalam menghadapi ini semua. Allahuakbar.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

internals vs externals...

It is easy if I am talking about marketing. I know fully well the theory of SWOTS representing strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat. Based on it, a marketing plan is being drafted. But it is different when handling myself. I know what are externals and what are internals. Looking at the manner I am brought up, I am inclined to have externals dictating my decisions. In other words I have been fully externalized, so to speak. To an extent what is mine is not mine. Very committed to the well-being of others. Not anymore. I can't afford to have that stance anymore. I realized it now. The world and the people out there are well based on their selfish internals and then comes the lopsided  decisions of whether one is powerful and the other is not. Why should they bother if what is outside does not benefit them? I am humbled by the thought. Ya Allah hamba memohon keampunan dalam melakar apa yang dilakarkan. Berilah hamba Mu ini kekuatan dan pertolongan dalam menghadapi ini semua. Allahuakbar.

Friday, November 22, 2013


They are only interested in pushing and fighting for their cause - and could be a product of just one need. Beware of characters that don't have an outlet to sell their products and they are trying their cunning best to make your outlet as theirs. As far as I am concerned, their empathy is nil. Don't get caught in a situation where I might forget my own mission. And it has to be accomplished too within a prescribed time.  My belief is a firm one and they are trying to make it seen as just nothing. I have life to live. And I have a lot of products and needs to manage. Kepada Allah saya memohon pertolongan. Allahuakbar.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

kena berani..

Jangan mudah dipermainkan. Dia asyik memaparkan pandangan, dan kamu asyik berlembut walaupun dalam semangat keras. Jika kamu rasa kecil oleh kerana itu, kena ubah keadaan dan kedudukan. Dan beri tentangan. Segala-galanya kerana Allah. Allahuakbar.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Still sensing...

The all integrative and the all inclusive - a stage set for all things and everybody. Moving towards ONE. Am I still adding? Am I still doing the subtraction? Still doing the sensing and the monitoring? Still doing the manipulations of worldly one? Am I still being followed? Or very much in the sense of following?  Wallahualam. Allahuakbar.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

it is my voice now...

Sea of voices...and i must listen to my own voice. It is going to be hard, giving what I have been hearing all these years. But with concentration and focus, I shall be able to hear and visualize my own voice, and in the process, freeing myself from unnecessary entanglements of falsehoods and realities. Allahuakbar.

Monday, November 18, 2013

terbaca, terkata...

Yang pasti, hanya dengan ilmu Allah yang hakiki, maka segala yang terbaca dan terkata memilki roh kebenaran tiupan dari semangat Islam dan tidak ada penghujungnya. Saya bersendirian. Allahuakbar.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

the less the clamouring...

Need not be too hard on myself. Don't have to be the first being noticed or being sought after. The less in the clamoring of things, the more are the chances for being what you wish to become. Allahuakbar.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

am I losing something...?

Despite the `promise' of nearness, but with the change in time and situations, I have been losing almost everyone of whom I have been so near before. In actual fact life promises nothing. This is because remembering and associating has been the function of age, problems and situations. To that, I am now very much independent of all associations associated before.Wallahualam. Allahuakbar.

Friday, November 15, 2013

space life cycle...

Yes. I have found my new space in life. Apart the everything, the holidays, the expenses and the income, the worries, and the happiness, my business has been part to it. Feel convenient. Feel well-fitted and well-matched. It is a cycle alright. It is called as `myspace' of lifecycle - space life cycle. If ever I feel I am nobody to them, I am just human who has never been near them despite within their vicinity. Wallahualam. Allahuakbar.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Certain things in us are prehistoric in nature and in quest and in searchings. It just can't go away that easy. Inner thoughts and inner thinking are such lovely words and phrases. But in actuality it is not functioning as we want it to be. In those words and phrases, in actual fact we are in disguise of what our instincts really are - much of an animal instinct in some actions and thinking, so to speak. For those retail organization selling food and drinks, and other daily  conveniences, in actual fact they are accommodating the prehistoric instincts found in each and everyone of us. Wallahualam. Sebagai seorang Islam, kita sentiasa berdoa di beri taufik dan hidayah. Allahuakbar.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Managing urge and it prehistoric..?

Everyday we are faced with the basics in urges. It can be a sexual urge, a strong desire and passions for drinking, eating, hating, and liking somebody and something for no clear reasons. Islam gives us a big space, in terms of rewards and punishment as set by Sunnahs of prophet's Muhammad and Quranic verses in dealing with all those passions and urges. Semoga diberi Kekuatan, Pertolongan, dan Perlindungan dari Allah dalam menghadapi itu semua. Allahuakbar.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

still in a million year old darkness...

Despite a million year old existence and living, but in several dimensions, we still live in a million year old world of darknesses. It seems the world is being created this very minute. Some medium, despite the million year old setting, still with a million year old of darknesses. Are we still among the million year old audiences with a million year old fear? Are we not being given the taste of enlightenment and consciousness? Allah is Great. Allahuakbar.

Monday, November 11, 2013


It is not finished yet. However, whatever, would it still be me and would it be the same path to follow? Not a slightest hint of what is going to come. Really? Or all along it has been the realization of what I wished for? One after another dreams come true, and I am so grateful to Allah the Al-Mighty. Allahuakbar.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

makluk bumi...

Sebagai makluk bumi ciptaan Allah, sudah pasti  bumi itu sendiri menyimpan segala rahsia untuk kita berilmu, berbumi, berbudi dan berbakti. Maha Besar Allah telah mencipta manusia dengan segala bentuk gandingan Ciptaan yang unik, telah menjadi teras ilmu yang tidak ada penghujungnya. Allah Yang Maha Mengetahui, dengan berpandukan Al-Quran dan Sunnah Rasul, makluk bumi telah diberi ruang dan peluang bagi tercapainya segala bentuk kejayaan, lantas membawa kepada kebahagiaan kehidupan keseluruhanya. Wallahualam. Allahuakbar. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

the very first instance...

Trying to get the first feel of thought line and thought flow of everything and anything. If pictures to go by, then what could be the secret of this picture taken at Jeju Island? Allahuakbar.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Menghurmati perbezaan...

Memahami dan menghurmati perbezaan merupakan tonggak kepada segala pengertian. Tidak di jadikan sesuatu dengan begitu sahaja. Di sebalik Segala-Gala nya tersimpan rahsia kehidupan yang tidak mudah diselongkar dan di kupas. Allah Yang Maha Berkuasa Lagi Menguasai terhadap Segala Apa Yang Terjadi. Dan kita masih mencari walaupun dalam keadaan hati yang terguris dan memendam rasa. Hati yang tidak mengenal cuti dan berakhir dengan mati. Apa dengan kematian berhentinya segala apa yang dicari dan hendak dimengerti? Wallahualam. Allahuakbar.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

it has been refreshing...

Just back from South Korea visiting Jeju Island and Busan. What a trail and it is truly a refreshing trip. I have been thrown to the other side of the planet, so to speak. Being punished to the bones, I am a new man with regard to anger and passion. And I am in love. Words said and it is justified by actions and behavior. Jeju Island's theme of existence has been `only in jeju'. The people really proud of three things that symbolized their autonomous success. The three's are woman, rocks, and winds. It has become their pillar of concerned and existence and contributes to the people's economy, courtesy, and diplomacy. And for 3 days I were there, I was part of it. Allah Yang Maha Berkuasa lagi Menguasai Sebarang dan Segala Perbezaan CiptaanNya. Allahuakbar.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Visiting jeju island South Korea..

It has been a while I wrote something in my blog. This is because from 31 October 2013 to 4 November 2013, I am not in my usual self in being at the same place. For now I just want to share my pictures at Jeju Island. More stories and pictures are going to be posted.