Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Road is Straight, the money is different..

That gives thrill to life..we are different. As such despite the road is straight, the age and the money has never been the same for two individuals. Path taken is different for two individuals. I buy brand A because of my age and you have been buying brand B because you are not a Malay. What we are, psychologically, mentally, and physically, would tell a different story in terms of market opportunities presented by the products and services marketed. Remember we are not similar in our ways too. Despite the road is straight, I am on my own when comes to what I buy. What about you?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Generalities, specifics, and you..


Has it been hard? It has been confusing in the beginning. In the end it makes thing easy, quick, and fast. I am asking myself is it for real? The thoughts come and go. Again and again. It has been looking for me for sometime. At first I am not aware of its presence. But today the sound of the knock has become clearer and clearer. I open the door and there stand the thoughts that make me wonder why I have been visited.

I am surrounded by generalities. It seems to have the answer for everything. But most appear fake and not genuine. The generalities are in everything. All topics are being presented but the response reflects the generalities I am talking about. The students are victims of generalities of the day, time, and the year. As a change agent for specifics, I must try hard not to fall prey to their generalities in learning for the sake of knowledge. That is the vision of knowledge and it is your mission to make them feel knowledge as such.

A student would succumb to generalities at all cost. So selfish of them when comes to request that has nothing to do with knowledge and curiousity. They don't see knowledge in the weird and curiosity sense of the word. In the process you are the victim to their whims and fancies. They come and change class as their like. Their life and personal timetable is of greater important compared to what you have been doing. My topic is about life and death, happiness and sadness, hell and heaven. But their behaviour still reflect the destructive understanding of generalities. They are here to seek knowledge. Are they? But their behaviour does not appear as such. They are still very much with the generalities. As a result of the impact, I have to to review the roles I should play. Well, we want to see our nation great. I know that. But the tsunami of generalities has become so big that tend to swallow you and the specifics. Allah Yang Maha Besar lagi Mengetahui yang akan membuka rahsia pengetahuan kepada yang berfikir.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Menembusi kuasa masa..would there be a real transformation..?

Would there be a real transformation in UMNO?
Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi – Today’s victory complete the astounding turnaround for the Perak politician. He was detained under the Internal Security Act, ostracised by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for being a follower of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, forced out of Umno Youth and into political wilderness and then brought back into the party by Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
Now he is one of the most powerful figures in Umno and certain bet for a senior Cabinet position.
Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin – This was the prize that Muhyiddin and his supporters have been eyeing since Election 2008, when it became apparent that it would only be a matter of time for Najib to replace Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as president and for the number two position to become vacant. Muhyiddin led the charge to get Abdullah to step down earlier but he was not a shoo-in for the deputy president’s position. Only the endorsement of the Najib camp and the disqualification of Malacca Chief Minister Datuk Ali Rustam pushed him over the line today against rank outsider, Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Menembusi kuasa masa..

Tiada siapa dapat menghalangnya. Tepat pada ketika dan masa teralihlah kuasa Presiden UMNO dari Dato Seri Abdullah Badawi kepada Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Menembusi masa..

I have weird thought and feeling on this topic. Being in a place and at that particular time is not as easy as one thinks. Time comes and time goes. But the development of familiarities and comfort can cause a conflict in a person because of being in another time, at another place and with different individuals or a group of different people. Strange but having being there several times, I feel at ease with everything and everybody, at least for now. But the nature of a situation and time is not the same every time. We have to move on to another time and place dimension of our life.But one thing for sure, time is a territory by itself that needs to be broken everyday. Majority are contented with familiarities that are inherent in their time. But if we are to progress, the time barrier to success must first be broken before you are allowed to enter into another zone of life dimension that is dwell by the brave ones, and they are rich and successful in their field of endeavour. Do you know why? Ini kerana mereka telah berjaya menembusi masa dalam erti kata yang sebenarnya..

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Productivity and the hierarchy in responsibilities...

Those in the top positions can see it all. They are the one who sees, feel, and control quality. As you move down the ladder, the executives need to be directed to ensure quality. And further down the ladder are the blue collar workers who dreams a lot and thus to ensure quality they must be closely monitored every minute of their movement.

In marketing, much emphasise is given on customers satisfaction. As a top level executives, they are able to visualize customer's satisfaction from point A-Z. At the same time the executive also visualize the problems he may encounter in implementing programs in order to satisfy the customers. At the operational level, the blue collar workers are not motivated enough to ensure a quality product. At sales level, the salesperson just refuses to improve himself in order to have a better understanding of customers.

So looking at productivity, the quality of products are very much in the controlling power of the worker's whims and fantasies. Till everybody has a better sense of togetherness, then quality of a product is still an issue that need to be resolved.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Too many languages...

Mind made simple. Too many inaccessible localisation and as a result too many languages. We have to mind the rain and the drain and solutions must come first. If the clogged drain is in Malaysia, then the word 'longkang' comes to the mind. Can't wait for a word to fall from the sky to help us to clear the drain. But now the world and words can wait. This is after we have everything in minding the basic needs. With the development of physical and cyber highways, words are imported freely from the farthest corner of the earth. Even the Malaysian are fighting for the English words for the subjects of sciences and mathematics. We waited and now we have change the word 'longkang' to smart tunnel. Why not just use the word 'longkang bijak'? Ironically, we still maintain the words 'bukit antarabangsa.' Anyway, the development of languages can't be stopped. Too many languages but the meaning is definitely one. Allah Yang Maha Besar.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dalam keadaan yang tidak bersahaja, segala-galanya akan terjadi..

No wonder the world can be destroyed in just a few seconds. They would be making a mistake to declare war just because they are both different in many ways. With a push of a button, the world is blown off to pieces. Would it be my fault or theirs? When I am lying down relaxing under a tree, the world at large in terms of everything is the least that comes to my mind. But that small moment of relaxing under a tree could be a true moment in human history. A baby could be born to this world and become a fearless but a respected leader. Under the tree, the theory of gravity is being understood and change sciences for good. Jadi mengapa kita begitu ghairah terhadap kepakaran yang ada? In a minute, price and can sky-rocketed and rock the whole world. Being too careful is not a good virtue anymore for war can erupts at any time now. Haha. Dalam keadaan yang tidak bersahaja, dunia sudah bertukar rupa. Jadi apa sebenar yang kita mahu? Kecapi hidup buat seketika dan tak kiralah kalau dalam keadaan yang tidak bersahaja..kerana sudah lumrah..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

subjected and suspected...

Life is no comfort if you are not ready for it. From small till now, even at this old age someone might still be subjected and suspected of doing things that are contrary to public norms and values. A benchmark for everything has been changed. S0 are the perceptions of what is good what is bad and what is evil. Put simply what you can do and what you can't do. All culture has its own self lining and timing of certain behaviour and thinking. What predominates the culture would be the area that can easily put someone in the category of wrong doing. Thus he is subjected to and suspected by when comes to publicly denouncing something contrary to public, cultural and social order of the society in question.

Just say a word and u r with a knowledge..

The word 'see' has many shades and shadow of meaning. In 'personal selling' it could mean 'you are to see someone whom you have never seen before.' Thus his elements of comfort zone should be known in advance. In the words of selling it is being said as 'preapproach.' How could you see someone without any advance preparation? Even if he is your brother you must be prepared for his 'keselesaan masa' or his 'comfort zone' of certain things. So just say a word you are comfort with and there goes the knowledge of topic you are interested in. For a start just say 'struggle.' What can you say about it in terms of 'personal selling'?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tensed to the bones...

Am I talking? Am I lecturing? Am I rambling? Am I dreaming? Come on ladies and gentlemen. I am no tiger nor an angel. Just plain me who are just like you. Why look so tensed up to the last nerve of your body system? Is it me or is it you? Is it because there is nothing great about you or nothing special? You have to loosen yourself in order to understand who you really are. Everybody is born great. How great ? You might ask. As great as any other person who has to be born in order to see what others don't see. You see me the way you see me. Can I see you the way you see me? Of course not! See. That is your birth right. And everybody has rights to something but not to everything. That spells equality. Any comment?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A living soul from heaven...

and a dead body from hell. ha ha. Just exercising my evening's creativity and play round with words and phrases that can make me catch up with something. I just love to see life in its cleanest form free from sins of the populous earth. Can we? Far and wide, the world is inhibited by billions of people and each and everyone of them has to mind the longest river running wild in the middle of the jungle in order to live a simple life. Can they penetrate the thickest part of the jungle, the depths of oceans, and the farthest of the planet in the galaxy? We are just ordinary in our ways. Not many can make it. But whatever, it is a race between the living souls from heaven and dead bodies from hell. Who would win the race? The show is still on.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Mindless and the mindful...

I was watching Golf Channel and this is what being said, as you grow older it is mind over matter, and if you don't mind nothing matters. And this is what is said to my student, as you grow older you are somewhat tolerant and mindless of mistakes make by others. But on the same note, a young person can be very mindful of small and trivial matters. As for the old and the wise, it is mind over matter. If you are mindful of what you are doing, then he or she can understand you. To him thoughts that matters. It is not who or what you are. It is how big you knowledge is that matters most to a person like me. So while you are still young and full of energy your focus shall be on matters that has to do with knowledge. One day you will find yourself high up there and it is all mind over matters.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Politics, murky and muddy...So let it be...

The art of confusing people, that is politics and that is the name of the game. Nothing good and soothing when we talk about Malaysian politics. Politicians love to talk on topics that has never happen yet. They are no expert on it yet they love to indulge on topics that are not close to the stomach but topics that are close to the heart. Anything that is close to the heart is all time murky and muddy. In reality and in silence, the stomach is where the truth is, not the heart. If heart is the centre of points discussed, then it is a different story with everybody. But stomach unites us all and it is no thrill to politicians. The greater the differences the more thrill it would be. Then heart has become the favourite issue of politicians. That makes people talk and talk and talk. Heart is the home of most confusion. And as such it is a good home for politics. So let it be, let it be.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Berkawan, berkasih biar seribu, beristeri biar satu...

Itulah ungkapan kata saya di syarahan `Personal Selling' tempoh hari. Takkan berkasih, pelajar mencelah. Ialah, kita patut tunjuk kasih sayang terhadap kawan kita atau dalam konteks `personal selling', pelanggan kita. Itulah pengertian `customer satisfaction' yang sebenar, dikasihi seperti mereka seorang kekasih. Bila kita kategorikan pelanggan kita sebagai kekasih, maka kita akan menjaga hati mereka sebaik mungkin supaya dia sentiasa menyayangi kita setiap masa. dan setiap waktu. Masa demam, masa sakit, waktu pagi, waktu petang, musim hujan, musim panas, musim sejuk, musim luruh, musim dingin, there must be a brand name that suits each and every situation, haha. Dan tidakkah itu diistilahkan sebagai `brand loyalty'? Coretan di pagi hari ini diharap dapat memberi ilham kepada pelajar saya yang sedang mengikuti kuliah `Personal Selling.'

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Merenung jauh ke dalam diri kita..

Apalah salahnya sekali sekala kita merenung jauh..jauh ke dalam diri kita dan bertanya mengapa kita dan siapa kita. Melihat dari apa yang telah tercapai setakat ini, dengan mudah kita boleh mengatakan itulah kita, atau itulah saya dan itulah dunia saya. Ada orang bertanya, siapa awak? Berpeluh juga buatnya kita dengan soalan tersebut. Soalan yang berupa begitu akan membuat kita mengeluh panjang. Siapa awak? Entahlah, saya pun tidak mengenali diri saya. Mungkin soalan itu ada berbau macam macam. Kalau nak tahu nama tanyalah nama. Kalau nak tahu dari mana saya datang tanyalah apa apa yang menjadi keraguan si penanya selama ini. Atau soalan sedemikian menggambarkan saya seorang yang sukar difahami walaupun sudah banyak kali mencuba supaya saya dikenali. Merenung jauh ke dalam diri saya, suasana akan menjadi kelam kabut seketika kerana semakin jauh kita pergi maka semakin jauh kita akan berada di alam lain. Atau sememangnya kita dijadikan untuk alam lain? Jadi di mana saya selama ini? Adakah saya pernah kenal akan diri saya. Manusia tidak pernah mengenal diri mereka selagi mereka tidak berada di alam yang lagi satu tu. Sebenarnya alam yang lagi satu sungguh indah dan merupakan tempat di mana kita akan beroleh kehidupan yang aman dan damai seperti juga dengan dunia yang kita diami sekarang. Oleh kerana kita tidak pernah mengenali diri kita maka berlakulah tafsiran yang menggambarkan bahawa kita telah meletakkan nilai yang salah terhadap kehidupan di muka bumi ini. Gementar saya apabila membincangkan perkara ini. Sehingga berjumpa lagi..

Clamouring for today...

Just be what you have to be. The consciousness of everything would shed light to all corners of the earth despite the demarcation between today and yesterday. A nation with a big heart and believe in the shared future would treat everybody alike so long as the contributions are always forthcoming however small it may be. And everybody regardless of age, creed, and colour, are being sought after for the contribution in the field they know best. Just giving them the proper trust and recognition, all shall be well and fine. But unfortunately, in our country we still see the clamouring for today by some segments of the population. If they are lucky, they can have what they want. But that is not case, the aged and the old are forgotten placing them at a place where their identity would soon disappear from the nation's agenda of actions and decisions. Despite that, they are the resilient one that can face upheavals of extreme kind. Under such situations and circumstances, the young then instead of clamouring for today, would find themselves clamouring for the wisdom of yesterday.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Being Fixed....

Is there anything we can do? The economist blamed it on the fixed cost. The people blamed it on the fixed laws enacted. The poor blamed it on being poor and fixed social justice of the rich, the famous, and the evil. Would someone please blamed it on the fixed knowledge of existence. But the scientist does not blamed it on the technology. They blamed it on the user of technology who are very much fixed in their actions and decisions. The user's creativity are destructive. What about the salesperson and the marketer? Whom are to be blamed? They blamed it on the fixed behaviour of the buyer who are temperamental in their choice of products and services for their daily consumption. They want the cheapest but of high quality. And what about you as a writer to this topic of fixation? Are you too being fixed? I don't know. Just continue writing and eventually the image of fixation would take shape, colour, and form. So keep on reading!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tilted forward or backward....

One's opinion can be an opinion that can be tilted forward or very much tilted backward. Know what I mean? Recent events in Malaysia make me notice of opinions that are tilted forward and that are tilted backward. One group would argue we should look at our past and must be thankful for the contribution of leaders of the past that makes our country great. And the other group would argue we are what we are today and questioning the relevancy of looking backwards. In short, the baby boomers are the one whose opinion are tilted backward. As for those in the category of generation X and Y, looking backwards has no relevancy. This is because they have no memories of the past. The thought discipline in marketing knows not what is past and what is present. What sells most would be the basis of their effort. And it happens baby boomers would soon disappear from this world and it would be taken over by generation X and Y. So whose opinion should we respond and listened to?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Of greatness and defensiveness..

Little things that you do can be construed as greatness in its true form. But there are actions or inaction that can be construed as defensiveness and can be very destructive to unity. Come out from where you hide and exercise the power that has been bestowed upon you by the people. Where are they? But if events are proven to be explosive and those responsible are still exercising the negative trait of defensiveness, then it has been very unfortunate because they are still exercising the politics of partisanship which can pose danger to unity and happiness for all. So come out from the hideout, and be decisive on unity matters and you are assured of a great place in Malaysian history.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mind the wild brain..

Many could not. What they say is mind your own business. We want the best in everybody and in everything. But we can't wait for the day when food is being thrown from heaven. We take and do things what the eyes can only see and the ears can only hear, and the mind does not push us to the limit. The wild wild west is synonym with American dream. And USA has become the most powerful nation on earth. As for us, we are subjected and suspected to all sorts of torturing. This is because we don't really mind the wild brain. We take things easy. The good side of it is that we have not really fulfil the very requirement of good life. We don't care. We quarrel not with what been bestowed upon us. We are thankful. But should we stopped at that? What is worst we are still slaves to some form of thinking that does not give us freedom. The world is changing very fast.We still have time to do a soul searching on the best way to tap our potentials. Take the challenge. Let us walk the cruel terrain of our brain and come up with a mindful of solutions to our problems. It has to be today. It has to be now.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Scope and elasticities

The scope of the discussion is limited and does not reflect the elasticities of the mind and the vast terrain of the brain. Just open your eyes and we are living on the same scope of existence. As for those who can really stretch, the world is a playground to them and their mind inhibits no sentiments and anger that can set everything apart. World wonder to the mind that can see and perceive everything without really trying. But world is no comfort zone and hell to those who see and perceive nothing other then their immediate environment and surroundings. To them everything sucks and ought to be destroyed. Nothing gentle and good about them only the strong urge to make everybody suffers. Happiness to them is the suffering of others. Despite the vast terrain of the brain but can we see it all? We are one. Mind sets us apart. Only knowledge of a vast kind can save us all and thus the comfort in doing and seeing things in the name of togetherness and unity.

Silence but not emptiness...

Silence is equate to intelligence, thinking, and thoughtfulness. But what is emptiness? Despite of carnivals and festivals, if you are a person without knowledge, life can still be very empty. Sounds are everywhere but it is only momentary. Soon we are back to silence. With knowledge life can never be a bored life. With sounds, sight and light, everywhere, here and now, it spells and speaks knowledge to the inquisitive mind. But to some happiness is equate to movements, sounds, sight and light and ought to be enjoyed. But soon emptiness pervades their life when he or or she is alone. Silence is no friend to them. But as for the knowledgeable, silence is a moment to be cherished for that moment brings true happiness to them.