Saturday, February 28, 2009

Look into yourself...

As a student, unconsciously they are the product of the environmental factors. One has to really look into oneself if you want to be free from factors that can hampered or prevent your mental growth. The undesirable influence could be from home, can be from friends at school, and can be from what we see and hear everyday and thus thinking we are alright till something goes wrong. In Islam we are encouraged to travel in order to reset our mental set. But the opportunity to travel is not easy to come by. And for some it takes a paradigm shift. If that is the case, books can be the substitute for travelling, at least for now. As a student, to read and read and read, is your everyday challenge. Eventually you are what you read. And it is very unfortunate if I still find students are still egoistic of their background and fail to neutralise life as it should. At campus, birds of the same feather flocks together. They don't really mix. It is okay if you don't have friends. But at heart and mind you are a very free person, free from undesirable factors that can stunt your mental growth. Be thoughtful and be creative and develop your imagination. With the opportunity given, read everything. InsyaAllah, you shall be given the rightful mental and physical strength to face the whole world.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Thought discipline in studying...

Just look into any body's thoughts and you would find the thought that is very dependable. As a student, first class thought discipline is very important. If it is to be today then it should be done today. Many students wait till to the last minute to do their assignment. In another words the work produced is not the result of proper planning. Even the word planning is not being understood by them. Some individuals are very much dependent on others even for the smallest of things. They are not at all independent in coming up with anything. One indication of dependent is talking in class and ask questions on anything they don't understand. Do they ask questions? They don't. They are only hoping for others to do so. When lecture hours are over, it is back to rhetoric and no students do any asking or talking except the lecturer. Lecturers are beggars for questions from the students. Feedback is important to developing an atmosphere of interactive learning. Till this discipline of doing things are understood and results in change, what remains is still a status quo in our students learning environment. The lecturers talk and the students listen. Do they really listened?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Who walks the fastest...?

Who walks the fastest to see the other side of life? Some has already been there. Some walks too slow and don't have the slightest idea where he or she is going. As far I am concerned, I am always there, peeping and looking and sometimes searching asking, is it up there or is it down there? I am going to say it Allah is Great and creates everything for reasons, and keeps me wondering how on earth I am always living on the edge of everything. My sense of direction pervades the earth and the people. I could easily cried. I could easily laugh. I could easily hate, I could easily love, I could easily forgive, I am a giver, being generous has become the theme of my existence, I could easily shout at others if and when I am angry, but I don't. Instead and even to my surprise (Allah is Great) I turn into a person who allow himself to be punished if I am proven to be the cause for the suffering of others. Have I already been there? Am I the one who walks the fastest?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back to my old self..

For the time being I don't want to be disturbed. I have disabled any comment directed at what I write. It is only temporary. I am somewhat feel free because nobody can put down any comment (good or bad) that can distract me from doing what I think best for me. I just ramble through my thought and write on anything without paying any attention or regard to anything that can be construed as a deviation from normalcy. In this life normalcy is only a rhetoric. There are times or most of the time we are not our self. But due to outside pressure to conform, we just act through living without really thinking of bad consequence result from holding onto something for so long. What should be let go should let go, or else it would hurt your body system that can cause a lot of disease especially that has to do with mental stability. Today, I am back to being my old self. After a while when the organ in the system stabilise itself and I feel very relieved. I am my old self with guts on anything. Nothing can stopped me now. Allah yang Maha Besar lagi Mengasihani.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Faces - Facts and Myth

Unknown, mysterious, and a lost feel. That descibes face and faces. That face and that face. Who are they? How to judge them. Go by what? The nose, the eyes, the lips, the sound of their voice or what, what, what. Unknown faces all around you. Some look friendly but seems strange when comes to certain norms and value of good deeds. Be it the face of a woman or a man. Have to deal with faces everyday. In reality faces are faces, straight and within touch. But a face is a story of different faces. A face that portray kindness is not in his face but in others. A face that is aloof but are not until you know them. Being with all those faces all those years I must be ready for a rude shock. Presumably no body is a stranger and in straightforward terms should not be strangers at all. I invite them all to my son's wedding and giving my good heart I don't have an inkling of idea of the faces I know so long are all strangers after all. Few are with reasons but majority are not in the elements of a civil society. Am I being betrayed? Yes. I am being betrayed by the familiar faces seemingly kind and cool. But it is not their face I see everyday but my face and as someone has said, everybody is a reflection of your good heart and not their faces. Faces are only the functional of physical and familiar reality. It has nothing to do with the good heart. If ever it concur, it is just by accident. And life is no accident!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

If you don't care..then who else did...?

I have painted a different world altogether. By accident, gone are the world of nuts and bolts, a surge forward (or backward) a world of sword and dagger, so to speak. Life has so many dimensions. The tongue speaks one language, the heart sings another. I can't stand procedures that seems slow, late and so careful. Everything seem to go by the book, if not today, tomorrow. That's what they say. But when? I have had enough of silence that seems to have lost its true colour of grit, guts, purpose, and direction. It is a vast world indeed. It is now or never. If it is not today, then we have just to forget it. If you don't care, if everybody does not care, then who else did? Then better be fast and quick. Change or be changed. I care. I am the one who starts it all. And I did. By accident? Allah is Great. Tidak dijadikan sesuatu itu melainkan datang nya dari Allah Yang Maha Besar dan mengetahui segala rahsia kejadian. Surging forward with new added energy and a new sense of direction. See you there. InsyaALLAH.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Legacies and the remnants

So many problems in our life are of our own making. So many innocent behaviour has been construed as unbecoming and not proper. The good are all in the legacies and the bad are all in the word remnants. We create it and we are force to live and relive with it. What nonsense!Certain terms are killers to progress and a curtailment to any action of enhancement. And many are caught in an unnecessary life drama just because of the intangibility's of certain creations that binds people to destruction. Life is so beautiful and everybody should live life to the fullest in terms of mental and physical. But alas! Some talk nonsense in the sense giving credit to something that is clearly bad and evil. And yesterday I am at it again. Lambasted at ignorance and it seems I am the man in the wrong. Or in the first place, my days are outnumbered? They want to tear down a legacies, my legacies and replaced with theirs which are nothing but the ruins and the remnants of the British Empire. We are still a colony to some evil scheme of things. It creates barriers and automatically place me in an awkward position. The smiles and the cynics in some expression are evidence of the long lost empire but still roams the world. Still something amiss. No legacies and no remnants. It is just plain living the simple life of a life. It is straight and all are within a feel and a touch. That is heaven. No remnants no legacies.

Friday, February 20, 2009

being fooled..

Should feel stronger by the day..they don't like it..or they are unaware of it. They think they are the stronger ones. Definitely they are wrong. Yesterday, unaware of the overall situation, I allow myself to be fooled. I am no fool and definitely don't like to be in a situation where I am being seen as a fool. Nobody has ever successfully created a path to my doorsteps. The world is a jungle. Malaysia is a land where politicking is at its worse. USA is bailing out ignorance who loves money for money sake. USA too is no difference allowing themselves to be fooled by the fools.The government has become the sole guarantor to their very bad corporate decisions. Their board of directors are supposed to be the wise ones, but they too are fools. The world too is being fooled. Problems cannot be solved overnight with a new president, and so is Malaysia, problems won't go away so easily as solving the problem with new leadership. So learn from others the mistakes they have been making. But people always make mistake with money. Money, power, and emotions cannot be separated. At any one moment, any moment at all, for that matter, happiness can in one second be wiped out. So don't let yourself being fooled by fools. Nobody can see the future. If you are young you cannot see the old. The old can understand the young. The future can see everybody. Unfortunately the future speaks a different language. That is why it is not being understood. The future speaks a very firm language and devoid of emotions. It is a language that can send someone to the gallows. Without tears. And what has been written serve as a reminder to me too. Don't let yourself being fooled. Could be from one and two persons, but the future has no regard to numbers. One can be too many. One can spoilt everything. From one to many and from many it kills all the innocent ones. Don't be a fool.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Ancient Art of Politics

The approach to politics has never change. It is an art that has never been perfected by good means and good deeds. The upheaval and the violence in politics is the name of the game. It is normal and in trying to keep a seat of power, one has to fight till to the last drop of his blood. It is a dirty and die game and not a game of good deed. Somebody must die before you can do anything, so to speak. The belief in the influence of newspapers are still being upheld to this day. As for the aspirant in politics, as I have said before it is a game only politicians know how to play. They are ancient in their thinking and so are the approaches they use. Don't get yourself being caught in the middle. It is either extreme left or extreme right. It is an ancient art and it is going to be ancient till.....I don't know till when..ha ha

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The weird cycle of obsession,

Obsession. Its movement has always been in cycle. It reaches out but soon it would be back. So avoid situations that can be construed as obsession. The depth nature of obsession is always a mystery. No words of advice are being listened to. I am what I am. My obsession is my life line. Those are the lines often said by those who are obsessed with what they are doing. On second thought, to be obsessed is okay. But why am I looking at it negatively? Reason is simple. The nature of knowledge is opened up and it keeps on opening the thoughts that you have never been before. To be obsessed is a different thing. You are opened up to something and everything other than you are opened up to are being closed shut. The nature of obsession is then a cycle. Here I am. I am back. Just the old you. The weird you with all the obsessions..ha ha

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The long shadows of insanity..

They have never been kind and generous. Not a word of gratitude. Not a single cent being spent for the good of humanity. A shameful display of arrogance. Or is it ignorance? A cynical look and a long shadows of mockery for accomplishment which are not theirs. A long walk to stardom being cut short by the shadows of vengeance and revenge. Put up smiles but where is the sincerity in the touch of what is said and done? It is another long day and the consciousness of madness are being overshadow by the long shadows of multi actions of insanity that stretches itself into time less understood till now.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Ignorance and body of knowledge..

If the body has not being seen and felt, then the seeking process is not over yet. But in most situations that is not case. Literally the claimant to something has become so rampant, In this regard there is one person I must salute. He is none other the President of USA Barack Obama. I suppose your thoughts have not found its basis yet. You don't know what I am talking about. Right? It takes one month before Obama is ready to a press conference. Before he took questions from the journalists, he must make sure of what he wants to say before anything is being said. Every word has its implications. Every word has its shade of effect and meaning to the people, here, now, and tomorrow. Obama knows this. But not our new Perak MB in the name of Dato Dr Zambri.

The very first day in office he has already answering questions from reporters that makes me wonder of his ability in the grasping of any body of knowledge at all. Well he might think he has the backing in the office of the Prime Minister and thus he can afford to make mistakes. Then he has a misconception of his job as MB. Even a responsible father or a mother can't afford to say wrong things to their sons and daughters fearing it can backfired on them later on. What more a job that has to do with the society at large with problems that can cost much of the sleeping hours. Well, it is only just a beginning of a long journey to know oneself. Everybody makes mistakes. But making mistakes too often is not a mistake. That is ignorance. And ignorance is bad for any business. And it can results in a distorted perception and thus an unfair decisions all over till a body of knowledge is felt and seen. But when?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dalam usia yang begitu muda, sudah banyak tugu yang menggangu...

Tidak sepatutnya begitu. Kerana tugu tugu ini akan menghalang kita dari menghampiri lautan pengetahuan dan ilmu yang tidak ada penghujungnya. Amat malang sekali bagi tamadun yang terdapat tugu disetiap tempat, tugu pada setiap wajah, tugu pada setiap langkah menyebabkan mereka tidak berupaya memiliki dan mempercayai diri sendiri lagi. Ini tugu, itu tugu dan lantas hidup merupakan rimba yang menyesatkan. Syukur Alhamdullilah, walaupun kedapatan golongan yang membina dan terbina tugu, perubahan ke arah perongkaian dan keleraian permasalahan hidup dan kehidupan telah diusahakan dan menyebabkan kita sudah boleh merasakan kebebasan pada sesetengah keadaan, tempat, dan masa. Lantas kerapuhan rasa akan disedari dan akan berusaha ke arah pembinaan kekuatan jiwa demi hidup bermasyarakat dan diamanahkan pula menjaga muka bumi yang satu dan tercinta! Tercinta ke?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Politics for the politicians..

Being academic you will find yourself into something that is likely not to please the full-time politicians. In Malaysia, politics are only meant for the full-time politicians. From one by-election to another and all year round demands an energy not of tongkat ali level but an energy that can reach the top peak of Mount Everest. That weird? Being good, the energy level is insufficient to stand the day and the night not to mention the onslaught of cruelties from all quarters. Being in politics mean one must also be brave enough to be bad and to few one must also be ugly and evil. To those guest speakers in Awani and Bernama, their opinions sometimes are too good for the politicians to follow especially those who are born, bread and educated in Malaysia. Principles and actions does not run concurrently. That is the name of the game and a loser today can be a winner tomorrow. Or in my words, hatred of today can be lovers of tomorrow.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Piece by piece until there is nothing...

Or there is always something, in different form and in different shapes and colours. But when and what can be the end..? Until everything is being wiped out and this include the planet earth itself. The earthlings quarrel over trivial matters and in the process destroy the very fabric of existence that guarantees peace and harmony for everybody and cultures worldwide. But they don't care. The young and their selfish and expensive indulgence and so are the others without any good sense of unity in mind and decision. They only break and they don't make. `Silly fool and stupid ass' are echoed everywhere without regard to what is going to come. I am right and they are wrong and that explains the faults of nobody. Then comes the day of judgement. Is it you or is it me? Only ALLAH the Almighty Knows ALL and SEES ALL. But by then the pieces are being stripped from its rightful place and strewn all over..until there is nothing, neither by the piece nor by anything. It is just nothing.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I can't help it...

It has been like this all along, be it in life or in anything or in everybody. Everybody says something to somebody. But do they listen? Yes they do listen but they are listening to what they like to hear. Do they listen to you? Yes and no. When comes to tell a tale that concerns them, they listen with all the spirit that they are meant to be. No, they don't listen because at that very moment they are listening to their heart. When heart conquers the day, then who cares?What can you do? Nothing, but there is something I can do. Life is long but not lasting. I do care but I have my own way of caring them and caring myself. Just like what you see now. I am flirting with my love for expressing and sing a song of sixth pence. Ha ha. I drag myself further down deep into an unknown land of mystic and a world whether you want to believe it or not. The choice is yours. I can't help it. I have been to a place where they call it a land of no man's land. Nobody owns anything over that place. Life is free and so is love. Want to know what I do? I seek the highest mountain and climb to the very top and say this word. No I do not say anything but bow my head remembering the Greatest of Allah that has created me for reasons I have yet to understand. Well, ladies and gentlemen, that is my piece for the day and hope you are always in comfort of what you are doing right now. Good Day!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


When is the last time you are excited about buying something? Or selling something for that matter? In both the activities, the excitement is more than you think. Both might consumes more time, knowledge, and spaces than one can imagined. Countless time man has to fight the tyranny to get a piece of bread. So are buying something, one has to fight the tyranny of poverty in order to survive the onslaught of cruelties in time, day and night. It takes more that half of your effort in order to be there and taste the freedom. It takes the whole one of everybody in order to be successful. But life is not meant to be that cruel. It only takes half of your effort in order to get what you really want. And at a minimum level, it takes only 20% of your effort in order to get 80% of what you want. That explains the 20/80 rule to success. So the justification of being created equal is always there to stay. The harder you put your effort into something the more would be the possession of something. But in buying and selling, the excitement goes far beyond physical possession. It transcends the bones, blood and the spirit of everything and everybody. ha ha. Care to have a cup of coffee with me at any restaurant and delve deeper into this topic?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Where is my another half..?

Maybe yes..but looking deeper into life it seems we are being created in two's. You are looking at me and I am looking at you..both are in need of each other. Night is looking for the day and day is always ready for the night. Have you ever feel half-hearted in completing a task? Don't worry, it is a normal thing to feel that. Being alone in doing something has never been a comfort to anybody. It takes two to tango. Two heads are better than one. Two people would see a task completed on time. And it has been always half way through if you are the only person doing it. So buckle up and prepare for a rough ride if you are the only person doing the driving. It has been very fortunate to me to understand the magic of living together with someone like a wife. It works wonder, perfect and timely execution for any piece of job given. So seek that another half of yours in anything and everything (tangible and intangible) and enjoy your life to the fullest! Could still be there my another half? If so, in what?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hak semantara..

Kekal atau bertahan buat selama-lamanya? haha. Mana boleh? Pada dasarnya hak kepada sesuatu hanya semantara. Dasar ini telah difahami oleh semua orang kerana ianya `digubal' untuk kita mengahadapi kehidupan. Banyak ilmu tidak terkecuali ilmu pemasaran, berasaskan kepada kesedaran terhadap semantara dan bukan kekal ini. Today's hatred can be tomorrow's lover. Bila sebut perkataan hantu, mencetuskan emosi yang biasa dihadapi iaitu ketakutan. Mengapa takut? Kerana kita tidak kuat dan jauh dari sempurna. Kalau kita berani sangat, memungkinkan dalam sekelip mata hak semantara kita akan hilang begitu sahaja. Maka tidak ada istilah berani yang bersifat mutlak. Hanya hak semantara. Lantas ketelitian kepada semua tindak tanduk kita telah menjadi satu asas kepada pembinaan masyarakat yang harmoni dan diharap berkekalan. Tidak juga. Semua benda, hak terhadapnya adalah semantara!! Jalani hidup harian anda dengan penuh kewaspadaan!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Berpijak di bumi nyata..

Pengertian yang berbeza bagi setiap insan yang mendiami muka bumi ini. Nyata atau tidak, kesemua mereka berpijak di bumi nyata. Tetapi yang amat di marahi adalah bumi yang jelas nyata banyak kala tidak ternampak terkenyataannya itu. Yang baik tak nampak baiknya. Yang jahat tak nampak kejahatannya. Memberi pengertian seolah olah segala galanya adalah terselindung dan tersembunyi. Adakah itu sebenarnya yang dimaksudkan `berpijak di bumi nyata'? Agaknya begitulah. Senang dipandang sukar dibaca. Sukar dipandang senang dibaca. Senang dibaca tapi tak faham hala tuju maksud bacaan tersebut. Hanya mereka yang berpengetahuan sahaja yang faham akan maksud isi hati manusia dan isi hati sekitaran dan isi perut bumi. Itulah sebenarnya pengertian ungkapan kata `berpijak di bumi nyata' yang mana kesemua kita sedang `berpijak di bumi yang tidak nyata' melainkan dengan berilmu.