Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A firm grip...

Do you have a firm grip on life? Why are you so easily swayed by some one's opinion? Knowing that you are being victimized, but still you forgive but do you forget? They have said it and they have done it, and it is no joke, it is a matter of life and death, but still you treat it as nothing. I am sure there were experiences where it hurts you so much, but why still the goodness of feeling towards that person? Knowing they have no one to turn to, they come to you, and help is being given. Despite their cheat, you still befriend them? Others have said bad about them and it is proven, and you still believe in them? Come on, can't help noticing you being make a fool by others who just have nothing in terms of social and education standing. Why treat everybody as equal? Despite what you have said, either way, good or bad, weakness or strength, thank goodness, you still have a firm grip on the lies and cheat of others. Life has never been like the way you want it to be. Hanya Allah sahaja yang Maha Mengetahui akan Segala Rahsia kejadian itu. Mohonlah perlindungan dariNYA.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

mencari dan memohon...

Kita semua sedang mencari sama ada sedar atau separa sedar. Ramai yang syok sendiri. Mereka hanya menunggu untuk dicari. Ada yang tercari cari sedangkan dia sendiri tidak tahu apa yang dicari. Berjumpakah apa yang dicari? Blog saya sebelum ini dirasakan sudah menghampiri sempadan kepada apa yang dicari dan wajib dicari. Apa dia? Mencari Tuhan Yang Esa, Maha Pengasih lagi Penyayang. Kepada Dia saya berserah dan kepada Dia saya menyerah. Sebelum dan selepas apa jua yang dilakukan, kita kembali kepadaNya memohon keampunan semoga apa yang kita lakukan adalah kehendak dari Dia jua. Amin.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Facing the world...

After facing the world we have to face the family members. Life and true living is equated to fighting injustice out there. Then back to family members and they are the source of strength that can make an individual stronger by the day. I am trying to find justification to what I have done and what has happened. Do they deserve the hug of a loving heart? Or do they deserve the lash of an angry man? Are they your friends? Not a moment they are with you in anything. They are the reasons for you to fight on and justice must be upheld. Thus there are two sides of my existence. I have to face the world with all the might blessed, and after that I have to `swim' back to my family members with all the tenderness of the heart...

Friday, March 26, 2010


The term `transactional' carries the meaning of ordinary norms and values surrounding an action or event. The other day I come across this word that signify `transactional buyers' in selling. A day can be very boring if no attempt to see new thought surrounds `ordinary' actions. It can be a very boring day for a student who sees nothing new in a day. Coming to class has become a drag and `very transactional.' They come late and wanting to go out early as prescribed in the time table only. No effort for the`extras'. Even having breakfast, having lunch seem to be ordinarily done, `transactional' and it is boring. Nothing new and no new perspective pertains to the event. Marco Polo travelled to China during his days just because he wants the ordinary `transactional' thing that he does everyday can be seen differently. My department is going to have a meeting this evening. Would it be just another `transactional' event?

note: I dreamt of social event and Prime Minister Najib is there! What a dream?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

a safe haven..

The spelling is haven and not heaven. A haven is a place where you find shelter for example a port where ships find shelter from the cruel rough seas. And heaven is `syorga' a place where we want to go after death. I once pursued my Marketing degree at the University of New Haven, Connecticut. The well known Yale University is also located in New Haven. New haven carries the meaning of a new port for ships that roam the Atlantic ocean and want to find shelter from the rough seas and the pirates. Fear for their life they sail to a safe haven docking their ship for a week or two.

In marketing a haven is being understood physically as well as psychologically. A product purchased by some one might be seen as a haven to one's big ego of wanting to `rule and conquer'. But the acceptable meaning to me and in its `logical' form it should be regarded as a safe haven to everything that include the family and the community at large. Are you then being regarded as a `safe haven' to others?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thought thrill..

An obvious difference between me and majority of them is in the thrill of doing things. My actions are based on thought thrill of new thinking that has not been found yet. As for many their thrill is only in the assembly of what has been presented before. And that is what they called it as `hard work', completing an an assignment, or indulging in gossiping. Early morning I am already in a state of thought thrill in expressing my newly found thought. I do not copy from anywhere and the source is none other than myself. I woke up and it is a thought thrill to experience the divine expression in the day.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

That's it...

That is how I should see life at this age. In order to be a strong-willed person, I have only myself to be ready for the things to come. At my age I should possessed the strength to face the path that begins to get narrower and narrower. It is no more a life with a million dispersion of good, bad, and the evil. It should be a life with a trillion vibration in truth, kindness, and gratefulness that shall be carried across the narrow path of `mustakkin.'

Sunday, March 21, 2010


It has been a while since I am able to write things like this. It is about that bits and pieces that surround a decision-making. I shall called it as ontological dispersion of a million things of the pasts, present, and the future. Nobody owns anything. And not one of it can be used as a weapon to combat the so-called wrongs and at faults. The tastes are of course two sides. The reality and the fantasy. Sleeping late is real but it can also be a fantasy. It is a fantasy because I am in no man's land but me and mine alone. The reality is that I have to go to sleep. It is the order of life's reality. But it is a rarity to have a one shot feel of being driven out to a place where everybody cries. So very ontological! Life is without its usual mercy. And it takes a fantasy to wipe out the pain and the sorrow. But hopeful is the name of the game now. It has become a reality and everybody rises to the occasion!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


I feel somewhat free today. Don't have to bother with unnecessary trivial of others. I have my thoughts and life to look at. But there are others who want a share of my time. I give where I could and with condition that guarantees my freedom first. But still, can they do it in the manner that can set me free from unnecessary commitment? They are young but seem to be very dependent. I do help if it does not tie me down to something. Just like the thought of being free. Love the things I do. I love writing. It sets me free.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Scope of concern...

Not to everybody. Of late few tend not to use their brain. They come and go as they like. Their class and their time seems to be borderless. They appear but they are not using their brain and far from using their mind. My scope of concern has been challenged to the brim. My brain is meant for those who are really in need. Meaning my existence are for those who want to see their brain and mind being exploited to the fullest. And I am there to help. I have tried to make them realised the importance of knowledge and the need for more than a class hours and interactions in order to be a first class citizens. But change is hard to come by. I am narrowing down my scope of concern only to those who meant business here and now. I have my own schedule to be taking care of and that does not mean everything, everybody, and anytime. The bad should be weeded out. If not it can disrupt and stunt the growth of me and the others. There are many instances and examples when a true bad experience of one self can be a true teacher to one's life. I think they need the kind of bad experience whose scope of concern is borderless in time and place. If that is what they want so be it!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

swimming deeper...

Beginning to feel I am swimming deeper into the deep sea and it is a risk I am taking. No turning back and leaving behind a story and a personal legacy. Of late that is the way I feel about life, my life. Events move faster and so are my brains and my thinking. Have to think fast and little calculation can be done on where to go and what to do. The other day I was seated next to Dato Prof Dr Nasauddin Othman, Vice Chancellor UiTM Student affairs. No chance to say it all but the event creates an impact of a kind. The very same day history seems to repeat itself particularly in thought and feeling. I met old personalities sparking a sweet memory of my career growth and development at UiTM. Yet time is running faster. Now swimming down deep into the depth of the ocean swimming a life of a true risk-taker. I have no other choice but to swim deeper and deeper into the unknown...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Loyalty program..

SEREMBAN 16 Mac - Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak hari ini melakukan pecah tanah pembinaan kilang pembotolan pertama syarikat Coca-Cola di Bandar Enstek, Nilai dekat sini dengan jumlah pelaburan AS$285 juta (RM1 bilion) bagi tempoh lima tahun akan datang.Pembinaan kilang ini juga akan memberi manfaat kepada lebih 100,000 peruncit di negara ini serta memenuhi keperluan kehendak 27 juta pengguna terhadap pelbagai jenis produk Coca-Cola.Dipercayai kilang baru itu mampu mengeluarkan minuman sehingga 50 juta karton setahun di dalam pelbagai kapasiti pengeluaran dengan penggunaan empat barisan pengeluaran.

Coca Cola sudah lama bertapak di Malaysia. Mengapa hanya sekarang pebinaan kilang dilakukan? Ini kerana persoalan `loyalty' terhadap coca-cola di rantau ini sudah tidak dipersoalkan lagi..

Marketing is basically putting loyalty program in place. On top of everything in the loyalty program must be the product itself. Certain basic questions on the product must be addressed first before the rest of the elements in the 4P's are being looked into. As an analogy, the success in growing a rambutan tree is not when the trees bear fruits. The success is being determined when the volume of sales cover the cost of growing it. It is not just mere saying I have everything and now see what happen the moment the product is being launched. That can be suicidal. In fact marketing concept proposed that the loyalty program should be first being looked into before anything else.. Needs must be studied in the context of loyalty meaning question should be asked: `would there be a repeat buying'? Thus the role of selling is critical in order not to misjudge the presence of loyalty elements in the prospect. So long as the customer has `fire in their belly' and they will remain loyal. How? By putting a loyalty program befitting with the current needs and the wants of the customers.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mental picture...

No more heart, emotions, and feeling. No more pain and sorrow. It has all being reduced to a solid mental picture. So why the joy, fear and the tears.The fun of yesterday has become the anguish of today. The anguish of yesterday has become the joy and the pride of today. Today is the day to reckon with. In all its form and spirit. It is a just mere picture of the mind that holds no fear of the moment. It is just a solid mental picture of yesterday. So be it.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Rapuh. Mari kita amati istilah rapuh ini. Apa yang sebenarnya memiliki ciri rapuh ini? Kerapuhan sesuatu itu hanya cepat pada hati dan perasaan. Jauh sekali dari sudut fizikalnya. Hanya semalam aku telah dihubungi oleh seseorang yang membawa pengertian rapuh ini. Walaupun sudah beberapa lama tidak berhubung, kerapuhan hanya dirasa pada hati. Tetapi apabila dia menghubungi saya semula, amat dirasai sekali kehadiran dia dalam bentuk fizikal ini. Lantas perhubungan itu tetap utuh, unggul dan mantap apabila satu satu pihak mengambil inisiatif menghubungi seseorang semula. Inilah merupakan sebahagian dari rahsia kehidupan manusia berekonomi dan bermasyarakat. Tak kenal maka tak cinta. Alam semesta adalah amat utuh sekali struktur kejadiannya. Tetapi di sudut pemikiran dan perasaan, ianya amat rapuh sekali. Ini kerana kita tidak pernah berkomunikasi dengan setiap elemen dalam alam semesta ini. Kita hanya pandai pandang dan lihat, tak kiralah apa. Yang ghaib mahupun yang tidak. Pendek kata, kita tidak memiliki pengetahuan yang jitu terhadap setiap kejadian elemen tersebut. Jadi bagaimana hendak menyelesaikan masalah rapuh dan perhubungan ini? Bacalah. Dan anda menjadi orang yang lebih mengetahui. Bertanyalah. Dimanakah terletak kerapuhan pemikiran dan perasaan aku?

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Tak tahu mengapa. Asyik memikirkan sesuatu yang tiada ada kaitan dengan diri. Tapi bila fikiran berjalan jauh, seakan akan ia bertaut pula dihujungnya. Aku masih mencari. Tapi mencari apa ya? Kelihatan ramai yang berjalan berdua dua dan ada yang berkelompok sifat fikirnya. Bila dilihat apa yang ditulis, mereka akan mengaitkan dengan sesuatu yang mereka sangat pasti. Tidak aku. Tidak dirasa aku berjalan dengan sesiapa. Aku tidak pandai membahasakan kehadiran mereka. Sangat bersendirian sifatnya aku. Tidak terasa sentuhan hati dan tidak terasa sentuhan budi. Lantas dirasakan aku dikelilingi dengan kejadian yang penuh dengan misteri. Aku tidak bertanya siapa mereka. Ini kerana jawapannya tidak merupakan satu kepastian. Jadi apa yang penuh dengan misteri itu? Kalau bukan mereka sudah tentu aku...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Concept in presentation..

Information. Persuasive. Reminder. Those are the three strategy types of presentation that are being presented by text book in selling. Viewing from customer positions, the types can be very justifiable. A customer might not buy because he does not know, nobody tries to urge him, and nobody tries to make him remember of the brand he has been buying. In other words a customer is a customer who does not really in need of a product until a situation force him to think of one. Traditions die hard. He has already a brand in mind. Ironically, the brand he has in mind is the brand he has been buying for the last 20 years! Despite the recent introduction of new products and new brands, why still pick the old ones? This is because the company that has been selling the product and brand has been practicing those three types of presentation. So if you try to sell something, try to practice those marketing concepts. It works every time and over time for your product! In life, do you have a friend who works over time for you? Have you ever ask him or her why?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Real, active, and deadly...

It is not a preset stage anymore. The stage is set for their real needs. All now are in active form. Can't afford to make mistake. Can't afford to be wrong. It is my job, it is my work, and it is my skill. What has happened to me all this time? I guess I have been in heaven. Haha. And now I am facing the real thing, active, and deadly. I am facing their real feel and their real emotions. They smile and they laugh. They come from all corners of the world. And they mean business. They are real and they are very active with their needs and you have to provide with what they want. Can you? And on top of that, you too have to be real and active. If not it would become deadly...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Time frictions...

So difficult to find a day when I am really on my own in terms of everything. What about when I am doing this writing? What causes me to write? Myself or others? I have yet to understand the kind of thoughts I am holding on to when doing something or talking to someone. For example the kind of thoughts I have when giving a lecture. In terms of basics, I am still having that kind of a dream, feeling and fear when I am a small boy. At times I am still being possessed! And thus in things I do I can never be totally free from my pasts. Good or bad? That old feeling still become the basis many of my interactions with others. And worst, others whom I have been interacting with from the past still possessing and maintaining their big ego. I do felt overpowered sometimes. And I am struggling fighting it and successfully breaking myself free from the past. Does that cause the time friction?

Monday, March 8, 2010

unnecessary tensions..

Life is energy. But the nature of energy is different when comes to releasing it. It can create unnecessary tensions or it can create a heavenly atmosphere of positive living. This evening I am caught in a situation where energy is released that tries to zap my energy away. Thus far I am a person with positive outlook on everything. But with the bad energy released in various forms, I have to be selective in places to go and people to meet. I must also be firm with behavioural tendencies that tries to make me diminished into the thin air. Fortunately, my indulgence in writing makes me stronger than ever.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just a little bit of Sunday..

and I would set myself free. Strolling the Sunday `pekan sehari' and dance myself to the work I love to do. What about driving to somewhere? What about golfing? Just a little bit of Sunday and I don't do both of that. Just relaxing myself and let the day take over my thought and my emotions. What about thinking and planning? That is the work of tomorrow. As of today, I am just enjoying a little bit of Sunday. Haha.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

serious to the skin..

The principle of repetition is a critical principle in getting things done. It also a principle to get things detached from what it has being held to for so long. I see no more the same Saturday and the same Sunday. If I continue repeating this kind of remarks then I would be without a day to look forward to. Even I don't have anybody to be really closed to. As a matter of fact I don't. The names of individuals that I used to mention seems to take advantage of me. They see it as my weakness. They see it as their opportunity and thus they are only serious to their own skin and not to their true thought of learning. Thus I have been cast aside when things are getting tough and out of control. This kind of writing has become the feature of my struggle. Am I struggling to be out of myself and see the world differently? I think I do. Beside being serious with my skin, I am also serious in being a new me.

A loose footing..

Feel being pulled out from some deep hole and now I am home free with less concern of what is going to come, tomorrow or the day after. It is a sight, sound, and memory without high thoughts and high feeling and emotions for my students and the rest. Just plain me now facing tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. What is going to come next? I don't know. But that sense of detachment is really wonderful. Now only I find myself standing on a fair ground. Above all injustices.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I belong to the old school of thought on defection. Defections of member of political parties are common in Malaysia now. In those old days of cold war, defections that are well reported were citizens of the communist countries defected to the west. What about defections of senators of democratic party to the republican? I took the course of American political science when I pursue my degree over there. Topic of defection? Never heard of it. Allegiance, integrity, loyalty are all part of a person in pursuing some kind of good life for the people. They belief in certain ideology and principles which they belief can bring about change to the masses. If those are the reasons for the defections, then it is acceptable. Anyway, political scenario in Malaysia is quite different from other countries. If it is different, then what are the true reasons for the defections? Anyway, in the Malaysian context I see it as agreeable to the Malaysian way of peaceful life. Can we ask for more? I see no other alternative.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Unusual individuals...?

It has been an unusual nights for me. And so were my dreams for two nights. It is unusual to meet someone of importance in a dream. But for the last two nights I dreamt of Pahang Menteri Besar giving directions to his aide on how to convene a branch meeting at his hometown. After he is done, I saw an unusual words scribble on the wall where the meeting takes place. The words are none other than his life wisdom for the people. Unfortunately for this man, his grip and tenure seems not to be that strong as he used to be. He has tasted and experience what he has dreamt of when he first hold a political post at his branch level. He dreamt of a post that command respect from the people. He got what he wished for. And now he seems to be on the foot loose with events and people. Is it time to go? For some it is unusually scary. But not for him.

As for my dream last night, I dreamt of Rafidah Aziz, Malaysian's former Minister of International Trade. I saw her climbing a stair after `someone' gave her back her foreign mission. The rest are all blurs.

What an unusual nights! I am hoping to meet Obama in my next dream. A very unusual wish! Anyway, nothing is impossible. So anything unusual happen to you lately? Love to hear your story.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

indexes of pain...

Pain is subjective. It varies with different cultures. The indexes of pain are different. Malaysians are noted with indexes of pain that is being regarded as no pain at all to other cultures. I have to be real careful when dealing with the Malaysians, so to speak. Only recently, I was penalised just because of what I said seems too painful to accept by that particular individual. Ironically, I have been echoing the same remarks to another individual of different culture. To my surprise, he just throw me a smile. Haha. What about my analysis of my student's indexes of pain then? I don't care what constitutes pain to them. As far as my indexes of pain is concerned, no pain no gain.