Sunday, June 1, 2014

depend and defend...

Yes, I have to defend myself. Yes, I am depending on myself when comes to attack and assault of various kinds and forms and from various corners. Today's event can be an example where the debit in others can be a credit to me. Why it must be so? The source, as I have said, are events that have happen to me long time ago. Why should I must be grateful to somebody who has showed me kindness and appreciation? My life begins with a clear case of nothingness and the desired timely of appreciation. In pain and in hunger I am not cared as I wanted to. Even when comes to my real first taste of success, I am very much a lonely person in a foreign land. Thus despite my skills and abilities, that sense of hollowness is still there in me. I just can't sense the harsh realities of mockeries from others. I am still plain me - Hamdan Hassan. Hanya kepada Allah saya sangat bersyukur di atas kepenuhan pada tempat pada mulanya kosong. Allahuakbar.

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