Saturday, March 12, 2016

melayan perasaan...

Bercampur baur perasaan aku hari ini. Pagi pagi lagi hati tidak merasa tenteram. Tak tahulah apa yang dmarahkan. Dan malam ini tercetus kata kata seperti `do i have anything? There is nothing to look forward to. What has happened? Try to look deeper into me and events that has happened lately. My eldest brother passed away. I am the second in the family. The role of an elderly man has been shifted to me. But instead being felt the burden, I feel free from unnecessary attachments. Is that what I really feel? Well the title to what I write tonight is `melayan perasaan'. Instead, why not changed it to `melawan perasaan?' And I have been doing just that. I am writing my thoughts out. I know I can go on and on till tomorrow if I want to. I am being blessed with that ability without really learning about it. My mind is my brain. Brain does not stop talking, thinking, and writing. Not many are being blessed with that type of capability. Then where do I get the ability from? Should i explained? Just be grateful to Allah the Creator of All here and the hereafter. Allahuakbar.

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