Wednesday, November 6, 2013

it has been refreshing...

Just back from South Korea visiting Jeju Island and Busan. What a trail and it is truly a refreshing trip. I have been thrown to the other side of the planet, so to speak. Being punished to the bones, I am a new man with regard to anger and passion. And I am in love. Words said and it is justified by actions and behavior. Jeju Island's theme of existence has been `only in jeju'. The people really proud of three things that symbolized their autonomous success. The three's are woman, rocks, and winds. It has become their pillar of concerned and existence and contributes to the people's economy, courtesy, and diplomacy. And for 3 days I were there, I was part of it. Allah Yang Maha Berkuasa lagi Menguasai Sebarang dan Segala Perbezaan CiptaanNya. Allahuakbar.

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