Saturday, November 23, 2013

internals vs externals...

It is easy if I am talking about marketing. I know fully well the theory of SWOTS representing strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat. Based on it, a marketing plan is being drafted. But it is different when handling myself. I know what are externals and what are internals. Looking at the manner I am brought up, I am inclined to have externals dictating my decisions. In other words I have been fully externalized, so to speak. To an extent what is mine is not mine. Very committed to the well-being of others. Not anymore. I can't afford to have that stance anymore. I realized it now. The world and the people out there are well based on their selfish internals and then comes the lopsided  decisions of whether one is powerful and the other is not. Why should they bother if what is outside does not benefit them? I am humbled by the thought. Ya Allah hamba memohon keampunan dalam melakar apa yang dilakarkan. Berilah hamba Mu ini kekuatan dan pertolongan dalam menghadapi ini semua. Allahuakbar.

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