Saturday, November 30, 2013

time is getting shorter and thinner...

As one grows older, time tends to get shorter. Measurement is no longer by the day but by the month. Even a month is not that long to wait. Soon a year would be just like yesterday. Time does fly. A day in a day out. Soon you would lose track of month and year. A politician would soon face another general election. Sad to say if they find themselves `not ready yet'. A student would soon see himself or herself as a wife or husband. Some just couldn't belief it -  their younger and youthful days are over. They themselves have babies to carry. A career man and woman would soon find himself not in the job market anymore. Some would walk with a cane and without a pain. But others might be all-pain and no walk. When would be the most awaited moment for me? When and what would I be in 10 years time? Would there still be `why' and `how'? Would I still be breathing? I am holding my breath to answer that. Allahuakbar.

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