Tuesday, September 9, 2014

filling up my energy..

The spirit is in fighting in what you believe in. I have to fight for rights that belong to me. Someone has been parking his car on my land for almost three weeks now. And he is nowhere to be seen. He parks there without even asking my permission. Worse, I am blocked from accessing to the door step of my own house. Should I stay quiet despite of the fact that he parks there because my younger brother allows him to do so?  That person happens to be his friend. The irony is that my brother even failed to inform me of the parking. What should I do? Speak up or else they would always take you for granted and your presence are not being noticed. Do you want that? Allah Yang Maha Berkuasa Lagi Menguasai Segala-GalaNYA. Semoga segala tindak tanduk saya tidak menyalahi Ketentuan MU, Ya Allah. Allahuakbar.

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