Friday, May 16, 2014

a moment too late..?

Everybody looks for that moment, me inclusive. But that moment, is it too late or too soon? Or have I enough of those moments? Well, there are moments, a divinity one, so to speak, has come just at the right time. But there are moments I long for to be in the midst of it again, forever leaving it all for good. No regrets. And there are moments I cherished so much, and there are moments experiencing by others, wished I have a slightest feel of it, but it seems it would soon be forgotten considering what a moment I am in now. Kepada Allah saya mengucapkan penuh kesyukuran dan penuh keredhaan di atas apa jua `moment' yang dilalui dan akan dilalui. Allah Yang Maha Berkuasa lagi Menguasai Segala-GalaNYA. Allahuakbar.

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