Thursday, December 27, 2012

Managing the family..

Is it an art or is it a science? Neither till it is well recognized and understood.Well, everybody should have the expertise in managing one. But it is not well recognized. This is because success is carved out from a deep self  sense of responsibility pervasive of everything.

 Everybody seems to understand what it means by a successful career. A well united career development, so to speak. What I see a united family as on top of everything. I see it as as a successful  world in all worlds and for all worlds, here and hereafter. It is above and over managing a career, above and over what we called as a successful corporate world of companies and organizations. Managing a family, knows not a time boundary. It is not a 9 to 5 working hours. It has its own sets of challenge but most of the time overlooked, and bypassed despite the `balance sheet' comprised of  all and everything, always growing and profitable, all the time. And yet the role of managing it is seen as side stories.

The management of family starts well before birth and beyond death. It is a priceless responsibility.  It has a timeless infrastructure well set with assets of time, over time, all the time, all places, and everybody. It is a God given responsibility to everybody. As we know, most of the time, heart rules. It ties and untie  the family members especially when comes to worldly wealth. And among the family members, must be someone who is a concerned family member, who is mindless of the destructive heart created by the worldly wealth. And at all times steered the family to safety bearing the image that spells  the Greatness of Allah. Ya Allah berilah hamba Mu ini taufik dan hidayah dalam mengharungi kehidupan berkeluarga dan juga bermasyarakat. Allahuakbar.

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