Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Managing the infinity...

Many categories of individuals. One who is thoughtful and have no sense of `definity' in doing and in thinking. The other, a person who just cannot stop thinking and doing. This morning,the infinity, the border less,  and the immortals seems to `haunt' me. What? Why?

It is not difficult to manage, anything and everything. Why? Everything and everybody has its own sense of infinity and `definity'. If it is not, then we might run into a person, who has lost their sense of `definity'. They don't see one. They don't hear one. For some, it ends up in an untimely error of everything and everybody. They might die dreams unfulfilled. To them a life is just a life. 

A student is supposedly knows when and where to make a stop for a search. In the quest for knowledge, a student should stop at their lecturer's room for discussion. Are they not in the process of searching the `definity' and the definitive in the course enrolled? It seems they have lost the `senses' required in seeking for new knowledge. 


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