Sunday, May 6, 2012

One's life is bigger..

It is just like blogging. Your blog seems bigger to you but not to others. To find someone appreciative of what you do is not easy. Everything can be a factor of envy and selfishness, so to speak. And so result in the ignorance. That is what marketing is all about It teaches the skill in making what you produce seems bigger than the rest of the product found in the market. It capitalizes on ignorance and stupidity. And so it thrives till... The word difference is actually originated in the buyer and not in the seller. But it has been manipulated to a point where you think one product is better than the other and the producer is credited for that. Nonsense. You led yourself trapped in your own fantasy. If that is what you think, so be it. So are with the products as it has being meant to be by you, the consumer. Allahhuakbar.

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