Saturday, June 28, 2008

Passage of time..

Diamond Is Forever

So many things has become irrelevant these days. World has change. So are the world's priorities. The super heroes can do nothing to save this world. So no more interested in Batman, Superman and the TV series Heroes for that matter. Last time, at every opportunity, going to McDonald and KFC is a must, but now considering of the price hike, having meals at any hawking stall along the road side would be okay.

What has become of this world or rather what has gone into me? Do you know? In marketing, there is a topic which can guide management in their decision-making and what is called `Product-life cycle'. Or am I now very much at the mercy of what is being said of the maturity stage of the life cycle? Being thrilled at something has somewhat fade with time and some other thrill has taken over its place. How could I in my last posting describe politics as `an art of perfecting nonsense with another nonsense'. Or the world of politics has really gone hay wire and the thrill of `fighting for the people's welfare' is no more upheld by political parties. Even in Nepal, the king has lost its relevancy to the people of Nepal. Things come and things go. What has been highly looked upon today would lose its glitter when the time comes.

So question is how to remain significant regardless of the cycle the world is experiencing? I am trying to look into the answer as I move along into the passage of time.

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