Friday, January 25, 2013

A feel up..

My dream makes me feel one up on almost everything today. Am i? Have I? A dream yesterday is another feel of an old kind. It is a dream back to my yesteryears.

A feel is like peeling an onion. So thin a piece that seems to set apart a small feel on seemingly the generalized feel. A look at one person is not the same as a look at another. It is a feel up with one, or a different feel altogether when comes to another. Why? She or he might used to the encounter of the same and usual kind. As for the other, she or he would see it as a new ball game altogether. So the score is two up for you, and one up for both of them.

Semoga hari ini membawa kemenangan kepada mereka yang beramal kerana Mu, ya Allah. Allhuakbar.

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