Sunday, January 6, 2013

Quick, direct and fast..

The first instance, nothing but positive. But slowly realized the bad inherent in the presence, in the remarks, in the expression of others. By nature,  I am quick to respond my way, direct and harboring no bad intent, without malice, without prejudice,  in saying and expressing  something. But soon the truth prevails. They are up to something. They have a game to play. They have a game to win. Just be on guard on words that tend to be heavier and dirtier than usual. I am a person with words that do not store bomb that might explode in the face. Allah telah memberi kita kebolehan yang dapat meringankan perbuatan dan pemikiran satu satu perkara. Bersyukurlah. Allah is Great. Allahahuakbar.

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