Friday, January 11, 2013

great leaders...

No more great leaders around. Just mere position and positioning that has to be filled out of necessity, and in the name of democracy, and in the name of own survival. As such, the world is getting colder and it is getting hotter. It rains fire and it rains devils. As such the sky remains closed and the ground being cracked open. And the buildings tumbled and crumbled. Organizations and institutions gets routine by the day and heading towards rot.  An encounter of a rotten kind, so to  speak. The weather and the climate needs leadership everywhere and it is urgent. But what do we get? A bunch of  so-called leaders who are only to safeguard their own `cushion and comfort'  under the pretext of helping the poor and the needy, but actually in the name of big profit that would eventually destroy and destruct. Do they care? Kepada Allah kita memohon taufik dan hidayat. Allah Yang Maha Berkuasa lagi Menguasai Segala-GalaNya. Allahuakbar.

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