Saturday, January 5, 2013

being transparent...

Nothing transparent. However hard you tried, nothing transparent in the true sense of the word. One thing, but it can never be all the thing. A house but it can never be all the house. So are a person and an individual. You can never see everything. You can never see all the pictures.This is because one is actually not one in the true sense of the word. One comprises of natural stages and age. One comprises of natural sights, pictures, inner and outer. One comprises of dimensions. One comprises of facets. One comprises of variables. One comprises of parts. One comprises of days. One comprises of minutes and seconds. Can a person sees all? Be all? Can a person understands all? 

Thus the elusive and the deceptive. The truth and the hypothetical. And a worse scenario, a wrong interpretation of events and occasions. But it has become a common knowledge of the mistakes done. Some takes a natural twist of events. Or can it be all? Generally, everything is being made dark and blur except the part you want to make it transparent. And so be it. As from now on, despite transparencies I try to portray, it shall not be all. Allah permits, some actions and decisions are dark and blur to others. Can a situation be enough of the telling and now all the keeping? Why not a try? Is it not a thriller?

Ya Allah. Sesungguhnya Segala-GalaNya dari Mu Ya Allah. Yang Terselindung dan yang Tidak. Di Dunia dan Di Akhirat. Amat bersyukur kerana pendedahan kepada pada mulanya tidak terdedah. Nampak pada mulanya tidak Ternampak. Memahami pada mulanya tidak difaham. Sesungguhnya Ya Allah, berilah hamba Mu ini kefahaman kepada yang belum di faham. Allah Yang Maha Berkuasa Lagi Menguasai Sega-GalaNya. Allahuakbar.

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