Friday, September 14, 2012

A change view, a change thought..pass the baton..

I saw the usher of a routine of  new life. Somehow I have to be prepared for life as an old man. Do what I have to do, do what I am capable of, to pass the time. Still lots of things to do. 

My house is in front of a restaurant that caters for the morning needs of the neighborhood. The restaurant seems not to make much money, but the faces of the owner and helpers are well lit with unknown source of gratification and energy. I am pretty sure it is not only the money. Could  just being able to do something for the day. If not life at home is such a bored to them. Kids, like me, are all grown up and have their life of their own far away from home in another city. 

Ya Allah Ya Tuhan Ku. Bersyukur kerana pernafasan dan pemikiran yang masih aktif dan kreatif. Allahuakbar.

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