Thursday, September 27, 2012

from observer..

As an outsider, this is what I have to say on student's performance, standard, and quality. Despite being generous and kind, there are times I have to be straight forward on comments on others especially on students I have no relationship but just work. Being a worker, being a lecturer, also does not guarantee I would be fair in saying the truth on things they have done.

I am quite sincere and honest when I told them about doing an individual assignment. Along the way and anything that strikes you, just express it in the form of an individual assignment. But the message has wrongly hit them. I can sense gaps, a big one, when things turn out to be just sheer conveniences and that explain the differences in everybody Allahuakbar.

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Akmal+Hakim+Safwan=ME said...

your message is clearly delivered to your student..
student should know,
In this life..every job that we done, we will get the 'pay'..
then Bachelor student must be a giver and taker person to be a successful graduate..

Have a nice day =)