Friday, July 6, 2012


A strange way to look at life..and I am seeing it differently. Caring and sharing?  Just a few cases here and there. And now, for obvious reasons, all in the name of work, power, control, money, and oneself, that cherished values are no more with us. It vanishes. No more the one time genuine feeling of deep appreciation of something and liking of others. If it does happen, it is just a blind obsession of an extreme kind. Reasons unknown. Think about it, and in all directions, it is all and only to his or her conveniences. If it is not about extra money, they are not to wait another minute. A smile can be cynical indicating if you still wait, you are a potential to a `syndrome' of  `modern stupidity'. The good values of good relationship and good work vanishes one by one. That is life in a form unthinkable few years ago. But that is exactly what happen. Sesungguhnya apa yang berlaku ada hikmahnya. Adakah kita memikirkannya? Allah Maha berkuasa ke atas Segala-galanya. Allahuakbar.

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