Monday, August 18, 2008

The Genuine Lover....

Today, to write short, brief, and precise on the topic `the genuine lover'. To me the word `lover' has a broad representation of almost anything and everything, for example, in being a genuine politician who genuinely fought for the people, or to a genuine love of being a king who loves his subjects. As a person who loves world peace, it is my genuine desire and concern for situations that are far from polluting the lovable state of things. An environment that is conducive to producing something productive should always be charged with the loving feeling of genuine love as to what one is doing. But something might intervene that can corrupt the smoother of things. Be wary of the potential `pollutant.' The `pollutants' can be the reluctant, the ignorance, and the selfish.

I don't really mind with the `reluctant' and the `ignorance' and handling them is not so much of a problem because they are somewhat obedient in their act and decisions. Giving them time, they will become a better person. But if ever there is a war that might broke out, it is a battle between the `genuine lover' and `the selfish fighter'. But the problem is, who is the genuine lover as opposed to the selfish fighter?

There is no clear cut criteria as to identify these two groups of fighters. They are pretty much the same when judging from several angles. But one thing for sure, experiencing with the selfish fighter, if you are not careful will make you a dead meat. You are just mere pawn in his or her bid for winning. He or she might be relentless and cruel and means justifies the end. After achieving what they want from you, they would move on finding another victim. As for the genuine fighter, they are real to their cause. They see you as part of their fight. And if ever they won, as with others who has helped them, you too are well remembered and might be decorated with gallantry medals.

The by election in Permatang Pauh shall see the various groups fighting with each other in order to win the election. Who would win the by election on the 26 of August 2008? I don't know, but it is my fervent hope, the group that display the true genuine spirit of honesty and integrity and real fight for the people shall won the day. Who would they be?

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