Sunday, October 12, 2008

Casino Marketing...

Casino capitalism...that gives me the thought of `casino marketing.'

I just happen to think about it when I read this headline:
U.S. gambles blamed for world’s financial crisis says Costa Rica leader : ‘Managers of big business took huge risks out of greed.'"This crisis underlines the excesses and uncertainties of a casino capitalism that has only one logic — lining your pockets," said German lawmaker Martin Schulz, chairman of the Socialists in the EU assembly.

"It also shows the bankruptcy of 'law of the jungle' capitalism that no longer invests in companies and job creation, but instead makes money out of money in a totally uncontrolled way."

Know what I mean? Unconsciously, we can become the victim of casino product, casino place, casino price, and casino promotion. The worst of scenarios is we are the target of casino marketing activities and strategies, making customers with a dream mind set and triggers the buying of an unnecessary product and services. It is a fine line indeed between the true need and the need that has been polluted by dreams of being rich, being famous and being evil. Just like going to the pharmacy, we expect the pills bought could cure our ailment overnight.

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