Monday, September 22, 2008

Die hard....the X-factor...

Everybody has his or her own agenda. So are the various organisations and groups. They too have their own agenda. Despite of the so-called planned and strategic move as claimed by some, we can still feel and see the mess created everywhere, which include politically, economically and socially. From what I see, despite the concerted effort of various organisation to fight for something, most of them are placed on the wrong side of the equation. It is a loser's equation, so to speak.

This is what I am trying to mean. In a buying selling situation, a winner is always the producer or the manufacturer. So if you want to fight a winning battle, place yourself as the producer and not as the consumer. The consumer is unsure of anything until they have a strong feel for wanting something. In the generic scenario of nature, leaders are leaders and followers are followers. The leader is proactive, the followers are reactive. If by chance a follower would find himself as a leader due to some miscalculations, the question is, would he be ready to take up the role?? It would put the country or organization in jeopardy if a leader still sees himself as a follower.

That is the reason why I have never seen a truly heated argument that can open one's mind to infinity of questions and solutions. What about our own member of parliament? If it is a class situation, the students should feel themselves as a leader and as such discuss things intelligently. Not in a million years they can improve themselves if they still feel themselves as followers. I hope this small piece writing of mine, is a wake up call to all those who want to improve themselves. Want examples? USA and our neighbour, Singapore. Remember we are born to conquer and not to be conquered!

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