Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Norms and Values...Politics

Not much can be said about Malaysian politics. It is not that colourful as being seen in another countries. Malaysian are a loving people who do not want to see upheaval of any kind, what more war and violence as seen in Iraq and elsewhere. Newspaper reporting has done injustice to what is actually happen on the ground. The events do not reflect what is actually the true style of Malaysian's existence, harmony and peace. Nevertheless, to the newspapers their main concern is an increase in circulation.

Norms and Values are well associated with the everyday life of society. It pervades all areas among which are social, political, law and economy. Fortunately, the norms and values are well integrated into each other and rendering the society its cultural identity and this include politicising. The Malaysian, who are they socially, politically, legally, and economically? The differences are not that much, but more in similarities. So what is the difference between Pakatan and Barisan? None. Personality differences, yes. But the basic for both are by and large similar.

Newspaper and blog reporting has been very biased, sad to say. It centres around politic and politicians. What about knowledge and academicians? What about inventions and scientists? What about the poor and their plight? What about business and market opportunities? Though there are reports but the reports does not represent all the states, towns and kampongs (villages). TV, newspapers are more interested in reporting stories on politics, not local but national. It is not pervasive. Thus our ears and eyes are not developed as it is supposed to. In short, we have been tricked. Our eyes and ears has been tricked, so to speak. Can we call it as magic? Yes it is magic. But what about the truth? The truth is...ask the `magician'.


soedaydah said...

malaysians are an interesting bunch...just as hw interesting u n me are...very distinct personalities yet sharing similar sentiments on certain things....apparently msians are very proud of our food,traffic jams n of course hw the many races cn live harmoniously together esp in adopting each others culture n tradition...i wonder if that is all we are....multi-racial gluttons..

n you..what u write here is very different than ur comments...do u hv an itch that needs scratching?

perewa said...

"Perang Jepun tu banyak mengubah fikiran kita. Rupanya kalau tak ada orang putih ni pun boleh. Dulu kita terfikir kalau tak ada orang putih ni, mati kita. Bila dah Jepun memerintah tiga tahun lapan bulan, kita terfikir, tak ada orang putih pun boleh jugak."

-- Yahya Nassim dalam 'Sepuluh Tahun Sebelum Merdeka'

tp skrg msh lg, org fikir tnpa bhs inggeris kita akan mundur..